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  1. Hilarious! I laughed all the way through these lists. I haven't actually said "Light" out loud, but I have thought it. I have also been giving my kids teasers in hopes that they will read them when they get older. They already know the story line! They have been watching me read them since they were born!!
  2. Well, I gotta say thanks for not laughing at my theory! I did, after I read just a little further on. Going by Theo tapping her lips is ridiculous, a lot of people do it...thanks for humoring me! lol Alviarin is a suspect, I can't remember who thought it, I think Yukiri while walking with Meidani. She thinks about the fact that Alviarin knows what comes out of Elaida's study, and says that she was being investigated as well. It's just a matter of time. Although characters not putting two and two together is what I think makes these books as deep as they are, the fact that the characters aren't really all that bright. They don't trust anyone more than they have to, so a lot of information gets unshared. And I think the colors on Mesaana's dress are very important. It seems like sisters wear their Ajah colors, albeit very subtly sometimes. I've been on the lookout for black or other very dark colors in a dress for a while! I seem to remember the black sisters do wear black.
  3. I have looked for a relevant post, but they all kinda get offtopic...lol Any thoughts on Mesaana being Theodrin? I know it would be kind of hard to bounce back and forth, well, maybe not, that would actually explain why M doesn't know a whole lot of what goes on in the Tower, she plays kind of dumb with Alviarin. The best argument for this is the gesture they both make while thinking...tapping their lips. Maybe I'm reaching, but it's the best clue I can find so far. Maybe it is explained more in KoD, I haven't read it but twice. That is what I love love love about these books. I could read them a hundred times and still find new things!!
  4. Good link, I agree, but it doesn't convince me, either. The worst thing I have read of her doing was Compelling all those sisters to swear to Rand. If I was trying to help him, I definitely would not get the ones who captured him to swear to him. I would think that an oath should come from the heart, right? ;) Everything I have read and reread has convinced me that she is a darkfriend. And if she isn't, then she puts on a good show.
  5. Huh? I thought everyone thought she was Corianin Nedeal?
  6. Something I thought of while rereading the part where Min has her odd viewing of Siuan the day she comes back to the Tower...is it Siuan in labor? I could never figure out what it could mean, then it just came to me. Any thoughts out there?
  7. It may not seem like a tied off weave, but what Nelal says has quite a ring of truth to it. Even severing them again would take them back to the emptiness that was there before. Isn't a person's channeling ability a part of their soul? I don't know, I think I'm starting to confuse myself! I do believe that Siuan and Leane can be healed further, and from what we've seen of their character, the chance to be as strong as they were is a chance at least Siuan would be willing to take. Siuan and Moiraine will meet again, and the thought of being so much weaker than her best friend would be too much for her pride. (remember, just my humble opinion!)
  8. The whole Rand and sword scene...hilarious! But, wouldn't Rand have found out about Elayne's pregnancy by then? how awkward would the conversation be with Elayne dropping the kids off for the weekend with Daddy so she can go out with the girls! lmao Elayne: Kindly inform the Lord Dragon that his children are here to see him. Something tells me that Elayne's labor won't be any different than any other woman's of that Age. Maybe someone will know a weave to lessen pain when the time comes, but I don't think she'll have anything more than Nynaeve and her herbs. And her mother of course, to offer encouragement. Hopefully the two will have been reunited by then!
  9. I had to look it up, yeah Elyas' AS is Rina. Sorry, kind of a major oversight on my part! BTW, where does Elyas talk to Perrin about feeling things through the bond. I remember it was somewhere that they were going to be seeing AS. That's an interesting thought, trakand_01, about Birgitte not running to elayne's rescue, but Birgitte knew that Elayne was as protected as she was going to be, and therefore RJ maybe didn't feel it was necessary to mention.
  10. Just a thought I had from my last re read... Would a Warder know if his Aes Sedai hs been captured as a damane? I wonder about Elyas and Ryma. He is still bonded to her, would he not feel something different about her? Or maybe the bond doesn't reach that far? Wouldn't he feel her extreme fear when the a'dam is put on her? I don't know...hopefully someone can help me wrap my mind around this!
  11. Mat will probably never be friends like the old days with Rand, you guys are totally right, he has no trust, maybe a little fear?, of the OP. Perrin, on the other hand, is so easy going and non confrontational, that he'll be friends with everyone. I gotta say, Mats dislike of rands abilities is his only downfall. He should be above that, he's so awesome in every other way!! ;) Everyone will be great friends, I think, once the pressure's off, and assuming they all live! As for Egwene, I have liked her from the beginning, and I'd have to say she's one of my favorite characters! Her time with the Aiel, and being Amyrlin are my favorite scenes. She has proved to be a strong character, who holds up when the chips are down. Her only downfall is her opinion of men, as with every other female in this series. They all need to give them a little credit!
  12. I have never heard that the taint magnifies mental instability...makes a lot of sense. And also leaves some delightful scenarios for Rands breakdown ala Lews Therin-killing every female to keep them safe... ;) It's not likely that Taim has a filter. It does make sense what was said about how long he's really been channeling. It wouldn't be too much of a stretch to say that he's been holding off madness the likes of which Rand has for about five years. By the end he's pretty close to the edge...maybe the cleansing will save him? I guess the re read about him just lets you know pretty quick how untrustworthy Taim is, and what gets me is Rand completely ignores it. He's so focused on dying that he's become blind to everything except killing. But then by the end it's pretty obvious rand is insane is his own little way. I haven't paid enough attention to Taim on my rereads, this go I'll have to look at him closer!! ;D
  13. Hey guys, thanks for replying! cloglord, that makes a lot of sense to me. The Forsken have been free for a long time. Easily fifteen years. And yeah, he probably was a darkfriend before that. Didn't Liandrin say that she sought the black from the first moment in the Tower? Any Forsaken would teach taim to aid him in his efforts. Thanks again. I'll keep it in mind on my current re read! lol
  14. Hey out there...I have a few thoughts on Taim, hopefully someone can clarify them! First, how is it that Mazrim can have been channeling for 15+ years without going insane? I know he's had some help in that regard, being a darkfriend and all, but that just doesn't make sense to me. Call me stubborn but I can't help but think that he is WAY more important than we've been led to believe. (I know, I know, he's Not Demandred! lol) Second, and most troubling in my mind, he has knowledge of Compulsion! And not the piddly assed version that Liandrin uses. LoC, chap.1: Taim to Bashere: "...I hear you hid what happened to Musar and Hachari and their wives."..."I trust you found them good places as servants? All they'll really want to do now is serve and obey; they won't be happy otherwise." When I just read this on my umpteenth reread, I was shocked. The Compulsion he used must have been very powerful, for there to not even be a hint of reversal. I'm sure there is a good explanation for this, I'm hoping someone out there has it! ;D
  15. cloglord, how could you 'absolutely disagree'? One of the ways to beat the 'finns is with fire, Mat is a juggler, and they are saving Moiraine, who happens to have something to do with the WT. This is just my opinion, though. I think Min's viewings are past and future. It is up to her to figure out which. Having said that, I do think that Malkier will rise again. There are already men who are willing to ride under the Golden Crane. It isn't too much of a stretch to imagine the nation rising again.
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