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Confused about some stuff from the shadow rising


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They know about Rand's parents for several reasons. Many Wise Ones lived with both of them and know what they look like. Rand favor Tigraine. Amys recognized him immediately because she is a Taardad clan Wise One.


Also, some Wise Ones are dreamers. They had dream visions of him long before.  The moment that Tigraine's talked about Maidens fighting in the Shining Wall, Wise Ones said that the fulfillment of the Aiel Prophesy is near.

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To put it simply, they knew who his parents were because the circumstances leading to his birth were unique in the history of the Aiel.  And because an Aes Sedai was directly implicated in it.


No wetlander had ever been allowed to join an Aiel society, much less Far Dareis Mai.  The only reason it happened was because of her story of being told she had to go by Gitara Moroso.  Everything else about her made her famous among them.  Up to and including how and where she gave birth.


It's possible that, given the mention of Gitara Sedai, the Wise Ones recognized her as being part of the fulfillment of their prophecy at the time.  It's certain that they realized it after the fact.


So when they went into the Wetlands looking for him, they knew exactly what they were looking for.

And it didn't hurt that the ones who had known his parents recognized his resemblence to them.




And it's important to realize that the Wise Ones in every clan talk to each other all the time - in Dreams and otherwise - even if their clans are fighting.  There is much more sharing of information throughout the Aiel than in any other culture in the WOT universe.

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From the text Chapter 34


"You knew my mother," he said. Egwene leaned forward, as intent as he, and Mat shook his head.

Amys's hand paused on his face. "I knew her."


Amys then goes on to tell


""Shaiel's story, as I know it, begins when I was still Far Dareis Mai, more than a year before I gave up the spear.  A number of us had ranged almost to the Dragonwall together. One day we saw a woman, a golden-haired young wetlander, in silks, with packhorses and a fine mare to ride. "



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