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  1. To say that the evening had turned out anything less that ghastly was beyond her. Not only had she not done anything worth paying for, now she was indebted to another and would have to discount her services or even give them for free for a time to repay him. Light, she was never going to this place again. The fight was everything she had feared, only somehow Fakhir had managed to win. It wasn't pretty and neither was he by the end of it, but he was still moving and the other two weren't so that was what mattered. She wasn't sure what he was thinking when he had looked at her and said "You owe me." And there was another fight. Not that she was complaining because she wasn't sure these men would ever really leave off her again, no matter how quick she tried to walk away from the tavern. If he managed to beat them senseless they might remember it if they saw her again and decide to cross the street quickly. Of course with her luck they'd probably pull her across the street to a dark alley but that was a fight for another day. Tonight, she was just trying to get out of this one with as little cost to herself as possible. Not that she wanted Fakhir hurt either, but he was a soldier and she was a whore. Soldiers didn't lose pay for their looks and she would. She felt guilty for the thought, thought about her mother and the things she had taught her, but the world her mother had once known was a life as far from her as one could get. She could name herself the Creator before she could call herself Tuath'an, no matter her heritage. The fight ended rather viciously and even as the other men around them started yelling and toasting and cursing Fakhir for their luck in betting tonight, she waited for him as he crossed to her, not wanting to run to him and make him appear weak or unsteady. As he stood up from getting his things, she moved closer, making certain her saw her before reaching an arm around his waist. "That do be a fight worth seeing." She said lightly, trying to avoid talking about anything else in front of so many people. She wasn't sure what she'd say when she was alone with him, but first things first. "I be knowing a place with better ale and a nice quiet corner or two." Actually, it had a nice soft bed and plenty of water to wash away the blood and tend his wounds. She thought she could get him back to her place pretty quick and if she was wrong, the Inn along the way was good enough to let her in so long as she paid well enough. He didn't fight her when she began walking with him and that worried her a bit. He didn't seem like the type to let a woman take the lead like that, but she was hoping it was just his mind on the pain and not him being stone stupid after too many knocks on the head. She'd known a man like that once. Young man who had been knocked hard and stopped talking. Just giggled all the time. She'd smacked him twice for dipping into her top and giggling at her. Then he'd given her coin and she'd stopped smacking him. She's felt guilt for taking advantage and had followed him one night to return the coin until she'd reached his home. A noble's son and stupid as mud. fancy that. She'd taken his giggles just fine after that. And his money. She managed to get Fakhir back to her place with little incident though and pulled a chair out for him to sit on. "Let me get you cleaned up a bit." She said with a small smile. "You get those clothes off and I be getting a little something for that lip of yours. And everything else." Jatasha
  2. Just putting this up here so I can fill it in with my training stuff. Will get my old stuff up and start working on new stuff soon :P Everything in Good Time http://forums.dragonmount.com/index.php?topic=18698.new;topicseen#new Anton starts Anabel;s training A Timely Arrival http://www.dragonmount.com/forums/viewtopic.php?p=326589#326589 Anabel arrives at the Stedding and meets the Sages. Aye Theres The Rub http://www.dragonmount.com/forums/viewtopic.php?p=316005#316005 Anabel is found by the Wolfkin.
  3. Aramina watched the interaction, but stayed far enough in the shadows to not be seen. Even if she was, so far in the shadows no one would see her for an Aes Sedai. Not that it really mattered, but this was the young man's errand and she didn't want to interfere with it. As he came back to her side she smiled. "I would be delighted to walk with you back to the Tower grounds." She said as she smiled slightly at him. In truth, it was time to get some more work done and she had taken more than enough time away from that tonight. Aramina
  4. OH..... that would be awesome... though if he catches her too many times I don't think there will be much of a Band left :P *imagines Cairhain suddenly deciding that all men in the Band have slept with her and beating them all sensless* Hummmmm... sounds like something that might work with out later plans... muhwahhhahahhh
  5. Jatasha watched as Fakhir started putting his things on the table. She felt partially responsible, but only partially. After all, the men might have left him alone if he had only left the coin. Still this didn't look like it was likely to end up good. He asked her to mind his things, but she grabbed his hand as he dropped something new into the pile. "Do you be mad?" she asked. He was giong to get himself hurt and she'd follow if she wasn't careful. "Mad?" Fakhir snorted as he began to loosen his shirt, it all made perfectly good sense to him. "A bet settles it, and if I'd asked to simply take on one he would've said no. If I offer to take on two, the odds are in his favour and he feels its a sure thing so he's more inclined to accept the bet. The bet is done infront of everyone, it publically settles the matter once and for all, and if I win I get another silver mark and a half. If not, I get a beating and lose the silver mark and a half, as opposed to losing the lot if they got me outside. Not my fault his friend was a fool, not going to have my coin to make up for it either." She shook her head. He was mad, but in the sort of way that makes a man able to live in that sort of environment his whole life. She almost asked what would happen to her if he got himself beaten but she didn't want to know his answer. In some men, it would make them more cautious. In others, she would just learn learn how little they thought of her. She didn't know which Fakhir was yet and she didn't want to. "Be careful." She finally managed to say. "I do no want to be ending this evening without you a part of it." She added with a small smile. "Really?" Fakhir unclipped his swordbelt and left it atop of his other things. All he wore now was his breeches, a simple leather belt and his boots whose toes were capped. A few were stupid enough to laugh at the caps until they found that stamping on his toes did little good, or had their shins kicked in with them. With short curls of hair on his chest broken up by some nasty scars, and more scars to be found on his back from blade and lash alike, he wondered if it might prove a bit intimidating to the pair he was to take on. Probably not. "How do you plan on getting by them?" Jastasha smiled at him for a moment. "They do no have my back to the wall now." She said. "Besides, I do be kicking them when they're down if it look like they do be wanting to get up and join the fight." Fakhir snorted as he stretched himself a little, there wasn't a rush after all with people making and taking bets. Even the Red Arms were in on the action, not that there was anything wrong with that. Hopefully they bet on him, if he won he'd be their new best friend. If they bet on the pair and they lost, they weren't going to be nearly so happy. "I have two to take. The talker, Riant and Shibe though, three of them against you isn't what I'd call pretty odds. And if you think you'll be able to sneak off during the fight, I can guarantee you now that at least one of them will have their eye on you, you might want to come up with a better plan." A plan? Well, she had a number of things come to mind, but that didn't mean there was actually a plan. Kick 'em while they were down seemed the best idea really but that only worked if they stayed down and she doubted they would. Of course, she now had worse odds. Before it was one against two. Now she was one against three while the actual fighter was one against two. Figures. She smiled at him anyway though, just because it seemed the thing to do. Reassuring him? No. Reassuring herself. "I do be in a fight before this believe it or no." She said. Still, the only shot she really had was her normal style of fighting. Wait until they weren't looking at you. "Yes, and no doubt you're a fearsome fighter, capable of taking on multiple assailants at once." The sarcasm was evident in Fakhir's tone, and it was well deserved. Jatasha was deluding herself if she thought she was going to be able to take them on herself, he was going to have some difficulty with two and he knew what he was doing, her against three was laughable and was only going to end one way, and not good for her. Not unless she came up with a better idea anyway, which was going to be interesting to see if running and fighting were both out, and they were. "Well I do no be turning down any help you be wishing to offer." She was trying not to bite at him but the words came out a little sharper than she would have wanted them. If she had planned on saying them in the first place, but he would either forgive her for getting him into all this or he would blame her for it and no words now were going to change that. "I do be more used to hitting them over the head when they be no looking and running out the door than the type to brawl in honest fashion." "That only works when there is one of them." Getting to his feet, he worked out the kinks in his back and neck as best he could as he spoke. "As for helping you, already did once and you decided to hang about where they could find you. As pleasant as you are, I've met you twice and I barely know you, I'm not about to get my head smashed into the floor for a stranger out of some notion of chivalry. I'm a sellsword, you're a whore, not exactly the stuff of a gleeman's tale. So, unless you have a reason for me to stick my neck out anymore than I already am, I'd like to hear it." Bargaining, now there was something she could deal with. Something she knew she could work out. It was better than thinking about the fight. "I be reason enough." She said, thinking what she was willing to offer. A handful of freebies didn't seem out of line if he managed to keep her from ending on the floor again. At least then she'd be giving the freebies instead of having them taken. It was a small difference, but one that mattered, even to a girl like her. "I do be giving you my services with no charge when next you want them." She said, thinking he might not want them tonight if he got too beat up in all of this. When he looked at her she smiled. "And maybe a discount when you come other times ... with massages if you be liking those too."
  6. She reached a hand out to the horse who began snuffling her hand as if it could smell the apple still on it. Probably could, she thought with a small smile. "I do be naming her?" She looked up at Carnhain, not sure why he was letting her name it, nor why he was teaching her to ride. She wasn't about to turn down the offer since she wanted to learn but even more, she wanted to spend the time with Carnhain. Not that she didn't get to see him, but he was important and had other things to do than spend all day in bed with her. Horses in stories always had fancy names but she couldn't think of any. It hit her suddenly and she smiled at Carnhain. "I think she do look like a Hope." She half expected him to laugh at her but he didn't. Her smile became brighter then. "A ride?" She finally managed to say. "I do like that idea. I have no been out of the Citadel in a while." She added, hoping he wouldn't mind that her enthusiasm was mostly about spending the time with him. Jatasha
  7. Anabel gave the woman a small smile as she began talking. Nerves. She had known before they walked in that the Sage was nervous, but probably no more so than she had been the first time Anton had forced her to take on a Wanderer for herself for the first time. Even if he had been there, she'd been a mess. No, there was nothing wrong with her current companion and she nodded when the Sage said her name. "There isn't much to tell for me." She said, her speech coming out a bit quicker now that she was back in the Stedding. "Found him in Amadacia and we had an easy enough time coming home." She said. It had taken her quite a while to think of the Stedding as home, but it was now and she longed to see it and feel the peace of it around her almost as much as she wanted to find Anton and see what he had been about since she'd gone off. She found a pot of tea brewing in the corner and to do something, she poured them all tea and took a seat next to Darin. "Now is the time to ask any questions you have. The Sages are those who dedicate their lives to healing and helping the pack." She said with a small smile for him. "You don't have to be afraid to talk to her, about anything." She added, remember the early dreams he had told her of. Anabel/Timewalker
  8. Jatasha nodded even as she tried to keep from following his eyes to the men on the floor. If he hadn't come ... well ... she'd been the one left unconscious on the floor before and it had only been when her father came to find out why she hadn't come home to check on him that she'd been saved from the men in the place. Her father had beaten her when she got home for being so stupid but he was the same one that kept her from working in tandem as Fakhir suggested. She pushed the thought away. "I do be knowing him, though if I know he be here tonight I do no be coming. I do no have too much trouble here before but he no be liking no and his friend no be liking the memory of it either." Not surprising, the second man had been in there any number of times and had never given her any trouble, but as soon as someone was about to take advantage of her, he was willing to step up then. Not brave enough on his own, but a willing accomplice with someone else to push the buttons. "I do no think I be coming back this way. I do be trusting when the bar keep say he do be keeping my back, but he do no and I be no trusting him again." She took a drink from her cup to keep from seeing the look in his eyes. She saw it often enough that she knew to look for it but she hated it. People thought her stupid to trust as she did, but they didn't know her. They didn't know how she had grown up, how the stories of her mother and her people had made her dream of something different or how her father had ended all of it for her. The didn't understand that as long as that part of her stayed alive, some part of her mother did too and that was all she needed. "Do you be here often, or a first time for you?" She asked, trying to talk about him instead of herself. "I take it you do be settled in OK now? You did no get lost off my directions did you?" Jatasha
  9. Throwing them to the ground hasn't been part of her plan, but it worked out well enough as someone managed to get in the middle of it all and soon enough she had a hand up from the floor. Looking up, she realized who it was and though she was little shaken at the incident she gave a small smile to Fakhir. He didn't say anything to her, but took the man's pouch and asked loudly if anyone wanted drinks. She stayed by his side as he payed out some coin and she was safely seated with him. She took a sip from her own glass and looked at him, taking a deep breath as she did so. "Thank you." It seemed a small thing to say, but she knew where that particular incident had been headed. She's been there before and wasn't looking for a repeat performance. That she had thought Riant was gone had played a large part in her deciding to come to this place after a fair absence but she should have just written it off all together. She could get more from the rougher types sometimes, but it wasn't always worth the gamble. "I do no be expecting to see a friendly face tonight and you did show up just when a friend be very handy indeed." She said with a small smile. Jatasha
  10. Her morning was beginning far earlier than Jatasha was used to. Not that she minded. There was very little she minded when Carnhain had something to do with it and he had asked her to meet him here bright and early. She had pulled her bair back in a braid, unsure of what the day would bring. She hoped she'd eaten enough breakfast for whatever was about to happen. She'd only eaten a little bread and an apple but it was her normal and she doubted he'd be doing anything too strenuous this early. At least she hoped. She saw him as she came into the stables and smiled. He seemed to sense her as well because he looked at her just then and for a second her heart stopped. He seemed to be more at ease here than in his office, or out on the training field. Maybe it was the horses. Maybe he was really a morning person and was disguising it. Or maybe she just saw something in his this morning that she hadn't before. She didn't know why she was there though so she gave him a curious look. His words made her look at the horse that was brought over to him. She didn't say anything as she came up to him and wrapped an arm around him, burying herself in him for just a second before saying "Good morning." She looked at the horse then. "A pretty thing. Does she have a name?" Jatasha
  11. The time of night was perfect. As it always was. Working around Inns and taverns you noticed the timing of these things, in the way the lulls and upswings came and went. Including the time of night when fights were likely to start up. Men were in from their work, the days wear and tear still resting heavily on them as they came to drink it away. As they started to loosen up their tongues began to loosen as well and the angry drunks and the frustrated men began looking one another over for a good fight. Jatasha had her back to the wall as she watched the interactions, a mug in one hand and the other holding tightly to her skirts just above the knee. She was seated with a patron who came only occasionally and there was a reason for it. He was a rough man, and the price for her affection had begun to grow each time he visited her. That he was trying to press his advantage since she was in the back of the room was making her mind up for her, but she could wish he hadn't done this. She hated loosing clients but she wasn't about to be black and blue for a week after for one either. As she felt his hand trying to slide up her skirt once again, she pulled away from the wall, upending her drink over his head as she did so. Riant screamed, but was too surprised to grab for her. She thought she'd be able to back away before the stuttering man recovered enough to grab at her, but as she stepped back from the table she came up against something hard. Hands gripped her arms hard and she looked at one of Riant's sometime drinking companions. "I don't think you'll be getting away just so quickly." The man said with a foul smile on his face. "Who are you to turn anyone down little whore?" She took a deep breath, remembering all too well when she had turned him down as well. Looking around the tables she didn't see anyone looking her way. It was a seedy place at best and the people that frequented it weren't well known for looking out for the girls. She knew even as she looked that it was hopeless. In the end she found her back up against the wall. The man pressed his body against hers, but she braced one leg against the wall and pushed, knocking them both onto the floor. Jatasha
  12. Jatasha caught the look one woman gave the other, but she pretended not to notice. She wasn't about to get involved if she could help it and she really did like the idea of learning the bow. Knife work was good to know, but it was something she'd had all too much experience with in Illian. The bow would be something completely different and easily separated from her old life. She smiled at Raylin then. "Alright then. I do be thinking you have your hands full though. I do no know if I be a fast learner with this or not. Let's hope you have the patience to be helping me. Though I promise I do be like putty in your hands, just tell me what to do and I be doing it." She said with a wink. Jatasha
  13. The travel had been long and though they hadn't pushed themselves past endurance, Anabel was more than happy to have reached the edges of the woods that surrounded her beloved Stedding. The familiarity of it gave her step a little more swing and she smiled over at Darin as they walked. "Nearly there." She said in her slowed down speech that allowed for others to understand her more clearly. She stopped suddenly, remembering the one thing she hadn't told him. Something that would probably upset him without the warning considering his fear of being alone with this thing. "Something that I should warn you about. Tradition in the Stedding is that no person may speak with you until the Sage has seen you and pronounced you ready to join us. You will see people come out and they will watch, but they will not speak to you until you are cleared by a Sage." She smiled at him again. "Which really just means she'll check you out and see that you are healthy and aren't going to hurt anyone." She looked at the man and wondered what was going on behind his face. It had been a hard journey for him, not physically, but the emotional aspect of what he was doing. Of what he was becoming. She hoped he'd adjust to the wolfkin in time. He'd had a hard break to come this far and she had every intention of helping him if she could. Maybe a friendly face would be enough to keep him from falling back into hateful thoughts. If it was, then he would have that. He'd been a good traveling companion, if silent, always moving efficiently through the routines and making sure he did his portion of the work. Staring at him now, she took a deep breath. "Alright. Any questions, or are you ready to go and meet the rest of the Wolfkin?" Timewalker
  14. :P Carnhain verse Fakhir. Seems all too likely a scenario at the moment :P Woohhhooo! boys fighting over me! YEAH! ER.. I mean... Jatasha. Yeah. YEAH!
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