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Greetings under the Light!

Jacen al'Miere

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I am new to the community, though I have heard of it before, and finally decided to go ahead and join. I began reading the WoT books when I was in tenth grade, after I found The Eye of the World at random while I was in a bookstore with my mother. From there it blossomed into a love for the entire world Jordan created. Even though I was a male I dreamed of being an Aes Sedai, especially as I learned that males were once Aes Sedai in the past. I have still yet to finish the series, mostly because I used to be much less patient, and got tired of waiting for the new books to be released. Now that the series is completed I've actually purchased all of them for my Kindle and plan to start reading them again from the beginning, starting tonight. 


I am very glad to be here! Thank you all for making this community possible. 

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