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Dear Santa..I have been veeerrrry good this year.....


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When was the last time you wrote a letter to Santa?  It's definitly time to do it now!  You know..where you get to tell that jolly old elf about all the things you wish you could have!  New socks to world peace....the man in red is the one to ask!


So this is the place!  Write your letter to Santa here with your wishes!  If Santa can't give you your wish..one of his elves may be able to!  Who knows..you may be an elf!


Here's the scoop:

Write your letter to Santa with up to ten things you are wishing for!  There is no limit on what you wish for!  Who knows..one of Santa's elves may have coffee with Cupid every Tuesday and can put in a good word for those looking for love! Maybe you're wishing for a new book to read or a plasma TV!  You just never know when a wish can come true!  Maybe YOU can be an elf and help someone get thier wish!! If you can..PM that person to get thier contact information or ask one of the council for an address if you want to be anonymous!  So..what will you ask for from Santa?

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Dear Santa,


As no doubt you know, I've been a VERY good girl this year. I've bitten my lip before my hormones erupted on some very deserving...umm... mean people. I've controlled my mood, so that no one had to deal with a super-witch while I was pregnant, and even afterwards! I handled being fat and pregnant with nary a complaint, even when my calves and ankles weren't separate parts of my body anymore. I accepted the curve ball thrown at me with birth via c-section and didn't panic in the OR, either! I didn't even go off on the SPED teacher who tossed all of my procedures out the window when I went back to work!


Since I've been such a good girl, I'd really appreciate it if you can hook me up with a few goodies. I've listed them below.


1. Toys for Peanut. She's starting to interact with things more and needs more stimulation than just me grinning at her can give her.


2. More time. I know I asked for this in my list for the Tower, but... it's a big one for me. Hook a mama up? *bats her eyelashes*

....wait... did you do this on purpose? I ask for more time, Peanut gets a fever and I'm home with her for two days??? You sneaky devil! *pokes*


3. Hearing from my friends. I miss so many of them so much.


4. Good books to read. I stress the word "good." LOL There's too much motivation not to read, so there's gotta be a big reason for me not to give in to them.


5. A pen pal. The good old fashioned variety, too. Snail mail, stamps and stationary. E-mail is cheating.


6. chococlate. Can there ever be enough? lol


That's all I can think of at the moment that I haven't already asked for. I reserve the right to come back and edit more things in, though. After all, I've been a damned good girl this year!


Very Truly Yours,


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Dear Santa,

I have been VERY good this year. As you know, I still haven't lost patiences with my pregnant coworker I supervise, even when everyone else has. I haven't lost my sanity yet because I always try to maintain a positive outlook in life, no matter where I am or what I am doing. Santa, I have shown patience with my mother over the phone, and even genuinely felt happy for the one I loved when started dating someone else. Santa, I have been VERY good, so please consider my list!


1. I want January to be WARM!!! I want the 10-day outdoor-in-the-woods portion of my leadership course to stay above freezing! I have finally converted to Lor's way of thought... Give me WARMTH!!


2. Send me lots of ORANGE things this Christmas! Even if it is just oranges, or better yet, Oregon State or Cincy Bengals merchandise!


3. Send me a new body! Please! I'm falling apart over here! Though if possible, I would like to keep my eyes. They are a Chick-Magnet, seriously!


4. Let me see my nephew... enough said on that one.


5. I would really like no work on Christmas Day!


6. Santa, if you could help... could you help Oregon State to win their Bowl Game? Pretty Please?


7. Make my fingers callous quicker so learning guitar won't take as long!


8. I'd really like the stamina to be able to write more than a page or two in one sitting... either that, or make me less distractable! Maybe I have ADHD or OCD?


9. Santa, could you wear an Orange suit this Christmas?


10. And Santa, what I want MOST this Christmas... is for Lor to give me an [glow=black,2,300]Orange Sash!!![/glow]

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Dear Santa,

I have been good this year, even when I didn't want to be.  I helped, and volunteered, and waited.  I encouraged, and jollied-along, and MADE IT MYSELF, when all else failed.

Please, please, Santa, look at my list and bring me something nice.


I love anything green (not Lime) and silver and soft and warm.  (Not necessarily all together.)


I love dragons, and cats, and Katharine Hepburn.


I am a chocoholic carnivore. 


I collect antique sewing tools and fashion prints.


I need a pair of green earrings (big enough to see in my long, curly hair.)


Thank you, Santa, and I hope you like the cookies. :)

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Dear Santa

    Well, I have a beautiful wifef and cute kids, who are all healthy.  We have work, and a house, and food, so I guess I can ask about all the material wants I have...lol.

  • 1.Either a PS3, Xbox 360, or Wii(in that order)
  • 2.Guitar Hero 3(PS2)
  • 3.Rock Band(PS2)
  • 4.Brandon Sanderson's previous books
  • 5.Just a small lotto winner to pay off some accrued debt
  • 6.More Dragonlance novels
  • 7.New Bowling Balls
  • 8.A New Garage Door
  • 9.A Laptop/Or a PDA
  • 10.A Newer Car

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Dear Santa,


I have been a very good girl this year.  I have busted my tail trying to keep up with hubby and kids and work and dogs and horses and housework and laundry and . . . why am I so tired all of a sudden?


Anyway, here’s what I’d really like for Christmas.


1. I’d love for some of your elves to come here and help me with my house.  If they could first help hubby with the renovation we having ongoing in the kitchen and sun room, and then patch that hole in our son’s room, and then help with all the mudding and priming and painting, that would be just wonderful.  Then, when that’s all done, they could help us get the house cleaned up because after being under renovation for so long it’s in total disarray and is DRIVING ME INSANE!  Plus, I’d like to put this place on the market as soon as possible and we can’t do that till it’s presentable . . .


2. Next, I really would love to have more time so we can start having healthy meals together as a family.  To that end, I could also use an upright freezer. Then I could prepare extra and freeze it for later.  Unfortunately, till we finish #1, I don’t have room for the freezer . . .


3. If you could find it in your heart to give us a winning lotto ticket that has just enough money to make a decent down payment on having a house built on our acreage, I’d be ever so grateful.  While a huge jackpot would send me over the moon (figuratively speaking), I’d be more than happy with enough of a down payment to make the mortgage affordable, especially after these crazy Florida property taxes and insurance premiums are taken into account.


4. I’d love some Painted Ponies!  Then again, till we get that house built, I won’t have any place to display them . . .


5. Chocolate!  More specifically, German chocolate. 


6. I’d love for Auburn to beat Clemson at the CFA Bowl this year!  Can you arrange that for me, please?


7. And I’d really love more opportunities to chat with Lor.  I’ve missed our chats!  So it looks like I need more time for that, too.


8. A more reasonable work schedule for hubby so he gets home before 6:30 or so every night.  For some reason, they’re scheduling a 90-minute patient for him every day around 4:30, then he still has paperwork to do after that.


9. Most of all, I want #1.  That would help out with the time issue and relieve ever so much stress.  It would make it easier to prepare meals and for us to have an uncluttered place to eat together as a family. 


I’m hoping to make some homemade gingerbread cookies for you this year.  I hope you’ll like them.


With much love,



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