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ACCEPTED REQS! All Accepted Please R&U!


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The Reqs


  • STEP 1: Accepted Quiz 

Ooc and must be completed BEFORE you start RPing :happy:

If you have not received it, please contact / PM me.


  • STEP2: Life as an Accepted

Choose three of the following:

1. Aes Sedai RP: RP with one or more Sisters while traveling (traveling must have a plausible reason and must have staff approval), in an intrigue or anything of substance. The Sisters don't have to belong to the Ajah you are aspiring to.

2. Turning of the Wheel: Character specific roleplay where your character changes in some manner due to an event.


3. Transition: This RP is similar to the Novices' Homesickness, except that here your character is adjusting to wearing the banded hem, the new rights and responsibilities that go with it.


4. Teach a class: For this RP you have to teach throughout a minimum of 4 lessons and RP to completion of the class. For more information about the classes see here. Teach a class is extended to the OOC class "Introduction to RP". In this case though, the class can only be used once per person.


5. Take a class: This class must be taught by an Aes Sedai (not a fellow Accepted) and it has to be RPed to completion. Don't forget to check out the class thread before RPing.


6. Prank or Free day (you can only use it once for the Reqs).


7. 100 Weaves RP: This RP is centered on practice and application.


8. Create your own Character centered RP: This RP must be approved by staff.


  • FINAL STEP: Three Oaths

!!Only to be completed when previous Requirements are completed and marked!!




Please note that these are the minimum requirements. If you feel your character needs more fleshing out, or you simply love RPing this type of thing, you can do every single one there is, or post more than six times in a thread. Just please keep your RP partners in mind.   

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Length of the Accepted' RP and posts


Usually, 1 RP = 1 thread


IF your Accepted RP with other RPers:

  • minimum of posts per RP = 6
  • minimum words per post = 250
  • minimum words per RP = 1500


IF your Novice RP solo:

  • minimum of post per RP = 1
  • minimum of words per RP = 1500


Now, some classes are divided into multiple threads, like the "Introduction to Saidar" class which can be divided into 4 threads (1 thread for Air, 1 for Water, 1 for Fire and 1 for Earth). In this case, you can divide your 1500 words throughout the 4 threads.

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Guidelines for Novices & Accepted

A. Emulation. Initiates do their very best to emulate Aes Sedai; you act as much according to the above principles as possible. Follow the above rules unless you have a compelling reason not to.

B. Free Time & Chores. Novices have one free day every two weeks, a week being ten days long, and they will also be subjected to chores. Accepted can guide their own studies to a greater extent. All initiates will be working hard. Your days are full; between classes you have chores. You will collapse into bed exhausted every evening, rise still worn out, and thank your lucky stars for every free moment.

C. Pranks. Pranks must be approved (OOC) by both the Mistress of Novices and the victim of the prank. Generally speaking an Accepted will be expected to show more maturity than a novice and therefore Accepted will be punished harder for pranking.

D. Curfew & Limits. Novices are not permitted to leave the White Tower and they must be in their quarters after 9pm in character time. Also, novices may not channel without supervision. Accepted may visit Tar Valon between 10am and 2pm in character time, but they must be in their quarters after midnight. Anyone breaking these rules in character will be caught in character and punished in character.

E. Diligence & Dedication. An average initiate spends ten years as a novice and ten years as Accepted. Once you have committed yourself to twenty years of a harsh, dedicated life you know you want to become Aes Sedai and you are willing to do anything to become Aes Sedai. Study hard.

F. Relationships. Novices are not allowed to interact with members of the Warders Division except when ordered to by an Aes Sedai. If they are caught in the Warders” Yard they will be punished severely. Accepted may go to the Warders” Yard if accompanied by or at the order of an Aes Sedai or when training with the Warders; since they emulate Aes Sedai they will behave with proper discretion and restraint.

G. Timeline. All Novice and Accepted RPs are done in Retro. That means that all your RPs take place long before the current Time Line of the PSW. Please bear this in mind when planning RPs, especially with full ranking characters (Aes Sedai) or members of other Divisions (who mostly do NOT RP in Retro). Certain things will not be known about or have happened yet in Retro, like Forkroot, the Dragon being reborn, the Black Tower, etc.


Now to help you, here are the guidelines for the Aes Sedai :


* A. Priority & Loyalty. You have dedicated your entire life to the Tower; it is your top priority. Forget about any other affiliations, family or friends you may once have had. You are willing to betray anyone and forsake anything, no matter how important it is, for your Ajah and for the Tower. You are Aes Sedai now. Nothing else matters.


* B. Age & Maturity. Aes Sedai are generally raised at around thirty-five years old and anyone immature will have been weeded out before they reach the shawl. Therefore you will be expected to demonstrate maturity and responsibility.


* C. Isolation. Aes Sedai live for centuries, watching all their friends and family die long before they do, while bound to a higher duty that ordinary people cannot even comprehend. If you think you can find friendship among other Aes Sedai, you are wrong. Your sisters want to tear you down and take your place themselves. You are isolated. You have nobody to talk to. You are now totally on your own.


* D. Relationships. Life as an Aes Sedai is not conducive to love. Other people scorn, fear and revile you; you follow a duty that they can never understand. Saidar is a sweeter feeling than sex anyway. You will be expected to practice isolation and restraint in your private life. You must gain permission from the Division Leader if you want to get married; you must gain a separate permission from the Division Leader if you want children.


* E. Discretion. Aes Sedai are expected to restrain themselves in public at all times. You have learnt total self control; you will remain composed and a credit to the Tower at all times. If you cannot control yourself, your reputation will suffer, your future career is damaged and you will be punished for it.


* F. Education. Aes Sedai are the most highly educated people in the world. Commoners and princesses alike, you have all been given an excellent education in history, science, mathematics, philosophy and economics. You are familiar with the Old Tongue. If there is anything you do not know, you can make an educated guess.





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How to Report your progress



Copy and paste the following format into a new thread :biggrin:

Please Title your Thread as "Reqs for ACCEPTED : CHARACTER NAME"



  • Accepted Quiz - [Complete / Incomplete]


  • 3 Choice RPs:

[Name of Req] - URL - Word Count / [ - / 6 ] [Complete / Incomplete]

[Name of Req] - URL - Word Count / [ - / 6 ] [Complete / Incomplete]

[Name of Req] - URL - Word Count / [ - / 6 ] [Complete / Incomplete]


  • Three Oaths - URL - Word Count - [Complete / Incomplete]


ONCE A SPECIFIC REQ IS COMPLETED AND EDITED INTO YOUR FIRST POST, PLEASE MAKE A NEW POST TO STATE WHICH ONE(S). Please restrict your posts to the above, and I respectfully request that all others refrain from posting in Req Threads. If you have any queries or comments, please PM me ^.^

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