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the male adam


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What happened to the male adam that the girls found.


didnt bale dolmon go to drop it in the sea, but get caught by the seanchan.


i only ask because ive seen a lot of topics dealing with rand and tuon but didn't see

any mention of the male adam


so who has it tuon or the forsaken


will its use require perrin to save rand for the second time

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This is what I understand just from reading the boks, I don't have the Big White Book or the RPG game books so if I am wrong please correct me.


The Male A`dam was made durring the breaking as a attempt to control the men who were going mad. Part of some plan to stop the breaking. It obviously didn't work and was abandoned. Who knows how many were made but we know of at least the one that was recovered and eventualy came into the wonder girls hand in The Shadow Rising. Now we also know it's not a perfect control device as the women wearing the braclets need the man wearing the colar to remove them and vise versa. We also know that over time the man can gain as much control over the women as the women have over the man.


Now given all that WHY would Semirhage want to use them. Knowing that eventualy what ever control she had over Rand and the other men she took would fade to nothing? Given she knew, Moghy might not have shared that little peice of information.



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