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The Northern War [Kandor RP - Open]


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Ooc: The liberation of Kandor begins here. My list of participants includes Warders Div members Cairma, Lyssa, Jasen, Deneira and Corin, plus a NSW by James, plus White Tower Div members Vera, Carise, Evaida, Shaneevae, Cemarillinin, Serena, Estel and party leader Jaydena. Anyone else who would like to give our people a good sendoff is welcome to post. Cheers!




Morning dawned bright and frosty, though for one Sirayn Damodred yesterday had never ended, shut up restless and busy in her own quarters high at the Tower’s top. Dawn light slid in through the leaded glass window and painted her quarters in a haze of gold. It lit one or two distinctive touches, like all the black old books stacked on the shelves, but the rooms remained near as foreign to her as though she had never moved in … still filled with the ghosts of her predecessors from golden Lanfir Leah Marithsen on back into the dust of centuries.


In her private rooms where nobody ever ventured but her she had complete freedom; only behind closed doors could she act as she wished without making a political statement. Out here in the sitting room, where she met the occasional visitor whom she judged to deserve a more intimate setting, she had bowed to the demands of high office and kept the old furnishings -- the pretty silver clock on the mantel which burned with its own white fire in the sunlight, the tapestry on the wall with its rich colours, fine furniture, no expense spared. It looked like somebody else’s room.


Up to her elbows in paperwork, an important job ahead of her and she couldn’t stop thinking about how out of place she felt here. Sheer displacement: in truth she had but the one concern today, a key part of her plans and perhaps the greater mission as well, maybe saving the world began right here on a cold morning in Tar Valon. In an hour’s time a brave band would depart the white city and head for the north, carrying the Flame of Tar Valon upon their banner and the Tower’s hopes on the strength of their swords. And she couldn’t go with them.


Intellectually she knew that she had done everything she could to assure their success. On a far more primitive level it pulled at her heart to send her people, some of whom were barely children by her standards, into bitter danger without her. How could she put such a heavy duty on anybody else’s shoulders? Who could she trust to raise the ancient Aes Sedai symbol over perhaps the most important battlefield of their time and see it done justice? She couldn’t. It didn’t take another hand to list the only people she could rely on and among those, the list of commanders who could win even a battle, much less a war was shorter still. She felt like a traitor for proposing to stay here in Tar Valon in warmth and security, pushing paper like a bloody secretary and reading over her reports from the north like it meant anything, while other people fought and died for her and without her.


Unfortunately, the law stayed until she got enough of a stranglehold on the Hall to undo it and even then she would have to think seriously about reversing an important Tower law due to her personal grievances. So instead she checked herself in the mirror, all copper silks and hard old composure, and headed down through the intricate and winding corridors of her stronghold to give the Tower’s troops the sendoff they deserved.


Kandor lying to the north of their white city, and the great north road following the east bank of the River Erinin before striking north, the company had formed up before the north-eastern bridge. They made a pretty sight in their bright colours and the glitter of sunlight off steel; the legendary white banner fluttered overhead to tell all and sundry that here the Tower went to war. It stirred a host of old memories, she couldn’t even count how many campaigns she’d fought under the Flame, and it burned her all the more to be too crippled and too useless and too hampered by Tower law to leave Tar Valon with them.


In the end there had only been the one obvious choice to lead this mission. Sirayn greeted her old enemy and rival unsmiling; a common cause bound them now, and the Order vows besides, but she had not forgotten how she had had to burn that letter. Really there was nothing she could say. A veteran needed no reminders about taking care of herself and her troops, though she couldn’t say she felt nothing at the prospect of Jaydena Mckanthur never making it back, and they had gone over the battle plans in detail already. Sentimentality did not become an Amyrlin. She kept it brief, her voice low: “Make sure we win this one.” Then she turned away.


Nobody would ever confuse her with Lanfir Leah Marithsen, her immediate predecessor and the standard by which she judged herself, but perhaps even she could find a few words to set their people onward into the dawning day. Being so short made it difficult to be clearly seen; she positioned herself before them on the bridge, a vast span of white over the hurrying waters, and spoke -- clearly, simply and without artifice, her voice carrying on the fresh morning breeze.


“This is a dark day for us. We go once more into danger. Everything is against us; there is war and ruin everywhere, the Shadow masses in the north and the Last Battle draws ever closer. Not all of you will return under this banner or see your families again.


"A dark day … but one which we will meet knowing we made the right choice. Some people are weak, others cowards, but the folk of the north are neither. We have counted the Borderlanders our friends for centuries; though others turned aside, they stood with us, and the Borderlands have always welcomed Aes Sedai as we welcome them. Now that Kandor has fallen beneath the Shadow, even its capital lying conquered, shall we abandon them? Shall we turn our backs on their suffering as they would never have done to us? No; we are soldiers of the Light together, brought together under the common banner of humanity, and when Kandor falls we will take its hand so one day it may rise up and join us among the nations of the Light.


"A dark day … but not the day we fail. Nobody can truly know what the future holds. Even the Karatheon Cycles, which speak so bold from two thousand years ago, are silent here. But we know each other’s strength, and the courage in our hearts, and we know that together we can prevail.”


Some day she too would ride to war again. But maybe not until the end of the world. “As of this moment we are at war. Go forth and raise the Light’s banner over Kandor.”




Sirayn Damodred

Watcher of the Seals

Flame of Tar Valon

The Amyrlin Seat

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Cema looked into the mirror and used a pin to fasten the last loose strand of hair, it wouldnt fall loose, she had learned through the years how to do her hair so only the hardiest wind would ruffle it. Her saddlebags was already packed and ready by the door. Her dark green almost black riding skirt with olive embroideries and her olive shirt with pale green decorations where flawless, and all sewn in her native style. She had considered doning the shawl but really it was far to warm outside for that, so it had went into her sadlebags instead.


Taking her saddlebags in one hand she left her room meeting Nuitari in the common room and then as they where both out of her quarters she locked the door with use of Saidar as well as physicaly with her key.

Her sword at her hip, she would put it to the sadle when they got to the horses, she wouldnt need it yet, besides for swordwork she had her warder, the thougth still felt odd. But their bumps had been passed over since her beeing saved and finaly time was healing the wounds.


She had sent notes down, the stablepeoples was luckely well able to work on even the agressive horses needed for war, so thoug she would have prefered to do it herself this morning there was no time. Then they where at the meeting ground, she was early and checked the girt before attaching her travel gear. She could hear Nuit work rigth behind her, somehow familiar by now. A smile crused her lips before beeing gone again, she could hear others ariving and it was time for custom to happen.


She listened to the Amerlyn, a prior green, well bether that then some other choises she could come to think of. The woman infront of them was her elder, but from her knowledge she was not sure even so if there wouldnt have been stronger ones who could have done the job bether, thoug that knowledge wherent avaliable for her to share and such influence anyone against the choise. Revealing some of what she knew would mean her death, well this trip at hand could too, but none of her consernt, there was plenty other things she could have spent her time on, an order was an order thoug.


And there was one thing she was not unsure of and that was that her dream was one of message. Her part would be suplying inteligence from within their lines to her masters minions, it would have to be done carefully thoug, but there where ways.


Cemarillinin Sedai

Green Sister

Devoted to the Great Lord

Bonded to Nuitari Asteri

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Jaydena sat at her desk ,scribing the last of her notes and her will.

I Jaydena Mckanthur, being of sound mind and body, do herby declare this to be my last will and testament. If I should not return from this mission, I would like my weapons to go to Sirayn Sedai, my books to Cairma if she returns without me, my music and artworks to Raisa Gaidin, one set of each jewelry to each green sister, my clothing to the poor, and everything else to my mentees and my family, both the Greens and those related to me.

Go with the Light,

Jaydena Restona Mckanthur


It wasn't very long but it was to the point and what needed to be said was. She sealed this and put it inside her carved boxes, adding a ward to it, she took the second one and set it in plain sight. When she had finished that she wrote a list to her ajah of what she expected to be done while she was gone, what she wanted the Sitters to approve or not approve, and who was to take over what positions if she didn't return. A sigh rushed through her parted lips and she turned and walked away, she had already packed and done everything she could to prepare for this mission. Jade hadn't been on a mission since she had been burned and had lost so much confidence in herself, she almost wondered if Sirayn had picked her as mission leader to give her her confidence back. She could only hope that the trust Sirayn had given her was not misguided trust.


Striding quickly into her room she picked up her saddlebags and her shawl and walked out. Today she wore a emerald green dress, divided for riding. Small scrolls climbed around the lapels, the sleeves ended in v's, and the dress had a high waistline. She wore a small pin at her breast, her rose necklace and earrings and of course her normal rings. A pair of knee high leather boots for riding completed the outfit. Her saddlebags were made of a green leather, thick with the initial J embroidered on them, they were so faded these days that you couldn't tell what color they had been. Jared had given the set to her. Along with everything else she would be taking with her almost, her lapdesk, her artkit, her toilitries bag, and survival kit. He had been big on how they would go on so many adventures but that hadn't happened before he was taken from her. She strode out of her quarters, she embraced the source and sealed her doors behind her, if she passed away the seal would evaporate and she had wove it so Sirayn or either of her gaidar could enter.


She surely hoped she would come back, no one went away on these things hoping they would die, but she had to have the reality that she could die in this one. The ajah and the Tower would go on without her but she hadn't made the impact she wanted to yet and she didn't intend to die. Cairma and Raisa would be meeting her at the stableyard and she was praying to the Light they both made it back as well, she had already lost two gaidin to battles and she didn't need to lose anymore. Jade walked out of the Tower and out into the sunlight, she walked quickly to the stableyard and greeted Sirayn with a nod, her Amyrlin walked up to her and spoke just once, “Make sure we win this one.” She nodded and turned away to get her horses, they had already been packed with what they needed, she would be riding Lightning, Cairma would be riding Blaze, and Raisa would be riding Mandeba. Once all the horses were prepared, she checked her party, and then turned as Sirayn began to speak. When the woman finished, Jaydena sent her a saucy salute and mounted her horse, she called out to the group, "You heard our Amyrlin, I cannot send you off with any better words than what she said. Let's get started and we will indeed win this war once again against the Shadow." She led the way down to the traveling area and they prepared to leave...


Jaydena Mckanthur


Lyssa tightened her saddlebags one last time, though of course she had already done it about ten times. She had to admit she was nervous about this mission, she was proud she had been chosen, it meant she was on the right track in her life. On her way to being one of the best, she couldn't wait to shove that in her Mother's face. With that last thought she picked her saddlebag up and swang it over her crimson clad shoulder. She wore a pair of black briches made of soft leather, a waist length black shirt made of a soft breathable material. Over that she wore a black jacket with small lapels, to the lapels she had pined a sword and tower pin. Knee length boots with silver swords up the side graced her feet. Those had actually been a present from Jaydena Sedai at her raising to Tower Guard. She had had them for some time but they were shined and polished on a nightly basis it seemed like. Over the top she wore her Tower Guard cloak, inside her bags, she had packed clothing of mute colors and a cloak that would blend in with her surroundings. She had no idea what she would be facing on this mission, it wasn't her first or her most dangerous but each one was unique in it's danger.


Nothing would ever be as scary to her as hearing the wind coming up in the Ways and the horrible voices and the screaming, watching her friends die in that horrible noise and blackness. She shuddered as she remembered that mission and walked out of the barracks. When she was to the yard she looked up and saw that Jaydena Sedai had already arrived, her mother was there as well as Jaydena's warders. She smiled at Cairma and walked up to talk to the other woman, "So here we are, on our first mission together. Light I hope you come back, I can't afford to lose the only female friend I have left." She almost hugged her but realized her mother was watching her. Instead she squeezed Cairma's arm and walked over to put her saddlebags on the horse Jaydena Sedai had lent her, she would be riding Rosebud. When she had finished she waited for her Mother to speak and then nodded at her words. She hadn't spoken with her Mother since Sirayn had demanded she leave the Tower, that had been the last nail in their relationship coffin. She didn't take well to being bossed around, even by her Mother who was also the Amyrlin Seat. She nodded coldly at the woman that had given birth to her and turned away to follow the party from the Tower...


Lyssa Simeone

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As the Amyrlin spoke, Shaneevae wondered once again why she chose to accept such missions. She was no Green hell bent on war and destruction only a simple scholar determined to find the chink in the armor of the beast; a beast that had haunted her nightmares for more than a century. The toothsome monsters with their hairy snouts, and gnarled horns continued to work their obsessive magic upon the Brown sister. No many how many times she gutted one or sawed into their skull in attempt to unlock the mysteries of their link with the eyeless , she was never satisfied with the outcome. Each dissection only fired her resolve to see Aignor’s hideous creation destroyed.


Subconsciously, she began to mentally inventory the materials she’d brought along, tools to eviscerate and journals for recording. The likelihood that she’d even be able to ply her reckless passion was slim. In all likelihood, she would perish. A city controlled by the Shadow. Kandor, a powerful borderland, fallen under the Shadow was something of nightmares and blood stories, but it was true. Sirayn said it was true. As much as the woman left a sour taste in her mouth, the woman was not a liar where matters of the Shadow were concerned. A lying liar that lies? Maybe, but not in matters such as this.


A shiver ran down her spine and Shaneevae shook visibly, the waters rushing beneath her and the breeze whipping her navy skirts about her legs. There was a solemnity surrounding the Amyrlin’s words, War. It was not a word used lightly as the Tower’s only enemy was the Shadow and for the Amyrlin to issue a statement of war it could only mean one thing, the Shadow had fallen casting it’s evil presence over the world. The Final Battle is nigh. Each person that stood upon that bridge arched over the rushing waters of the Erinin understood the significance of this mission. Each understood that this could very well be the last time their eyes would feast upon the magnificence of the White City, but each stood with a determination fueled by the Light.


A dark day … but not the day we fail. Nobody can truly know what the future holds. Even the Karatheon Cycles, which speak so bold from two thousand years ago, are silent here. But we know each other’s strength, and the courage in our hearts, and we know that together we can prevail.


Bile from her stomach had risen forming a lump, a small hand pressed to the base of her throat and she swallowed forcefully allowing the resolve of Sirayn’s words to wash over her countenance. Inhaling a cleansing breath through her nose, she ran her hands over bare shoulders righting the simple Tairen cut gown. The Nightingale slung low on her hips would be ringing soon enough with the warning of Shadowspawn, but in the light breeze it stood still. No chimes would sound until they reached the banks of Kandor, a sickening thing it would be when those chimes sounded.


As of this moment we are at war. Go forth and raise the Light’s banner over Kandor.


With those final words, Shaneevae lifted her chin slightly taking heart in the faith exhibited in this great force. Light brown hair that fell to the middle of her back fanned out behind her as the breeze picked up into a foretelling wind. A wind that told of deaths to come, lives cut short in the prime and dreams never seeing the light of day. It would be all right. One hundred and fifty years was too long to live anyways. Death would almost be a relief.



Shaneevae el'Edware

Brown Ajah

First Chair

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Guest Estel

Ten steps...


The sun was bright and the sky a clear light blue, matched by the shade of her thin riding dress. Such a beautiful day and such a contrast to the morbid thoughts running rampid through her mind. Estel looked down from her window to the men and women sweating down below as the already-hot morning sun beat down on them. How many would be accompanying them to Kandor? How many would return? Would she return to once again take up her bored vigil by this window? How many of the men and women below would die to keep breath in her lungs- and she was but the chaff! How many more would die for Jaydena? Shaneevae? the rest?


Fifteen steps...


Dresses, shifts, stockings, belt, an extra pair of boots, her blanket roll, last of all an extra whip curled on top while its twin hung curled and ready at her belt. Would it be enough? Would any of this protect her from the carnage to come? She could tell the thoughts of her sword as he gathered the last of his things from his little-used room in the Warder’s Yard. He was her rock; the only one that dared brave her fierce angry gales while resisting being worn away. Once again she clung to that rock to weather her own emotional storm.


Fourteen steps...


She had written no will. Who was there to leave her things to? Orion? Should she die she doubted he would be far behind, his signature loyalty and burning love flowed as strong through his veins now as it had the day she Bonded him- if perhaps more stoic in its age even if hers was still the raging passion that should have been left behind with her youth. As for her estranged son... he was just that: estranged and in no way in position to receive any of her possessions if she died.


‘Fool.’ She had for the tenth time dipped her pen in ink to leave her possessions to various acquaintances and the people who came closest to being called friends. ‘You have nothing they want. Leave it to the Tower to deal with.’


Five steps...


Her reflection had changed little since the last time she had checked it no more than ten minutes ago. Tucking an errant strand of hair behind her ear she took a glance at the door only to find the same answer she had upon her last visit to this spot: the young Sister who had always been so anxious to leave the Tower had become the slightly older Sister loathe to leave so soon after getting settled in.


Ten steps...


~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~


“... Now that Kandor has fallen beneath the Shadow, even its capital lying conquered, shall we abandon them? She we turn our backs on their suffering as they would never have done to us? No; we are soldiers of the Light together, brought together under the common banner of humanity, and when Kandor falls we will take its hand so one day it may rise up and join us among the nations of the Light...”


How long had it been since she had been in the North? Estel had avoided the Borderlands as best she could since the very beginning of her career and the disaster with Matthias. It hadn’t been long enough for her to forget her latest disaster that lay solely at the feet of her inability to move on. Now it was time to learn; time to change- the word sent a shudder of uncertainty and yearning for her beloved status quo through her body. Time to learn and time to prove.


She applauded with the rest at the end of Sirayn’s speech despite her conflicting emotions. Now that her loyalty was cemented, she refused to bear the woman’s scathing remarks and disparaging looks. It chafed at Estel that had been degraded to the point of begging for mercy. Blood and ashes, the woman could choke... Damnit, she was supposed to be the loyal minion... The woman could keep her mercy and Estel would show she deserved it.


Feeling particularly self-righteous, Estel followed Jaydena.

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The day started well before sunrise for Evaida, her saddle bags had been packed the night before but there were still plenty of things that had to be organised before heading out on such a long trip, particularly one where there was a chance that you may not return. Sitting at her desk she set a keeping on her lock box and tucked the key away. She had never been much of a writer but her brief notes contained some significant and possibly dangerous information, the kind of information that she did not want to end up in the wrong hands. Donning her best riding dress, deep blue with silver horses marching the hem and bodice, and sturdy riding boots, she stepped out of her rooms into the hall. Not surprisingly the Gray Ajah quarters were buzzing with activity, she was not the only one of her Ajah journeying to Kandor and she imagined that the rest of the tower would be just as alive despite the early hour. With a few curt nods and reassuring smiles Eva wound her way to the ground floor and out to the stable yards. She avoided talking to anyone, now was not the time, at the moment she had to concentrate on the task ahead, it was not easy preparing yourself for war. There would plenty of time for planning and discussion in the coming days, for now Eva’s priority was her horse.


Dull hues for gray coloured the stable yard as she entered, the dark shadows of the stable hands hard at work were the only things that moved. A wide eyed owl sat in a nearby tree and hooted it’s greeting, sending shivers down Eva’s spine. She was never a firm believer in omens but today they rode to battle and no signs were good signs. The lamps in the yard were lit but they only cast enough light to ensure that you did not run into anything. Even then there was no guarantee as a weedy stable boy rushed past loaded with saddlebags only looking up in time to skirt around Eva before disappearing into the west stable wing. It was mostly silent except for a soft wicker of a horse or an order shouted between workers. Evaida glided along the aisle towards her destination, stopping every now and then to stroke an anxious horse on the forehead as they too could sense the excitement thick in the air. The deeper she ventured into the stables the more active it became, when she reached the area where Sister’s horses were kept there was not one hand that was idle. There were no other Aes Sedai to be seen, they would wait in the yard for their horses to be brought out, but the fact that Eva was the only Sister wandering through the chaos did not seem to draw any attention. Men rushed by dragging half awake horses loaded with bags, others were brushing down mounts preparing them for the journey, every stable had at least one person attending some had two, every stable except for one. She finally stopped in front of that stable, the one that even the bravest of stable boys made a wide birth around and for good reason. Peering over the half door some may have thought it empty but Evaida knew better immediately finding a dark pair of eyes staring at her from the pitch black.


Evaida waited for the almost inaudible whicker of recognition before lifting the latch on the stable door and entering. She reached into her belt pouch producing a lump of sugar holding it out in the darkness until a soft muzzle took it gratefully. It was not Striker’s fault that his previous owner had been less than kind and Eva did not blame the stallions mistrust of people, but his behaviour was often unpredictable and dangerous at best, except of course when Eva was around. That was what made him such an invaluable war horse, of course many of the Warders had similar animals but none were quite as fierce in their duties as Striker. Most Sisters opted for the quieter mounts but Evaida was never one for the plump little mare or sturdy gentle gelding and Striker was neither of those. She led the tall black stallion into the aisle and picked up a brush. By the time she had groomed and saddled him the first rays of dawn were filtering over the horizon.


The quiet stable yard had now become organised chaos. Horses and people were everywhere, Striker pranced nervously at the end of his reigns flicking his ears back and forth as Evaida led him out. It was quite a sight if you had time enough to take it in, Aes Sedai in their finery, Warders in their colour shifting cloaks, Tower Guards in their uniform all steady as rocks, the calm amongst the chaos. It would be a regal procession that left for Kandor if nothing else. A white clad novice offered to hold Striker’s reins while Eva mounted but quickly scurried off when the stallion flattened his ears ready to lunge at her. Swinging into the saddle easily Evaida checked everything over for the hundredth time that morning. The girth was firm and the saddle bags were tightly strapped on, only then did she allow herself relax a little. From the saddle Eva could easily search through the crowd for a familiar face, her eyes finally fell on a fellow gray. Space just seemed to open up in front of them as she directed Striker over to Vera Sedai. This was not their first mission together and she certainly hoped it would not be their last.


The crowd began to spill out of the stable yard and into the front Tower Grounds. Evaida waited for Vera to ready herself before following suit. She scratched Striker’s neck in attempt to calm him, talking quietly to the stallion as they made their way out for the official send off. Everyone lined up in organised ranks, Aes Sedai in groups of Ajah with their warders close at hand, there was no such thing as mulling around at the White Tower. They did not have to wait long for the Amyrlin to appear, the former Green was composed and as steely determined as ever as she delivered her words of encouragement. Eva sat nervously in her saddle, it was not her first out of Tower mission but it certainly was her biggest and she was determined not to fail her fellow Sisters, the White Tower or Kandor.


“As of this moment we are at war. Go forth and raise the Light’s banner over Kandor.”


The words rang in Evaida’s head as they rode through the Tower gates into the city. War it was such a strong word and something that was alien to Eva. It made the moment almost surreal as if it was a dream or perhaps a nightmare, to hear Sirayn Sedai, a battle hardened woman, say it with such strength yet with a hint of regret. The North road was cleared allowing the White Tower’s army to flow unhindered to the harbour where the boats would be waiting. This journey, this war, would be one that would be remembered for years to come, Eva’s only hope was that she and her companions would live to tell the tale…

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Guest Arie Ronshor

Ooc: I hate writing outside timelines.. but duty calls. :P




"Come again?"


Cairma looked to Brand with a look of incredulous disbelievement. It was of no surprise to her that she would be journeying to Kandor as her Bonded, Jaydena Sedai, had been commissioned by the Amrylin Seat to set forth the mission, but this was beyond what she had expected, or have liked. In any shape of form.


"Lead?" The man gave her a raised eyebrow, her posture straightened. "Yes sir." She replied, becoming inwardly nervous. "I'll send your wife your regards, Brand." Saluting to the man, she took her leave from the commanders office. Inwardly she was more worried over the event itself then the role that she played. Walking back to her quarters she moved silently through the barracks and to her own private quarters in a separate section of the yard. It was true that it was her duty to protect her bonded, Jaydena, but the woman was commanding and would also be either point or in the back. It would seem that they would both be further in the back directing this bloody mass of mayhem then partaking along with the others. It almost seemed like a waste of skill to send forth the less experienced into the thick of things and leaving the more experienced in the back to collect the pieces, but light burn her, someone needed to direct the masses and far be it from her to refuse a direct order.


Checking the latch Cairma pushed open the door to her quarters, as always, thankful that they were locked unlike they had once been so often long ago. Her eyes swept to the smaller bed where a smaller frame slept away that morning. Her eyes softened as her mental frustration halted as it always did when she was alone in the room with him. Maybe it was possible that Brand had his own intentions with placing her farther back in the Ranks instead of at point. She would be working along side anouther lieutenant and would be the bridge between the Yard and the Tower. And I won't be putting myself in unnecessary danger. not that it was ever a worry in her mind as she had ever intention in returning. Walking slowly over to the bed, Cairma smiled softly at the sleeping form, leaning over and kissed the brow of the child's head. He only stirred slightly at her touch but still slept soundly, like an angel. How thankful she was that He slept so soundly and heavily. She would miss him greatly on this trip. It was not often she was pulled away from him, but he was, after all, her Life.


Glancing at the wall that held Beast, Cairma walked over and gingerly touched the blade's sheath as if almost in a memory. The blade was no longer the same as the one she had held for so many years, shattered and broken was that blade in a rebuilt Tower in Adalon, however the replica was so close to the former blade that only her own eye could tell the difference. It was more than the nicks and scaring in the former blade that were lost in the new one, but none the less... Pulling the blade off the wall, "Anouther battle, my friend." She spoke with a similar attachment, "May you protect me as well as your predecessor." pulling the customized sheath around her torso, surveying the room carefully, double checking that there was little else that she needed. Fancloak, Blades... Isabella should have everything that he may need at her place... Thankful to have a babysitter so willing to take him when she needed to leave the yards, and that he was old enough to be able to do so. But Cairma grew silent.


She wasn't a fool to think that she may not come back. She was all too familiar with the mortality of her own body and how final something like that could be. It had been a hard lesson to learn, and he had become the only reason that she could accept it. Looking down to Jamie's face she smiled softly. It won't be long, Da'Shain. Promise. and although he may not completely understand her words, she knew that he heard her all the same as he stirred again in his sleep. It would be best to take him as quickly as she could to Isabella's and then meet up with Jaydena, Lyssa and the rest. Picking up her saddlebags in one arm and Jamie in the other she headed into Tar Valon, dropping Jamie off with a kiss on his brow and a kiss on Isabella's cheek and made her way to the horses that Jaydena had gotten for her.


It wasn't until the Amrylins passing that sent the shiver down her spine. Regarding Jaydena carefully, Cairma sat astride her horse impassive but sent reassurance to Jaydena through the bond and sharing a glance with Raisa. It was clear to both of them that there was a vast amount of pressure that was being placed on Jaydena's shoulders given her position, and to Cairma, the tension between Jaydena and the former Green was evident. However it was neither here nor there to think on it. If there was one wishful thought in her mind was to crawl back into bed along with Jamie and sleep this horrid plan in some un-woken dream. However she would hardly be so lucky. She glanced over at Lyssa, also sitting stiff in her saddle. Tossing the girl a reassuring wink, Cairma moved forward, along with her paired Lieutenant, Lt Jason, and one other Aes Sedai that were to take point when entering. As they arrived instructions were to be given and Cairma was to be held back.


Burn her, she hated this plan already.




Cairma Vishnu


Bonded to Jaydena Sedai


*Da’shain n. peaceful one


Ooc: I can not remember if we were using a gateway to get there. If someone can clear this up i'll send hero cookies!!

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There were many reasons to be in this crowd of people. Some came to see people off. Some were ordered to the battle while others asked for it. He was one of the latter. Ursana Tahn Sakhr was new to the crimson cloak and when word of the mission came down, he had gone and asked to be a part of this. There was no need for glory or need to prove himself in this. It was a simple burning need. Family.


There had been a time when he had joined as a trainee and had wanted only to be closer to his sister, to get to know her and to close the gap between them. In time, the people he trained with, the people around him had become as much family to him as his own blood. He understood his sister far better now than he had ever hoped too. He just wished he could have told her so.


After the death of the Amyrlin and the Keeper of the Chronicles, Rosheen had disappeared to the Borderlands and the last news he had of her was that she was in Kandor. He had no real hopes of finding her there, but he felt the need to be there. If his sister wasn't there, if Light forbid she had fallen there, he wanted to be there also, to walk the earth she had and to show to her that he understood her path and that he walked it now too. So many things he wished he had told her before she had left, but he hadn't understood the fullness of her grief or what it would drive her too. He only hoped that the letters he had sent with Aramina Sedai had made their way to her and that his sister had been able to find some peace in them.


As the Amyrlin gave her speech, Sana took a deep breath and tried to remember her words. Perhaps in days to come they would help him remember what he was doing and what he was fighting for. He moved forward to see a bit better and found himself close to Lyssa and Cairma. He didn't speak with them, but he found it somewhat settling to be among people he knew than sitting among the sea of Tower Guards and Aes Sedai that he only knew by name at best.


Ursana Tahn Sakhr

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Jaydena walked her horse slowly, Cairma would be one of the last to go, she nodded at the other woman and then led the way to the skimming area. Since the discovery of the lost talent, they had set up an area in one of the old fields, specifically for the purpose of skimming. The group followed behing her and soon they had reached the field. This portal she opened tonight would take weeks off of their travel time, she just hoped that she could move this large of a group. Jade almost thought that it might be better to do it in segments, she didn't want anyone falling off the edge, since they didn't know how many they could take at a time or how large the platform would go. She turned and looked behind her to make sure she had everyone, and to locate the leaders and other Aes Sedai. Once everyone was in position, she dismounted from her horse and embraced the Source, it rushed through her in a great swell, the angreal she had pinned to her dress made it even stronger.


The gateway flashed open in front of her as the weave fell into place and she stepped inside, leading her horse through behind her. She could feel Cairma and Raisa's anxiety through the bond and she sent reassuring feelings towards them. This had been done before and she had been there when it was showed to her ajah for the first time and then to the Amyrlin Seat for the first time as well. Jade had stood in front of her ajah as they had let out shouts of suprise at the gateway opening in front of them within their Hall of Swords. Turning around she motioned for the next person to come in, she concentrated on adding more tiles to the platform to expand it. When she had as many as she felt she could handle she motioned to one of the other Aes Sedai and held up two fingers. The other woman nodded and stepped from the gateway. Jaydena closed the gateway behind her and they began moving. Cairma had stayed with the second group and Jade could tell she was not happy about the seperation. However there had been no other choice, she couldn't risk losing someone or all of them and she wasn't the strongest woman in the Tower. They would be arriving in another country because they couldn't go directly into Kandor. The nation was owned by the Shadow and they would know they were coming for sure, however they had a better chance of beating them if they didn't land right in the country. The platform was moving beneath them but it didn't appear to be moving, there was no wind, the only sound came from the horses and the occasional coughing.


Time passed and soon they neared their destination, she opened the gateway and before them lay the land of Arafel. She let the gaidin go through first and was the last to leave the platform. When every last person, mule, or horse was accounted for she stepped from the gateway and closed it. Giving a tug to the bond through Cairma she moved the group away from the area the gateway would open and began leading them closer to Kandor. When she had them some distance from the gateway area, she turned and watched to make sure the other group got through ok. She had to protect her group from getting sliced in half or losing an arm when that gateway opened. After what could have been five minutes or even twenty, the gateway opened and gaidin began to pour through the gateway, Jaydena grinned as she saw Cairma come through and began looking for her right away with an irriated look on her face. She hadn't told her gaidar of the plan to leave her with the other group until the last moment and she hadn't been happy about it. Soon the group reached them and they began their trek toward Kandor. Estel was riding at her side, "Sister, may I ask your opinion, should we strike right into Kandor tonight or stop and recoup for the night?"


Jaydena Mckanthur

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Guest Estel

The whole concept of walking through a doorway of Spirit and then zipping off to the Broderlands in a matter of minutes was still foreign and incredible even though she had been one of the first to learn the weave. However much she Skimmed, though, she would never quite get used to the fact that the platform had no guardrail and eternal darkness was only a misstep or stumble away. Nervously, though hiding it as best she could, Estel backed closer to the middle of the group.


She took a deep breath when she stepped into the crisp, northern air. To feel a breeze ripple the blue skirts of her riding dress symbolized the return of normality after the atmospherelessness of Skimming. Best of all was the grassy plain on every side and the lack of any endless drops.


Mounting up and following the general crowd, she nearly jumped when a voice addressed her. The combination of the question and who it was coming from left her stunned and silent for a moment, though hopefully Jaydena took it as time to think.


Well… that wasn’t completely untrue either. Estel was certainly thinking, though not particularly about the subject of Jaydena’s question but the fact that there had been a question directed to her at all. After all, she didn’t exactly hold an excellent reputation as an Aes Sedai and sat close to the bottom in the chain of command. Why not ask Shaneevae? or Cemarillin, the other Green? Why her? Despite the insecurities, they could crush the flickering flame of hope and pride.


“I say press on. We can hardly be any more rested as is and there’s no point in wasting time and giving the Shadow chance to realize we’re here.”



Estel Liones

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