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New to DM but not WoT, can I get some love?


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Wonderful to have you!


You'll want to scroll down these forums to the RP boards on the second half of the screen.  The sticky at the top of the bio board should help you to figure out how to submit a bio, and link you to the Division histories. :)


Please let me know if you have any questions.



Group Leader, Unaligned Races

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Welcome to DM!


If you're looking for WoT comraderie then you've come to the right place!  Here at DM we have some great Organizations (Orgs) with great people.  I'd like to mention in particular the Wolfkin.  We're the Nature org here at DM officially, but we're also the party org!  We love to throw back some Tequilla, and wolf (pun intended) down some Chilli.  So if that sounds appestizing to you come on by and check us out!  We love new people!


Also, here at DM we have an Organized Game board.  Right now the main game we run is called Mafia.  Heard of it? If so then come on by and get in the action.  If not we've got openings for  Newbie game so that you can learn the ropes.  Come on by and get into the competition!


Whatever you do, have fun. That's the important thing!


Again welcome!

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Guest nephitess

Hey Welcome  *gives some lovin*


Don't limit your self to the Rp side of DM. there are many orgs and thing to be involved in. PLease come and join usinthe White Tower Org. Make sure you stop by the reds...they show you some love ;)


And i Would love to RP with you some time...let me know once you have an approved Bio...just send me PM :D

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Welcome Spec, I hope you have fun here.


And defiantely don't keep yourself to the RP side, We'd love to see you in the community side.


Well Boyo has mnentioned the wolfies and the Organised games, and Nephi, is doing wonderfully mentioning us reds (oh and we are nothing like the books) ;)


So that leaves me to mention the Band of the Red Hand, for all your discussions on music and travel, as well as the odd (or 10) brawl, brew, fun and games.

Or there is the Seanchan for your Entertainment chat, from TV to films and games...so pop a long there.

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Guest Stefania Sedai

Welcome Spec, and let me second Talya's invitation to come check out the Band of the Red Hand! We have tons of fun brawling, drinking Battle Brew, and playing the Org game. I think a military man would feel right at home. And did I mention that the Band is where all of the cool people hang out?  ;)

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