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20 Questions - Movie Edition Round 5


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Round 4 = North by Northwest


New movie picked for Round 5.


1. Is it a black-and-white movie? No

2. Was it released after Jan. 1, 1960? Yes

3. Did this movie win the Oscar for Best Picture? No

4. Did the movie release after December 31st, 1999? No

5. Does this movie primarily take place in a time period other than when it was released? No

6. Did it release after December 31st, 1976? Yes

7. Is this movie a comedy? No

8. Was this movie considered a blockbuster? Yes

9. Does it have Sequel(s)? No

10. Is it an action movie? No

11. Is this movie from the 1980s? No

12. Is it's genre Drama, Thriller or Adventure? Yes

13. Is it Close Encounters of the Third Kind? No

14. Does IMDB list its Genre as "War"? No

15. Does it have a User Rating of 8.3 or higher? Yes

16. Did the movie Release after January 1st, 1990? Yes
17. Does the movie title have the vowel "A" in it? No

18. Did any of the cast win an Oscar for their performance in this movie? Yes

19Per IMDB, does it have a Meta score of 90 or more? No

20. Is it Good Will Hunting? YES!

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