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the origin of Finn worlds


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My thoughts on the origin of Finn worlds.

In 1987 Lawrence Watt-Evans published the book "With a Single Spell". In the book there’s a powerful magic tapestry, which is a gate to a strange magic castle flying in an empty chaos void. We learn later, that the power of the tapestry spell is so strong, when you create the image on it of a non-existing place, it will be created into existence by the magic of tapestry. The castle was created alongside with it’s inhabitants, whom the mage turned into his servants, strictly obeying his orders, but taking every chance to manifest their discontent.

I think the creator of both ter’angreal gates to Finn words just created the gates with the need to get to a place to find the true answers and to get to a place with any gifts, and all the rest – inhabitants, rules, were just created by the magic or by the need, if it was a taveren who created the gates. The way the Aelfinn and the Eelfinn work seem to confirm such case, they’re obliged to give the answers or gifts, but will take every opportunity to harm you while doing it.

I think it’s much more plausible than assuming they existed anyway and just happened to be able somehow to tell true answers to people from the world or trade strange gifts, but without any proper marketing ?

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