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Hey all,


I've decided to put together an Asha'man cosplay (not a specific character) and wanted some opinions about the clothing options.


I was planning to be a Taraboner, partly because I'm pretty tall with light skin and hair, which rules out most nationalities. I know men in Tarabon typically wear a face veil and a cylindrical cap. Do you think a Taraboner Asha'man would wear one or both of these as well?


Also, Taraboners are known to wear loose fitting, colorful clothing. Do you think Asha'man would wear clothes like these under their black coats, or would it be more accurate to switch to darker clothes?


Thanks in advance for the advice!

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Tall with light skin and hair can be a Tarian, an Illianer, an Andoran, a Gheledan, or from Amador.  


IMO it's good not to beat a horse to death.  I would recommend using the fez only with mustaches, or the veil and mustaches.

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