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Logain (spoiler)


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4 minutes ago, Chwooly said:

Why does everyone think Logain is being captured at the beginning of E01?


He does make an appearance in a cage in E03 


But it looks to me like 2 different Actors and I can find no listing for Logain in cast lists for E01, Logain only shows up on cast lists starting with E03


In the books Logain is only caught after a huge battle in Lugard, Not run down in a ravine as shown in E01.  



It's not everyone it's mostly non-readers. There are a lot of characters to absorb. We take it for granted because we know most of them. We know enough about the world and its characters to know immediately that the guy in the beginning is a nobody.

And they both do have long hair. They are dressed completely different but we spent almost no time on either of them.

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On 11/21/2021 at 9:32 AM, ManetherenTaveren said:

Oh, that would be most interesting (!) although I wonder how much of Thom's backstory will be included. I also wonder if the show will even reference the politics and battles occurring because of the influence of false dragons.


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26 minutes ago, Chwooly said:

...since Daes Dae'Mar is very complex they will most likely gloss over that...

Oh, the leadership of Cairhien wouldn't like that, and may possibly react rather vindictively to your absurd suggestion! ? They dedicate their very lives to that great "game of thrones"....Indeed!


(Yeah, I have little hope we'll see some mischievous Cairhienin maneuvering)

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