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Approved Freelanders Freebooter Bio for Caldazar al'Aemon - CC'd by The Alliance


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DM Handle: Caldazar al'Aemon
Character Name: Caldazar al'Aemon ("Red Eagle Son Of Aemon"  in the Old Tongue)

Total PSW Character Count (max 24):  1
RP Section: Freelanders
Guild if Freelanders: Freebooter

Age: 16
Gender: Male
Place of Birth/Raising: Caemlyn, Andor
Physical Description: Height 6''2" , weight 200 lbs. , eyes green , hair brown 
Other Features: Constantly grinning and often times has flowers in his hair
Strengths/Weaknesses:  He throws himself into any fight he can to prove that he can hold his own. He is charismstic and values beautiful things. Will protect friends and allies at all costs. Cake.

Character History
Caldazar al'Aemon was born in Caemlyn to a soldier of Andor, named Carai al'Aemon, and his wife Eldrene. Caldazar's mother died giving birth to her son. His father raised him for a year and a half, until one day, during a training exercise, Carai broke his leg. Carai did not recover from the injury, infection had taken root and he soon died but he made sure that Caldazar had a home. He asked a friend of his to watch over Caldazar. The friend's name was Rogosh; he was a florist.
Caldazar's earliest memories were of Rogosh and his flower shop. At the age of six, Rogosh took Caldazar aside and told him that his father had left to him a few things. Among them were a large ruby ring and his father's very own sword. The other heirlooms left to Caldazar were a locket of his mother's hair and a banner of Andor. Rogosh had a gentle heart and could not bear anything to happen to the young lad, so he told Caldazar that he must never use the sword. He took the sword from him and locked it away in a great wooden chest that he kept down in the wine cellar.
Caldazar was not daunted in the least; he would prove that he was his father's son. He went to a old army friend of his father's named Samma, and begged to be his student for months until finally the man agreed. Every day he would have Caldazar practice sword training, using sticks in place of a sword, and he would have Caldazar work moving heavy stones from one place to another and back again, until Caldazar's body was as hard as the stones themselves. Fearing that Rogosh wouldn't approve, Caldazar never told him about his training.
Each day he made it his goal to learn something new from the library about the tactics of warfare; each day he made it his goal to aim higher, to push harder and to be better then he was the day before. And thus ten years passed for Caldazar. On his sixteenth birthday, Rogosh took Caldazar's father's sword from the chest in the cellar, and told him that it was time for him to start practicing how to use a sword.
All Caldazar could do was grin...

Note #1: I see some bloodlust in him.... I am thinking that is something that he hates and is trying to change about himself.
Note #2: I want to take Cal to higher places then he has ever dreamed of. I want him to have moments where he is great and mighty, and I want him to "fight'" his way to the top. I want him to fight himself i.e. the bloodlust thing (internal struggle) and I want him to physically fight his way to the top (external struggle). At the end of it all, I want him to give up the struggles and just be happy that he's alive.
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You're all set to play! Welcome to the RP and the Freelanders @Caldazar al'Aemon ?


Here's where you can start your RP's, present-time;

Here's where you can write things as they happened in the past. 


Planning threads/writing request chats can happen here with Freebooters specifically, or here to include all players. 


Have fun!

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