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Which arc in Season 1 will be most fun.


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I am going to go with Perrin and Egwene after Shadar Logoth up to reunion with group. We will get wolfbrother, Tinkers, and rat bastard White Cloaks.  I think Perrin will be early fan favorite until others get more into their arcs. Nyneave's arc also may be really good with apparent acceleration of her arc.  


Also major actor cast as Tam.  Will Tam maybe become more important in earlier seasons since everything is getting crunched? A Tam arc with flashbacks to Blood Snow and Aiel War may be great TV that wasnt in book.

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It's really hard to say.


In the books my least fav was Mat and Rand after Thom was gone and before Rand fell over the wall. I think that's going to be pretty dark in the TV show also. It would be nice if they put something in that only Rand sees in Tar Valon. Maybe he bumps into some Aes Sedai on the street or something.


I can't decide between the other 2, but since Logain will be heavily involved in the Nynaeve, Moiraine, Lan story, that could be pretty exciting since we don't know exactly what will happen. Perrin and Egwene I already know will be exciting if it's anything like the book.

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Rand and Mat,

 i remember on my first read of the books i just wanted them two to share alot more 'screentime' than they ever did.


so yeah, even though its cliche 'play for supper' stuff, i really, really am looking forward to it.


should also be the moment that the non bookers realise its Rand who is the dragon, 

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