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  1. Would this work? Maybe have it mirrored over
  2. Just wanted to say howdy and introduce myself. I'm over 40 and live in the mid-west. I got started on the Wheel of Time series from the cover of Eye of the World. I love fantasy books and it looked interesting and the jacket description was enough to get me to buy it and I have been a fan ever since. I heard about the forthcoming tv series and it rekindled my interest in the books, so I'm currently re-reading them. This time through I am listening to the audio-books and following along in the books. I am finding out I was wrong on so many different pronunciations when I read the series 🙂 One of my favorite things about the books isn't in-between the covers of the books, but at a job I had. Back in the day (mid 90's), I used to work at a bookstore, in a mall, and every time I was asked for a book recommendation, I would always recommend Eye of the World. I hooked so many people on the Wheel of Time books it was crazy. A co-worker complained that I was ordering so many Robert Jordan books and the manager just said, that's fine, he keeps selling them and people keep coming back for the next books. I would get people thanking me for turning them on to the Wheel of Time. It was a good time. Hopefully Amazon's adaptation of Wheel of Time will be on par with Game of Thrones quality (minus the water bottle and coffee cups) Thanks Yruc
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