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10 minutes ago, Wolfbrother31 said:

Where did you guys hear S1 would cover stuff from book 2 & 3? 


Pretty sure that's not true.

If memory serves... S1 will have material from New Spring & Book 1. 

And there's stuff even from that that's been cut & moved to S2 ... Like Caemlyn and Trakands. 



How much will Season 1 cover? Book 1 or spread across several?

Rafe: Season One will cover Book One, plus some of Book Two and even Book Three. But also not all of Book One, as some of it is in Season Two. Cryptic enough?

There are lots of things Rafe could be talking about here. He’s been very clear that the show will reshuffle the plot in a way to make the story more consistent for television. However, Camelyn and the Trakand family is a good guess as to what from Book One will appear in the second season.



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And honestly I always felt some events in world would have happened concurrently. 


Depending on how the reshuffle happens it could be wonderful.


It could also be a non issue.


I don't think it would be a bad thing tho - as long as between seasons 1 and 2 the sum total is correct lol

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On 10/11/2021 at 11:26 AM, swollymammoth said:



THIS I FORETELL! This show is going to be like the Star Wars prequels. Everyone's gonna go nuts because they want to like it so bad. Initial reviews will be great. People on this forum are gonna splooge about how great it is, but as time goes on it will become more and more difficult to apologize for the show's shortcomings. By the time Egwene is revealed to be the Dragon Reborn in Season 2, everyone will finally have to admit that it's not what they'd always wanted from a WoT TV show after all. 

Well there you go.... articulating my worst fears. 

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On 10/14/2021 at 12:19 AM, JaimAybara said:

I agree with you guys too haha just playing devil’s advocate and we do have an example where overall scenes like that are survivable. 

*Also, not hating on D&D. I play myself. Got me through covid. 

No offense taken friend. Playing devil’s advocate is the best way to bring out great discussion. And in my opinion, fantasy can never be truly experienced without a little dungeons & dragons. 

Actually I just saw the newest footage and absolutely loved it!

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