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Will the writers of the series fix the inconsistency in the characters between the show and the books and actually fix the issues they have in character development as a whole?

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To begin with let me apologize in advance I went on a rant about what seems to me to be a lopsided equality issue. I have strong opinions about what character development actually is and, when a fantasy series I love is turned upside down and, poor writing replaces excellent writing, I tend to rant.


I'd like to point out that there was representation though minor of the LBTGQ community in the books, however minor that role may have been. However, personal relationships all played a minor role. The relationships were there but, only a small part of the novels. It was a different time and, both Robert Jordan and, Brandon Sanderson saw that there should be representation for all walks of life.


I literally couldn't wait until TV series original release date. I anticipated it because I loved the novels.


Now the rant.... besides who the characters finally ended up with both those from straight community and, those from the LBTGQ community, personal relationships mostly took a seat in the far back in the novels.

I can respect that Rafe and the writers have their agenda and, that they want to "share" it however, that's all the series ended up being.... personal agendas. 


Like I stated I was excited for the series and, it's gut wrenching seeing the story loved turned into a fantasy soap opera well.... maybe soap opera is too harsh.


Yet the series has far too much focus on relationships and, frankly even "that," is extremely lopsided. If you plan to make the series based on someone else's work "all" about the relationships then, shouldn't the individual who's life work you used at the very least have equal sided development "if" that is your only focus? To clarify that question equal "meaning" at least make half his characters as they were intended.


Isn't "Equality" the whole point behind pride month after all? So, shouldn't there be equal representation "if" you want your "personal" agenda to be the backbone of a show that adapts from another individuals "life" work? 


I personally don't believe there should have been so much focus on who's in love with nor who's sleeping with who.


Character development and, personal relationships are not the same thing. There may be personal relationship growth within character development but, its only a part of a many piece puzzle.


So, ignoring that there is an obvious misunderstanding by the writers of what character development is and, inoring that there's a lopsided equality in relationships simply due to a selfish agenda, over all the writing is sub-par.


What are others thoughts on whether asking if inconsistencies will be at least in part addressed and, the if obvious issues with character development will ever be addressed.


Lastly, my selfish remark, I should clarify that in my own opinion it is extremely selfish when you twist someone else's work for a personal agenda. And, I truly believe that's why the series is so poorly written. Writers should give their actors good material so their audience receive great material. 


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@Rsmithboeing - I'll answer your title question the best I can.


No, the writers will not 'fix' the issues you have with the show.  They have had a decent amount of success with it as written and it appears you are asking for a 90 (if not a 180) degree turn after two seasons.


Like you, I wanted a very different show than what was produced.  But I'll need to wait for the next show, movie, or whatever.  Rafe's version is not for me, but I also don't expect for him and his team to cater to me.  I did my share of complaining over what I think is wrong with the show and now am back to reading the books.  It is a great place to be!

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