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character approval process

A simple breakdown on how the approval process/this thread works!


  1. Start a Thread with the appropriate Thread Title & paste your choice of biography templates.
  2. You have 2-weeks to complete your biography. Notice will be posted when you have hit this time and if there is no reply it will be moved to the archives.
  3. When you are satisfied that you have filled everything out and gone through it for any SPELLING and GRAMMAR edits, along with double-checking that they follow the rules, then your application is complete! 
  4. Post below with the form below, and a Staff Member will come by and read it.
    • PLEASE give staff a MINIMUM of 3 Days to get to your Biography before sending a PM asking if we have seen it. The more you pester, the less likely we will get to it any quicker. 
  5. A post will be made by a member staff as to whether additional actions need to be made. 
  6. When it is all done, your biography will be moved to our Approved Biography section and you are free to play!



When your application is complete and ready for review, please reply to this thread with this form:


Character Name

Biography Link


Special Requests: (Or things we should be aware of..)

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Character Name: Kai Morath ni'Gilyard

Biography Link: biography

Group: Channeler/Unity Arches student

Special Requests: If we are assigning OP score hoping for enough skill/strength to Travel.  Going with the proposed 0-15 scale  in WS looking for a 6 if possible not a newb.  Kai is the adopted son of two Legacy characters (I have permission from Odd to use his character in this manner) both were Asha'man and Nox was proficient with gateways and traveling and Kai would have had access to whatever tutors he wanted as Mer was the son of a noble with a decent funding.

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Posted (edited)

Character Name: Aeodan Damar

Biography LinkLINK

Group: Nobility, Ebon Vanguard

Special Requests: Updated for Merrilor. This includes an Age Change, and I moved his WS from 9 to 12 to adjust for the additional 5 years. Vanguard referencing is vague and intentional. Edits are in Purple.

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