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Newbie just finished first read through.


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Hi. I just finished my first readthrough of the series and enjoyed it. I was lurking about a few days ago reading some of the discussions and well now I'm wanting to add my 2cents where possible. 


I came to this series after I kept hearing about it over the net. People on reddit suggested it to me and I put it off for a variety of reasons, but ultimately decided to give it a shot even if it was a trap of some sort. I still don't know what they wanted me to see in this. Maybe they just genuinely thought I'd enjoy it. Well I did. 


I'm not a huge fantasy guy but I loved ASOIF. Some of those who recommended WOT did so because of my love and interest in ASOIF. Besides the fact that both are epic fantasies, the experience couldn't have been different for me. In many ways I was disappointed, but for whatever reason I kept buying the next book. I came to really love the characters and think that on a reread I'll see it in a different light; not being so quick to poo-poo this or that. 


Anyways that's me in a nutshell!

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I remeber coming to WoT after first reading ASOIAF and finding it a big difference. For me it was very much a slow burn and it took me a while to get into the characters but once I did I really grew to love the series and it ended up surpassing many other things I'd read before. I find the ending so strong and such a satisfying conclusion to a long running series. I think you will definitely appreciate it more on the re-read. Do you have any favourite characters? My favourite is Mat although the funny thing is I found him super annoying when I read the first book, but it felt like his character got reset in book 2 and from then on he became my favorite character. 

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