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Make a signature in office programs


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Ok so going to start with basics of how i made sigs before i got any photoprograms, maybe you dont have an own computer or similar to download programs on, then this is an option


So that does require finding pics that need less editing as you are more limited in options, so i dug out some on pixabay to use for a sig


this is going to be my background



now since there is some limits in transparantsy and cuting tools are more rough in office programs, what i do is i choose to use a picture that dont have a background as such, so when in pixabay i choose vector graphics or illustrations are most likely to give you  results without backgrounds in



if it is without background you will see a checkered field around the picture when you go into it like this



you do want to save this on the computer and insert it into the program rather then copy paste, if not it is often made into a picutre with black background


so lets head into powerpoint first

now because we are working with specific sizes a signature being 125x500 pixels, we want to somewhat know we are in the right size ratio when working so back then i would copy someone elses signature so i got the size about right




now i copy paste the background in there and right click choosing to place it all the way to the back. Moving the signature over it i can resize it and the sig over it becomes slightly transparent in the process so i can move it so i get the part i want of the picture within the frame




next i use the formation menu and crop button image.png.d56492cacdc1ee13547224a7542756c7.png to cut off the edges around it


now we can see they arent perfectly the same size, but we will get back to resizing in the end, and as long as you are not working with fine details at the edges it wont mather as you will just trim the edges  in the end


now i head to the insert menu and insert the vectorgraphic i downloaded with the insert picture button image.png.be063cba775485aa0a25f1b40629285b.png


now just resize it to fit and move it over the picture where you want it and go back to insert menu and use word art to put your handle on in a nifty way




now open your sniping tool, just search for it if you havent used it before, it looks like this


use new and cut out the picture and save it from the file menu which will apear after you cut it out, then you can either go to webpages like this to resize and crop it right https://resizeimage.net/


or when you upload it to your signature field on DM, you doubleclick it and can set the pixelsize there, as long as its aproximately right as this one was it wont be too terible disconfigured cause its just a couple pixels off on the length


and voila



i will later add some more to this how you can incorporate pictures that are not having transparent background




ok so back so using the same background but say i didnt find something with transparent background, but rather another picture in the photo section of pixabay


so this time i want to use another part of the original picture because i want a more faint background with less clutter so it fades more to the back





so from the formation menu, you can choose different frames or styles for pictures you opened in powerpoint, i choose round because i want to make it apear smooth in the picture, and i dont want the frames they made on options atm cause i do not like them for what i want to do



now next obviously you resize it and move it where you want it, and a handle or text as previously mentioned and




obviously you can here experiment with spliting the slide, adding more pictures, both in frames and with transparent backgrounds and so on. but keeping it to the basics when showing this and then you can build on it yourself


but as an example 


Abstrakt, Art, Bakgrunn, Maling, TeksturFarge, Akrylmaling, Kunst, MaleriKvinne, Sword, Amasone, Heltinne, Kriger, FantasyHenna Design, Henna, Floral, Mandala



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yeah its a good place to start with basic tools and then when you get into the line of thinking of combining more and more elements in a good way, change to more advanced programs, in the begining its often enough because trying to do too much you might just get frustrated and feel it makes clutter...they have their limitation but you get to explore the creative of how to meld elements toghether and use fantasy in a good way


obviously if you got endless time and patience you can do anything if you set your mind to it, but most of us have some restriction on one or both of those, and so part of it is helping yourself by finding pictures that go togheter and means less work on transforming the pictures themself on their own before starting to blend them



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