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New to The Wheel of Time


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Hi All

all 14 books just arrived yesterday and I am 300 pages into the eye of the world.. it’s exhilarating so far. I had been staying away from the series because I had read somewhere of the lotr similarities (which is my favorite world by far) and have been busy with the asoiaf series and the show. I needed to get onto something else to consume that would in turn consume me as well. Finally decided to take the plunge 2 days back. Looking for both guidance on how to navigate this forum as I continue my journey into this world.. as well as fellow travelers who might be also just beginning their journey .. 

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Hi hi and welcome (to the books as well as here)!


I haven't heard of the asoiaf series <.< (disclaimer: I may live under a rock) but will have to check it out!


As for navigating these forums... 


My suggestion would be have a look at the  descriptions under each main board and segment here:


And then pop in and say hello in whatever areas interest you! There's space specifically for WoT themed topics - everything from the books themselves and reader experiences and theories to the upcoming TV show;  a 'social side' which is super friendly and covers social groups for chats, discussions and info on a huge range interests, and often includes random fun and mayhem; and role play, where you can 'create' your own character for a WoT world and write then into adventures with other "players".


The first two threads here


could also be good for starting out/if you have more general questions, but really, feel free to get excited and jump on in wherever your fancy takes you!! 

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Welcome,  I'm new here myself.  I'm currently going through the series using the audio books this time.  I'm currently on The Shadow Rising.   The local library has the audio books and it has helped with learning some of the pronunciations of people and places.

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