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  1. Kinda surprised this character is still active considering I haven't been around for over a year. I'll resurrect him if that's OK, though it looks like there aren't many RP's going on right now.
  2. I'm not new per se, but I haven't been around for about a year. I joined the 17th Shard recently and that reminded me of Dragonmount, so... here I am again!
  3. 1. The Bible -- Various (Cliché, I know.) 2. Ranger's Apprentice/Brotherband Chronicles -- John Flanagan 3. Wheel of Time -- Robert Jordan After this it become nonranked. I'm not very good at ranking. Harry Potter -- J.K. Rowling Inheritance Cycle -- Christopher Paolini Books of Umber -- P.W. Catanese Wingfeather Saga -- Andrew Petersen Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit -- J.R.R. Tolkien (not including works published after Tolkien's death.) Theodore Roosevelt Trilogy -- Edmund Morris Black Hawk Down -- Mark Bowden Beyonders -- Brandon Mull Case for Christ series -- Lee Strobel Kingdom Series/Knights of Arrethtrae -- Chuck Black Jeeves and Wooster books -- P.G. Wodehouse Psmith books -- P.G. Wodehouse Chronicles of Narnia -- C.S. Lewis Crispin -- Avi Chronicles of Prydain -- Lloyd Alexander The King's Fifth -- Scott O'Dell Let the People Rule -- Geoffrey Cowan The Chosen -- Chaim Potok Hon. Mentions: Anything I forgot. And anything by Jane Austen. And The Martian by Andy Weir. And The Space Trilogy by C.S. Lewis ... OK, I'll stop. After this it mostly becomes various biographies and histories.
  4. My character intro Solo RP (The Stranger at the Tavern) is complete. I wasn't trying to up my Weapon Score with it, so am I still required to post the link here?
  5. Man, I didn't mean to inspire such an eloquent debate. People are waxing poetic, delving into history, and everything.
  6. ...And when the books described horrifying amounts of violence, sex, and language, they kept it the same. Sorry, couldn't help myself. Y'all GOTers have stronger stomachs than me. Gosh I hope WoT keeps it at least TV-14 level. Unrelated, who does everyone think is going to be the next character to be cast? Who do you hope will be cast next?
  7. Ah. I didn't consider the cost of CGI. I wonder what the budget for the show is. Anyone have a statistic?
  8. To @RDY's point, I googled the RJ cast. I'm pretty sure it is some random person's dream cast that they titled oddly. Anyone: correct me if that is wrong. Do the fades even need an actor? I always imagined them being CGI'd. I doubt they'd spend the big $ for an actor for characters with no eyes. Who knows, though - I've been known to be wrong. ?
  9. Huh, that's funny. I personally think the Nynaeve casting is fine and have hesitations on the Egwene casting. To each his own. ?
  10. Yeah, that's what I was saying. Perrin does have brown hair, the cover art is wrong in that regard.
  11. I think a lot of the arguments are occurring because of vague definitions. How dark are we talking about Two Rivers folks? Like, dark black, or just tan caucasian? Somewhere in between? People seem to not know which and they equivocate on the definition all the time. I give that my arguments are somewhat lacking. (Although, Perrin with brown hair instead of red still kind of makes my point. It is rare, though not impossible, for a person of color to have brown hair.) I still think it makes the most sense for the characters to be white, but I will admit that it's probably just personal opinion. Also, that guy suggested for Fain was super creepy and pretty much perfect.
  12. OK, @imlad no worries. You're not attacking me, I'm not defending myself. I just want to make that clear. I have no intention of getting involved in a pointless internet war. First, I assume that it is reasonable to infer from the cover that Perrin is white. He's pictured as white and red haired and bearded. I doubt the cover would be wrong. Second, Andor is generally believed to be based on England or Great Britain. Which were, until, relatively recently, vastly white. Third, (Rand is white, we can agree) Elaida in Chapter 40 of EotW pushes back Rand's sleeve and points out that his untanned skin is much lighter than most Two Rivers folk. Implying that Two Rivers folk are tanned white people, otherwise she wouldn't have had to push his sleeve back (it would have been obvious at first sight if they were a whole other skin color.) Fourth, it seems to almost always mention the color of dark or even copper skinned characters (ie Tuon, the Sharans, the Sea Folk, the Domani). Mat often notes Tuon's dark skin. It probably wouldn't be a big deal if the the Two Rivers had citizens of comparable skin color. Fifth, they are pictured as white in the graphic novel adaptations. Which, like the cover art, I consider to be accurate. But to your point, I will admit that I cannot recall a specific mention of either Perrin or Nynaeve as being caucasian. Nor would I have any problem with it if they turned out to be black - I just don't think they are. Except in the show, of course. Obviously they are black in the show.
  13. Bold. That's word that comes to mind when I think about these casting decisions. I mean, they cast three people of color in roles that are described in the book as white characters. I don't really have much of a problem with that, though it was a bit of shock at first. Not how I imagined them, certainly. But I'll probably get used to it. Plus, I think Sam Elliott's southern accent just became a bit less of a stumbling block for his chances at Thom. (I know, I know, he's not going to get the role. But I can wish.) Here are my judgements on the casting so far (disclaimer I have only ever seen Rosamund Pike on screen. Never even heard of the others before today): Rosamund Pike as Moiraine Damodred: 10/10. As far as I'm concerned, this was a perfect casting decision. Barney Harris as Matrim Cauthon: 9/10. I think he should fit nicely into the role. The only reason I don't have him as 10/10 is because he wasn't my dream actor for the role. Marcus Rutherford as Perrin Aybara: 8/10. As I said, I was a bit taken aback when I saw that they cast a black actor in the role. But then I thought, why not? Rutherford has grown on me in the past few hours, and I think he might actually do a great job. My imaginary picture of Perrin has literally gone from Logan Lerman to Marcus Rutherford. Josha Stradowski as Rand al'Thor: 7.5/10. He looks the part in some pictures, but not in others. Can't seem to find anything wrong with him, but he doesn't excite me too much. Zoe Robins as Nynaeve al'Meara: 7.5/10. My reaction with Rutherford coupled with my ambivalence about Stradowski. Madeleine Madden as Egwene al'Vere: 2.5/10. I'm sorry, I really can't see it at all. Well, that's all. Here's hoping Sam Elliott gets Thom.
  14. May as well go ahead and add me to that list.
  15. I'm hoping for casting news (like, I presume, most other people).
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