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november auction sign up


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Ok who want to contribute to the november auction, lets say the sigs should be in by the 10th of november, and we run the auction out that week (deadline for bidding the 15th)


this means you got 2.5 weeks to make the sigs


i sugest this one is topicless because we just have a halloween one and the next will be x-mas, so as to get some regular sigs out there in the market inbetween those seasonal ones - for those who want a year long one or are not into the seasonal stuff


signed up





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yes  1-5 is where we should be laying, in future i when activety increase i will instead run auctions more frequent so those who want to make more - well we can split their stuff between auctions...i want a variety among styles of sigs, as sig creaters got different styles, so no one is overrepresented

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11 hours ago, StarRisk said:

Is this worthy of submission?


yes is the frame for something specific? is it meant to be a gateway or such?

(is currious lolz)


but definantly yes, all kinds of styles will be needed as we grow...these things used to be very popular and we used to have a lot more requests...as people discover its back and  we are organized in a place they can reach us...i think that its soon going to start growning...which is why i already saw tendency of potential clutter between work treads and requests/auctions and split it into two boards



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I would go with something that has sharp edges. Because of the business of the background, something on the thicker side will also be easier to read.

is a good brush font


has a good masculine thick look


is thick but goes to a point could be a fun dynamic style


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