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I Stab At Thee! (unofficial game)


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Guest Far Dareis Mai

*hiding behind the tree as Canuki makes this wondrous announcement, Far grabs for one of her sexy Black Ajah spears and quietly moves behind Canuki*





*stabs through the middle*


Look! It's sis-Canuki!! Haha! Get it? GET IT?






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Goodbye everyone, it's become clear that I can't post anything in this stupid thread without being the subject of ridicule and persecution without anyone even bothering to stop and wonder if they're being worse than the fluffies they pretend to despise. Like I want to kill you! I THOUGHT THIS COMMUNITY WAS FULL OF LOVE BUT I SEE THEY ARE FULL OF HATERS AND PEOPLE WHO JUST COMMENT, JUST TO INSULT A FELLOW MEMBER. Well I tried pleasing everyone and it's just waisting my time. DAMN YOU All! You don't feel creative? Are your friends changing? Maybe life is different. Maybe that's good. Maybe you need to spend a few years alone. No, you mutated children, crossbreeds between hagfish and a puddle of babboon vomit, just FLAT OUT ASSUMED that I am some drugged-out fluffy who plays violent video games and names Deities after them. i'm out of here. i am not sad about it either. *STABS*

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*rips open Neph's belly and pulls out her intestines.  She quickly knots them into a lasso and throws it to the cliff top and snags around an outcropping.  Canukistani climbs up the slippery line to safety while Neph continues to fall, unspooling her bowels.*



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