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  1. One of the "terms" for Morgase and Taringail's nuptials was that he married into the house of Trakand. Tigraine made no such agreement. We learn this when Dobraine is grumbling about Elayne not being a Damodred, which would make it easier for the people to accept her on the Sun Throne.
  2. Okay, I don't have my books in easy reach, so I can't give you the chapter or page. Aviendha's new Talent is being able to read Ter'Angreal and know what they do. The sitting, bearded man that always makes Aviendha, Elayne and Elayne's semi-incompetent maids smile is basically a self contained library.
  3. "There were ten of them in the camp, though only Flynn, Naeff and Narishma were full Asha'man." Perhaps it's a typo, the chapter is full of them, but I don't remember an Asha'man named Naeff at all. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that Naeff is going to be like an extra in the opening scene of the original Star Trek....soon to be toast. I agree that Sanderson wrote it, just doesn't have the feel of RJ. Nor should it, of course, it's not bad, just "different". But to be honest, even if it were horribly written, I would read it just to get the story. I've read books
  4. Don't forget he killed all the "followers" that Elayne and Master Norry sicced on him except for Hark.
  5. But we know she DID tell Suian, because it is Suian who tells Nynaeve about the second gray man--the one in Sheriam's bed.
  6. Or....maybe it's already happened. Min later says "Women who can channel will hurt you badly." When Rand went to meet the fake Tuon, there were women who can channel there. Perrin was not. Rand was hurt badly. I'm not saying this was the incident Min "saw", but, hey, food for thought.
  7. Fedwin was never bonded. You are thinking of Eben Hopwell. Fedwin was dead before Rand left Cairhein and Cadsuane blackmailed the Ashaman to accept the bond. (Cadsuane's word, not mine.) The "4" instead of 3 confused me, too. However, the next we see of Rand's group after Narishma went to the Rebel Aes Sedai, Beldeine has bonded Sandomere, so perhaps Jahar was counting that.
  8. Taim set no boundaries on how many or of what rank could be bonded. He merely said to ask who would accept it. As stated, Rand's conditions included not himself or anyone wearing the dragon pin. However, any Soldier or Dedicated who is asked, MUST accept the bond....up to a total of 47. Narishma did not tell anyone that the Dragon Reborn is already bonded. I would be quite surprised if he even knows that.
  9. Sorry, but Mat does not know it is called an 'ashandarei' until Birgette tells him in Ebou Dar. This is after he remembers who Birgette really is. He thinks about it on his way to the carriages to head for the Rahad to get the Bowl. Until then he thinks of it as a "strange spear".
  10. I am not getting into this discussion, because it could go many ways....Rand's blindness, not the discussion....well, that, too. However, just wanted to correct you and point out that Rand, Logain, everyone, were all dismounted at the time the fireball struck.
  11. I don't recall if Mat knows about Logain being Healed or not--he does know about the tale of him being set up by the Red Ajah. He does know that Nynaeve Healed Siuan ane Leane, though. His thoughts about it at the time were that Nynaeve already had too high an opinion of herself, and that after doing what couldn't be done her head would be swollen up like a melon (or something to that effect.) I don't think of it occurring to him to tell Setelle, but if she's there when he rescues Moiraine, and tells her that Nynaeve can Heal her......Although, I hope they are actually Healed by Damer Flynn.
  12. Alwhin found them and freed them. She told Suroth, and Suroth rewarded her for her silence by making her her Voice and raising her to the Blood. Alwhin died by poisoning by Liandrin in the Tarasin Palace.
  13. Interestingly, there IS a "screw up" here, but not the one you suggest. Incidentally, in the scene you are talking about, Thom has not yet read the letter, he is only holding it: "...and the lanky old gleeman seemed more interested in the letter Rand had sent on to him. Now he stuffed it into his coat pocket with the tree-and-crown seal yet unbroken." In TFoH, when Moiraine gives Rand the letters, it specifically states that they were sealed in blue wax and her great serpent ring was used as the seal. And Mat was there, so he should have known who the letter was from. However, in LoC
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