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Hi my name is Carson I crushed the series in 7 weeks I was listening while working my office job. I really love the world of the wheel of time. It was hard for me to get into the eye of the world. The prologue sets up a lot so early that it threw me off. I committed though and by the eye of the world I was hooked.


The first four books are my favorite. 


I like Perrin better than Mat. 


Rand is my favorite character.


Talamanes is my favorite minor character.


I like the way Rand thought of Min best, but we don’t get a lot of conversations just the two of them. 


Asmodean should’ve lived! 


Gawyn should’ve died saving Egwene from Seanchan super assassins.


The Seanchan are gross and Rand took it too easy on them.


I wanted Thom to get revenge for his nephew...

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Hey new people! Come join us for a drink in the Band and we'll help you through the post-WoT haze.  :p I just started a re-read half on audiobooks. I don't usually do audiobooks, but I wanted to do a puzzle and read, so audiobooks seemed a sensible path. I am obsessed with the voices now, especially my new all-time favourite Aludra. That had me in stitches. I don't know what I read her voice like, but it wasn't that accent. 


I will always love Mat, but Lan has always been my favourite character. It's been so fun meeting everyone over again in this re-read though! I like Nynaeve and Moiraine more and Faile and Min less this time around. And Tallanvor is the best. Excellent choice. 


Have an explore around the social groups and say hi to your new nerd-family! Anyone who's made it through the series has plenty in common with everyone here so don't be afraid to start a conversation! And the roleplay side is always looking for more people if you fancy giving that a go (shoot me a PM if you have any ideas!)

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