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River Eldar, or Elbar


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Hey folks!

New to the forum, so... Hi!


So, I started reading WoT about 19 years ago and stopped after The Dragon Reborn for reasons I can't remember. I few months ago I found the books in storage and decided to finally take on the task of re-reading and finishing the series.


I'm currently near the end of Crown of Swords and noticed what I think might be a typo, but I'm not entirely sure. There's a cruddy tavern in Ebou Dar called the Rose of the Elbar that Mat frequents for [plot reasons]. Later, after a very touching scene, a character vomits up "the River Elbar."


Now I checked earlier books, and I'm not crazy... every mention of the river referred to it as the "Eldar." "Elbar," however, is the name of a Seanchan captain who makes an appearance earlier in CoS (p.549, Tor paperback), so it looks like Jordan may have gotten confused. Or perhaps this was a proofing error on the editor's part, I don't know. Point is... it's there.


I scrubbed the net, and the various wikis and "WoT typo" blogs don't seem to mention this discrepancy. Please tell me I'm not the only one who noticed this!

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