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20 Questions - Movie Edition Round 4


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Round 3 = A River Runs Through It. 


New movie picked for Round 4.


1. Is it a Comedy, Drama or Action movie? No

2. Was it released in the past 20 years? No

3. Is it an American made film? Yes

4. According to IMDb, did it Gross more than $100 Million Worldwide? No

5. Is the movie rated R or NC-17? No

6. Is it rated 6.0 or higher on IMDb? Yes

7. Did the movie release after January 1st, 1990? No

8. Did the movie release after January 1st, 1980? No

9. Does it have a lead actor? Yes

10. Is it a Children's, Fantasy, or Musical movie? No

11. Is it rated 8.0 or higher on IMDb? Yes

12. Is it based on a book? No

13. Does it have 1 or more sequels? No

14. Is it a Sci-Fi, Western or Adventure movie? Yes

15. Is the genre Thriller, or Biography? Yes

16. Is it North by North West? YES!



Elessar wins this round by guessing North by North West correctly.

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