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TG Cyrain Traven


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TG Ceremony now 6-7, used to be 8-9 so not sure if this viable anymore as i been holding it back in waiting for hopefully have some parts filled in by PC's, which didnt work out so has posted it now...but as req been moved in ws raise *shrugs* so anyhow for what its worth




WS 8-11


* retro ceremony - done


* in the town - in progress




*Helping trainee's 1 - half done



*Social Call -




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isnt there a specification of a post length, what counts as a post, instead of breaking it up in 3 shorter pieces, just post it in one long one. The rp dont demand that you have to have other PCs in it. Only 3 posts, as its long enough to cover more then 3 post lengths by defination?


anyhow how i thougth about it, cause even if i planed to have other PCs in it, i wanted them then to add it inbetween the rest so i got it in one fluid piece, easy for archiving and all (didnt work out with the pc's but)

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you  need other people.  You can use a part as follow up but you must have a minimum of three posts.  One post no matter the length doesn't cut it because it's all copy and paste from the ceremony.



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Ok trying to go back over where I am as those treads are dead reposting as I track stuff down aka will edit this post.


Tower Guard Ceremony




Advancing your Skills


Path Training


Choice RPs



Training Assistance

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