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Well, October wasn’t a complete waste. 


I did get a Premise with a few commands from a friend to work from. 😄 I’m going urban fantasy with a serial killer romance… ish. 


Premise: The world has fallen to the apocalypse as the monsters of myth have taken over most densely populated areas. Portland, Oregon has found an unusual stalemate with a large river keeping many of the supernatural creatures from traveling easily back and forth. Paris, a Police Detective with a dark secret and a cigarette habit to hid her scent, stumbles across an unusual and brutal murder of a woman that quickly becomes a string of deaths along one side of the Portland River. Forcing her to work with Edward who is a vampire and a supernatural expert, and Calla a disgraced witch specializing in the occult, they need to find the killer, or killers, before the city’s stalemate brings about another war ground.

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Somehow I missed this topic on Oct 1st... I was busy prepping my D&D campaign...

I probably won't officially participate in NaNoWriMo this year... But I might tangentially participate in it this year by... actually trying to flesh out some of the details of my campaign in a less abstract way... which will probably be for naught as my players will be distracted by a squirrel.... lol

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Wow, that premise has more detail than any of my full attempts at NaNoWriMo. I haven't done it in years but despite how often I would promise I would, never did one iota of planning and would start typing with nothing more than a half baked concept that wasn't as much as written down.


Your premise sounds really good, it would make me want to pick up a book with that as a blurb.


I actually started reading my first NaNoWriMo attempt recently. It is both shockingly bad and shockingly good. I mean, it as a whole is awful, beyond dire, but there are little sentences or passages that make my mouth drop open and think, "I wrote that?". Not that I have high expectations of it but still. One thing that stands out is how puerile my sense of humour was twenty years ago. Embarrassing really. I even was toying with taking the world from the story and trying to write some sort of coherent history to the fantasy setting, taking all the weird world building I did and trying to distill it into something that could actually work as a backdrop to a real plot. I doubt I will have time for NaNoWriMo, but maybe I can still fit something in.

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