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Warders and damane **SPOILER***


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Just a thought I had from my last re read...

Would a Warder know if his Aes Sedai hs been captured as a damane? I wonder about Elyas and Ryma. He is still bonded to her, would he not feel something different about her? Or maybe the bond doesn't reach that far? Wouldn't he feel her extreme fear when the a'dam is put on her?

I don't know...hopefully someone can help me wrap my mind around this!

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Hmmm interesting theory. Surely they would feel SOMETHING... the pain when their Aes Sedai tried to channel, the emotional pain. Apart from that i'm not sure, I dont think they would feel anything else.


Talking of Warders, I have just read the chapter where Elayne had been knocked out by the Gholam, who goes on to kill half the Kin which Elayne had with her, and attack Mat, killing Nalesean. I also recall a scene not that long ago when Elayne was knocked out (she doesnt look after herself does she!?) near the Tarasin palace whilst discussing how old Reanne Corly must be.


Now, if Rand can tell that Alanna has BEEN (not is still, has been) crying, or that she has an ache, and Elayne gets drunk when Birgitte does, surely Birgitte can feel Elayne being knocked out, flung across a room, yet RJ makes no mention of B's feelings through the bond... I appreciate that B and Aviendha were watching Jaichim Carridin's palace with Thom and Juilin, but if i was a warder and i felt my AS lose consciousness, I would head in their direction as quickly as possible.


Do you think he just didnt see it as necessary to the story, or that it was an oversight? I dont feel it is necessary, but if he wanted to encourage us to remember B and E are bonded then i feel these situations would have been perfect...


ALSO do you think (I cant remember past this book although i have read 8-10 once) that Birgitte's attitude and behaviour (in a warder sense) towards elayne will change any from being around Lan and Nynaeve?

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I had to look it up, yeah Elyas' AS is Rina. Sorry, kind of a major oversight on my part! BTW, where does Elyas talk to Perrin about feeling things through the bond. I remember it was somewhere that they were going to be seeing AS.


That's an interesting thought, trakand_01, about Birgitte not running to elayne's rescue, but Birgitte knew that Elayne was as protected as she was going to be, and therefore RJ maybe didn't feel it was necessary to mention.



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