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  1. Welcome / welcome back. I'm new here myself. I'm currently avoiding most of forums except this part until I finish the series to avoid any spoilers. It's a long time since I've read the books and I never did finish the last few yet.
  2. Welcome, I'm new here myself. I'm currently going through the series using the audio books this time. I'm currently on The Shadow Rising. The local library has the audio books and it has helped with learning some of the pronunciations of people and places.
  3. Howdy, new here myself! Welcome
  4. Would this work? Maybe have it mirrored over
  5. Just wanted to say howdy and introduce myself. I'm over 40 and live in the mid-west. I got started on the Wheel of Time series from the cover of Eye of the World. I love fantasy books and it looked interesting and the jacket description was enough to get me to buy it and I have been a fan ever since. I heard about the forthcoming tv series and it rekindled my interest in the books, so I'm currently re-reading them. This time through I am listening to the audio-books and following along in the books. I am finding out I was wrong on so many different pronunciations when I read the series 🙂 One of my favorite things about the books isn't in-between the covers of the books, but at a job I had. Back in the day (mid 90's), I used to work at a bookstore, in a mall, and every time I was asked for a book recommendation, I would always recommend Eye of the World. I hooked so many people on the Wheel of Time books it was crazy. A co-worker complained that I was ordering so many Robert Jordan books and the manager just said, that's fine, he keeps selling them and people keep coming back for the next books. I would get people thanking me for turning them on to the Wheel of Time. It was a good time. Hopefully Amazon's adaptation of Wheel of Time will be on par with Game of Thrones quality (minus the water bottle and coffee cups) Thanks Yruc
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