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Hello and welcome!  Always good to see new faces around here! :)


Whilst you're looking around, why not stop by the Ogier Org and say hi?  I'll add my recommendation for the Wolfkin Org as well.


Have fun! :)

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Welcome welcome and welcome.


Roam around and check everyplace out.  When you check out the White Tower make sure to pop in and check out the Warders.


p.s.  welcome welcoem and welcome  ;)

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Hello and welcome on DM Soliptic!


Yep, it is a cool place and folks here are even cooler  :) Just check out Orgs - you will find them very amusing and each of them has something to offer. If you like brew and brawls, music and travels and additionaly dice-based games and competitions I invite you to check The Band Of The Red Hand Org. We're funny people and there's always something going on in Infatry Barracks, Archery Range or Cavalry Yard. Just pop in, sit by the fire and tell us your story.


And whatever you will do just have fun here!  ;D

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Guest Uasal Arach

Hey Soliptic welcome to DM. Glad you've joined. I'm Uasal Arach, Banner General of the Calvary, Band of the Red Hand. Looks like you have a lot of choices here at DM. Take your time, post away, and have fun.


Ok.. this is where I plug for the Band lol. We have a lot of great ppl here. There are 3 Regiments to choose from, each unique and fun. Stop by and join us for a mug or three. Look forward to seeing you there.

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Welcome to Dragonmount Soliptic! Glad to have another newbie join us.


Please check out the org and site description on the stickie to this forum. It describes the orgs. for you. Then stop by a few for a visit. You don't have to join to just visit. That way you can get a feel for them and decide which one suits you best. Make sure the Wolfkin Org. is on that visiting list.

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