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Matrix 4: Resurrections


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Well, I just saw this last night and.... I was left underwhelmed.


The CGI was decent, but it also felt like a tech demo for their new Unreal Engine demo. 

If you played their "The Matrix Awakens" tech demo, you'll see what I mean.


The acting was... typical for Matrix.

Keanu did his typical Wooden Neo, Carrie Moss did a good job portraying Tiffany & Trinity.

The new Morpheus did a decent job with the few lines he was given.
Jessica Henwick as Bugs was good for what she did.
Jada Pinkett Smith as Niobe was... Okay? If anything the make up artist sucked at make her actually look 60 years older.
Plot/Writing, over all was decent/okay. I liked the Meta commentary from the director that felt like a Jab directly at Hollywood pressuring them into making a new Matrix with or without them.


Pacing: It was too long. They dwelled way to long on the first half of the movie.
Action: The Martial Arts just felt... really, really stiff. Like everything was slowed down so an old man can participate.


However it did leave me wanting a Matrix 5.


If I were to give the show a rating...


CGI: 9/10

Acting: 7/10

Practical Effects: 4/10

Plot/Writing: 7/10

Pacing: 5/10

Sequel Anticipation: 10/10

Overall: 7/10


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I'll just put my thoughts in a spoiler tag:


I thought this movie was pretty terrible overall, but the scenes with Neo and The Analyst were especially spooky mind<bleeps> and I can't help but keep thinking about them, so obviously Resurrections had it's moments (few and far between as they were).


The philosophy of these movies has always been the strength of the series, and I was glad to see elements of that foundation in this reboot.


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