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I’m brand new to the wheel of time..

Guest gingerminge9

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Guest gingerminge9

and holy crap, I’m obssessed!

My name is amanda, I’ll be 30 this september and I am from Zebulon, ga. How I came across the books was pure fate, I got back into reading again in my adult life this past year and I actually started off with A Game of Thrones, and that’s what got me into the fantasy genre of books. So my husband and I, had some financial problems and we started to use pawn shops to get by, so when all that was over, I was in the pawn shop making a payment one day and I looked over to a shelf and just saw this stack of books ( and if you know pawn shops, you know you don’t ever see books, or good ones for that matter) and I started looking and it was about twenty or old looking books with awesome cover art, And it turns out it was two different series by tor books. one series was the wheel of time (books 1-10) and 5 books by terry goodkind that I haven’t gotten to yet. 
So, now I am on lord of chaos and I’m literally so obsessed with these books. I’ve read a book in a little over a week since I got them and i don’t plan to stop until all 14 are read. I’m real excited about the tv show going to be coming out in the next year or so, and glad I have time to finish the series before the show. I’m super excited to be apart of this website now! I hope y’all have a great day!


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Welcome! Hopefully you'll love it here as much as the books - it's a really good community ?


Your enthusiasm is infectious, reminds me of all the feels when I started (in '98... though I only finished the series last year!!) I hope it grows as you read! You'll find plenty of topics/places to discuss things on the boards here, just shout out if you need any help.


Do you have a favourite character so far??



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A huge welcome to the Fan Base, i will guarantee you will love Wheel of Time, if your on LOC then you can also safely read the prequel New Spring, no spoilers and most people will recommend NS after about Book 5 or 6

New Spring is a fairly short book, set 20 years earlier and gives some insight into a number of important characters.

A book a week, thats good going, listened to the entire series last year on Audible(3rd time through the series*) at about a book every 3 weeks and i was able to do other things while doing it. 
Good luck with Goodkind, not my cup of tea personally, warning it gets very dark.

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