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Seanchan Ogier(gardners..)

Jain Farstrider

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He did, but I don't have the quote, nor am I inclined to look it up. You can probably search it on Wotmania or something though, if you're really bent on it.

It's because the Seanchan Ogier didn't have as much trouble finding steddings during the Breaking as the Ogier in Randland did. I read RJ's answer in a reply to a similar thread here a few months ago.


That's a curious perk of having been here for almost a year now; I get to see the topics cycle back through again. Every few months, most of the same questions are asked and most of the same theories are put forth.  ;)

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Lol, and then you see someone like Crazy Mike appear with his BILIONS of Trollocs, and its all worth it. (Yes, one L.)


Ben's right though. There were a lot more stedding in Seanchan, and the Ogier never lost them completely, and as such never developed the Longing. Here's the quote.


Week 3 Question: How do the Seanchan Ogier cope with the Longing, given that their duties in the Deathwatch Guard take them overseas? Are there many Steddings in Seanchan?


Robert Jordan Answers: There are many more stedding in Seanchan than there are in the part of the world where the story is taking place, and that is why the Seanchan Ogier don't suffer from the Longing. Because there are so many more stedding, they were able to find them more easily even during the Breaking and therefore never had the very extended separation that Ogier on this side of the Aryth Ocean had, though they seldom were able to settle in one for very long until the Breaking ended.


It was originally posted on the Question of the Week on the Tor (his publisher) website. The easiest way to find it though is to check out the FAQ on wotmania as Ben suggests. It has pretty much every one of his answers he's ever give, except, i believe, DragonCon 2005. Here is the link



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Remember how he used to claim to be a highly successful lawyer? And oh god, that (novel) post about how his daughter was  crazy and having pre-marital sex? Ah, and his favourite rebuttal.


trust me as a 48 year old who picked all these things up when the Great Hunt came out you are wrong.


I dont know why you persist in arguing with me. You create these crazy interenet lives just so that you can bring your childish opinions and speak them to an adult behind a safety net. Well I'm a punch 'em kind of guy, and I would punch you if you ever stood before me.


And he said that to Robert in a thread about how Morgase was alive. Ah...


I tell you, they just don't make the crazies like they used to. :(

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Oh, and he's always correcting people too. That childish douche.


I'm sorry, Cadsuane, but the correct derogatory terms for me are "prick", "arrogant bastard" (despite my parents' marriage well before my conception ... perhaps I ought to correct that one), and "bloatedly egotistical condescending jerkwad", or BECJ for short.


Try to get it right, Legs.

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