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Approved FL Freebooter Bio for Andar Traveller - CC'd by TV


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DM Handle: KingRodel

Character Name: Andar Traveller

Returning?: No
Other characters: 0, so far.

Group: Freelanders

Guild: Freebooters

Age: 40

Gender: Male

Place of Birth/Raising: Born in Andor, raised in Cairhien

Physical Description: Light brown hair, 180 lbs, 6 feet 2 inches tall, brown eyes, very handsome and dashing, with a small mustache and goatee. Thin scar across right cheek.

Strengths and Weaknesses: Very charismatic and intelligent. Struggles with depression, and resultant drinking.


Character History 


Andar al'Vidal was born in Andor to San and Jyll al'Vidal, commoners who insisted they descended from a noble house, though which one they did not know. He and his parents soon moved to Cairhien, where they managed to secure a decent standing, with San joining the Cairhienin army. At age 17, Andar's parents were killed in the Aiel War, ruining his plans to become a lawyer and scholar.

Torn apart by their deaths, he learned to fight and swore that if he ever happened upon the Aiel who killed his parents, he would avenge them. However, he knew it was unlikely he would ever find the Aiel responsible, and searching for a purpose in life, he eventually joined the Children of the Light. He soon deserted after several conflicts with command, most notably over Questioner tactics. He traveled aimlessly for some time, earning his name, and eventually ended up leading a mercenary band of about 15 or so that he optimistically called "The Hordes of the Traveller." He leads them to this day.

Al'Vidal struggles with feelings of purposelessness and depression, wondering if there is anything for him in life but steel, blood, and war. He is a complicated and contradictory character. He is a hopeless romantic and falls habitually in love, but remains a virgin due to his strict moral code and has never 'found the right woman.' He admires the Children of the Light as an organization but despises most individual Whitecloaks. He hates Aiel in general, but any specific Aiel he's met he respects. He insists that his clients walk in the Light, but generally justifies taking on almost any customer. He has few friends, nor does he try to gain any, though he desperately wants some. Other people's opinion of him matters a lot to him, except when it is bad. He has a great sense of humor, but ... actually, there's no catch to that. He has a great sense of humor.

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