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Saline Wastrel Progress, WS 6 --> 7 (not started yet)


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WS 7: Quid Pro Quo - An Aes Sedai and/or Tower Guard (Warder is okay!) is sent on a mission. They are placed in a situation where they must rely solely on their WY training and the help of the other. (How well do they work together? If OP is used, what are the consequences? Do they still risk it?) Must include 3 other PCs.(Min 18 posts for entire RP) --- placeholder


Below WS 1-6 approved

WS 3 - WS 4. To form your attacks  For basic weapon training, TG Lyssa taught Saline beginning forms, ending the session with a spar. Post count 8.

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Edited topic to make clear, placeholder for WS 7
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** A trip that seems non-training related, only OOC we know it is part of training. This can only be done by AS as Accepted could not leave the Tower alone. The Sister would encounter trouble and use her training to fend this off. Maybe she can't use the OP? (scared, cut off, shielded)

http://forums.dragonmount.com/index.php/topic,21722.0.html Saline goes out into the world using what she learned from training (wilderness and basic forms) in her interactions with Gaidin Corwin.


It's over 12k words and split into 8 posts total, the first being a sharepost.

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Note: Not positive where to put this since it says **  All WS6 - WS10 Req's are not Warder Yard based and will be recorded via the WT Staff. This means you must keep record of them in the requirements board so please just redirect me to the proper req boards :)




The Open Road - Aes Sedai organized an RP in a hostile (to AS) area. A conflict occurs to which the Aes Sedai must choose to battle either with OP (and reveal herself), with a weapon or try to find a more peaceful way out of the situation. How well does the Aes Sedai handle this situation?

** Must encounter 2 PCs from another division.

** Min 16 posts for the entire RP.


The Best Laid Plans In Fol Dara, Saline goes after a search party consisting of Thera Gaidar, Perivar Gaidin and the trainee D'Ashan. Encounters with trollocs. 16 posts.

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