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  1. That's a really interesting answer from RJ, thank you for that. Seems plausible, but the angreal reaction hypothesis was making the whole Egwene scene description much more meaningful for future events; maybe it was something he planned in the beginning but then forgot altogether? In that case I see no other importance or intention of that scene from Acceptance trial. There's no other similar action than this with Moraine and Lanfear.
  2. Hello all! Do you think Moraine destroyed the twisted redstone doorframe on purpose to trap Lanfear with her? She put the ivory bracelet angreal on the cart not only to lure Lanfear, but she may have known it would also destroy the doorframe itself when used inside the doorframe, trapping them both inside. When Egwene had her test for Accepted we have seen how dangerous would be to just keep her ter'ngreal (twisted stone ring) near the Silver Arches, and here a used one angreal has been put inside the redstone doorframe with them. I believe this led to the fires and total melt
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