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Uh, yeah, hi.

As you can see, I'm Bboy, I've read all the WoT books, I listen to the 4th Age, and I have some theories of my own. I have also read Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn, and I have confidence in him for writing aMoL, especially considering RJ's notes he left behind.


Just to let you know, though this is my first WoT forum, it isn't my first forum, so I'm not a total n00b. I will not be able to be active a whole lot, because I have lots of school stuff I have to do.


Yeah, well, not sure what else to say, I'm glad to be here.




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Guest nephitess

*runs in out of breath*


Welcome!!! We are glad to have you join the DM community.


Do you like to wield The Power, to be bonded or to bond or maybe just have a big shiny sword?? Then the White Tower (Org) is the place for you!


We from the White Tower (Org) would like to invite you to visit us. We are a community forum: we talk, play, discuss serious matters, get totally silly - the WT has something for everyone.


You join as a Novice or an Algai, and can become either a Warder (Der'Manshima) or an Aes Sedai - we have female Warders and Ajah brothers! Each Ajah is themed (for example the Greens are the most social and the Whites like logic) and the warders are working on building new disciplines that look very exciting. You can bond, or not - whichever is your choice. Something interesting to note...the Ajahs are not always like the book ones. For instance...most of the reds love men!


So please make yourself comfortable and have fun around here!

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Welcome to DM!


Enjoying your time here so far? On a serious note, the One Power is overated. Yeap. What you really want is to be part of the Cavalry and have a massive warhorse charging into battle trampling your foe beneath you. Or be a member of the Infantry and in the front line with your sword or axe slashing away at your opponent. Or be a deadly Archer, making everyone fear your arrows. And where can you do that? The Band of the Red Hand ORG, DM's very own travel an music ORG. We look forward to you signing up. ;)


But whatever you do at DM, have fun. :)

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Welcome Bboy. Glad to see you're really into WoT. And don't worry about RL stuff like school. We all have RL stuff. Most of us like to come here to have fun and get away from RL stuff. So you're in with the right croud.


Make sure you check out the Orgs. We have a lot of fun there. Come visit the Wolfkin org. We definatley have a lot of fun there. You'll be offered lots of chili and TQ (Teguila). We have a lot of good people, a TQ lake with TQ monster, and CHEERLEADERS  ;D  ;D  ;D.

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