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Approved WT Novice Bio: Zoraya Mayrit - CC Required Please


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@Cass or @Kathleen


DM Handle: The Purple Ajah

RP Section: Tar Valon
RP Group: White Tower
Character Name: Zoraya Mayrit
Returning character: No
Total PSW Character Count (max 24): 0 (1st character)
Rank: Novice
Age: 17 (entering the White Tower)
Gender: Female
Place of Birth/Raising: Darluna, Arad Doman (later Bandar Eban, Arad Doman)
Physical description: 5'3" (161 cm), 148 lbs (67 kg), dark hair, dark eyes, a somewhat ordinary-looking woman with a slightly plump figure
Strengths: Deferent, polite, calm, quick learner and researcher
Weaknesses: Unorganized, procrastinator, heavy sleeper, shy
Character History 
Zoraya was born to a well-to-do Domani merchant woman, Zonene Mayrit, in the southern town of Darluna. Her mother’s family owned a decent-sized abode, with two servants to do the chores around the house. When she was three years old, her father, Binrim Garnade, passed away from a fever, leaving her with a modest personal inheritance of four hundred crowns.

When her mother married again, it was to a son of one of the grander merchant families of Bandar Eban, Nadris Saraqusta. Her step-father’s mother, Cadiya Saraqusta, employed twenty servants in an estate to rival lesser nobles in other nations. Four daughters were born to her mother and step-father, Zoraya’s half-sisters: Antaena Mayrit (5 years younger), Maleane Mayrit (7 years younger), Parvena Mayrit (9 years younger), and Delciane Mayrit (11 years younger). As daughters traditionally run the ledgers in Arad Doman, they were all groomed to succeed her mother.


Zoraya had a decent head for numbers, but it was never her passion. She often became known in mercantile circles as a daydreamer who was always sticking her nose in a book about the faraway lands of Shara, or the history of the Free Years. Nevertheless, she was still expected to continue her mother’s business as a cloth merchant.


Her position in the family was complicated in her adolescence when her step-grandmother (a famous merchant in the trade of the razor horses of Arad Doman) was raised to the Council of Merchants that has a part in the election of the nation’s king. Since her step-grandmother had no daughters or close female relatives, this meant that the Mayrit family would likely possess the wealth and standing of the Saraqustas in time: and the elderly woman became more aware that this meant that her own trade may not pass to a granddaughter of her own blood, but the inconvenient, scatterbrained step-child from her daughter-in-law’s first marriage.


Zoraya’s awkward standing in society was made a little more prescient by her rejection by other genteel girls of a similar age. They would always be polite with her, and she to them, but she always felt rather shy of engaging in conversation. When she reached an age of maturity, she was still somewhat apprehensive about speaking to other traders, and preferred to quietly sleep in and balance the family ledgers from time-to-time, between her own reading for the sake of pleasure.


The Mayrit family was not cruel, so they did not wish to cast their own daughter out, but they both agreed that the mercantile profession was not for her. A suggestion was made that she could go to the White Tower and see if she was able to become Aes Sedai; if not, she could use her father’s inheritance to tour the other nations of the world, and perhaps marry well in another country. After setting off by caravan through Ghealdan, Murandy, and Andor, Zoraya finally reached Tar Valon. To her great joy, the Aes Sedai present at the White Tower determined that she was a channeler (a learner, like most), and as such, Zoraya gladly burned her too-tight Domani gowns and her link with her old life, now ready to enter her name in the Novice book and begin her journey on the way to being an Aes Sedai.

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