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  1. Since the direct action of dreamspikes are only present in T'A'R (the globes) and are not seen in real world, the problem with travelling would mean gates need access to TA'R to open properly and the globes are preventing that. That leads to conclusion that travelling is done through T'A'R, just in a way that is not directly visible.
  2. As we know dreamspikes work in T'A'R but prevent construction of gates in real world. Gates supposedly work by bringing two places together. This led me to some interesting thoughts: 1. 1. It seems that travelling needs T'A'R to work; 2. 2. Bringing places ”together” is very easy in T'A'R but should be impossible in real world; 3. 3. Maybe by opening gates in real world you open first gate from your place to T'A'R and immediately a second one from T'A'R to your destination and these two gates are brought together and merged in T'A'R so you just see one gate? And in fact you are travelling from one place to the other through T'A'R? 4. 4. This would nicely explain why trollocks are killed by the gates – maybe they’re forbidden from entering T'A'R and are killed not by the gates but by presence of T'A'R in-between them? What do you think?
  3. My thoughts on the origin of Finn worlds. In 1987 Lawrence Watt-Evans published the book "With a Single Spell". In the book there’s a powerful magic tapestry, which is a gate to a strange magic castle flying in an empty chaos void. We learn later, that the power of the tapestry spell is so strong, when you create the image on it of a non-existing place, it will be created into existence by the magic of tapestry. The castle was created alongside with it’s inhabitants, whom the mage turned into his servants, strictly obeying his orders, but taking every chance to manifest their discontent. I think the creator of both ter’angreal gates to Finn words just created the gates with the need to get to a place to find the true answers and to get to a place with any gifts, and all the rest – inhabitants, rules, were just created by the magic or by the need, if it was a taveren who created the gates. The way the Aelfinn and the Eelfinn work seem to confirm such case, they’re obliged to give the answers or gifts, but will take every opportunity to harm you while doing it. I think it’s much more plausible than assuming they existed anyway and just happened to be able somehow to tell true answers to people from the world or trade strange gifts, but without any proper marketing 😉
  4. That's a really interesting answer from RJ, thank you for that. Seems plausible, but the angreal reaction hypothesis was making the whole Egwene scene description much more meaningful for future events; maybe it was something he planned in the beginning but then forgot altogether? In that case I see no other importance or intention of that scene from Acceptance trial. There's no other similar action than this with Moraine and Lanfear.
  5. Hello all! Do you think Moraine destroyed the twisted redstone doorframe on purpose to trap Lanfear with her? She put the ivory bracelet angreal on the cart not only to lure Lanfear, but she may have known it would also destroy the doorframe itself when used inside the doorframe, trapping them both inside. When Egwene had her test for Accepted we have seen how dangerous would be to just keep her ter'ngreal (twisted stone ring) near the Silver Arches, and here a used one angreal has been put inside the redstone doorframe with them. I believe this led to the fires and total meltdown of the twisted redstone doorframe, not just from Moraine and Lanfear themselves channeling.
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