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Group Setting / Home : The Citadel


Thanks to Taymist and Matalina for collating this information


General Information / History: 

The Citadel is the Band's 'base of operations'. Construction began shortly after the Battle of Bandar Eban (DM's version of Falme).  The Ogier were contracted for construction, and everything the Band could afford was put into the project, making it a speedy process from the start. Members of the Black Tower also assisted following the formation of the BT/Band alliance, completing works in record time. 



The Citadel lies in the Two Rivers at the base of the Mountains of Mist. It's 90 miles north east of the Wolfkin Stedding, between the Stedding and Emonds Field.


Nobody approaches the Citadel without being seen. Surrounding areas are heavily patrolled, and guard houses exist in each of the local villages. Access for your average Joe Brigand is generally limited to entry through Taren Ferry and the permanent guards at the Waygate.


The Citadel itself is designed in a triangular arrangement with massive stone walls (grey granite) forming formidable outer protection, and there are equally impressive stone watchtowers in each corner.  



The (vast) area inside the Citadel walls can essentially be divided into: The Red Keep (military headquarters and barracks); Training Yards; and General Areas (City, Grove, Field of the Fallen), as outlined below.


The Red Keep:

The Keep Headquarters is an extremely imposing building. It houses the highest-ranking Officers in the Band and much of the military planning/political action.


The Barracks of the various divisions are arranged around a central multi-story amoury and mess hall. The 'lower' end of the Red Keep includes stables, a military hospital and prison cells, as well as workshops of various Band-employed guild members (blacksmiths, engineers etc).


The Training yards include pasture/farming space and areas for training in formation (on foot or horseback), as well as specific sparring yards, an archery range and a cavalry course.


General City:

The city area is well-equipped and provides much of the Band's general accommodation and services. One particular inn, The Gap Inn is considered large enough to rival those in Tar Valon.


The Red Rascal

The Rascal is probably the finest known drinking establishment in The Citadel, stocking a comprehensive variety of speciality ales, traditional favourites and quality spirits. Security is tight, standards are high. It's owned and run ostensibly by Nowal, an ex prize fighter. Known only to a few is that 50% is owned by Elynde of the Infantry; an ex-innkeeper herself at her family's inn, The Black Gull, in Ebou Dar prior to it burning down. The bouncers at The Rascal are Jak and Rab. Rab's wife, Janya, is one of the serving staff and Jak's boyfriend, Garen manages the bar.


Next to the city is a grove, planted in honour of the Ogier masons, and the military cemetery (Field of the Fallen), with beautiful wrought-iron gates and haunting rows of white crosses engraved on memory of lives lost in service to the Band.



Built alongside the Citadel following the formation of the alliance between the Band and the BT, an Embassy of the Black Tower sits near to the main gates. An enclosed compound, it features basic headquarters and housing for between 10 and 20 Asha'man, and an area specifically reserved for creating Gateways. 

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Main Plotline / Group History

*** Needs review plus links where possible***



998 NE 

(Start of the PSW)



- The beginning of the present-day Band of the Red Hand is formed from the remains of various mercenary groups following a three-day battle against hoards of the Shadow at Tarwin's Gap.  



999 NE

- The group travel South, searching for Ogier builders to assist them with the creation of a base of operations.


- Seanchan take over Bandar Eban. 



- Battle against thousands of Trollocs in the Mountains of the Mist (the remnants of a failed attack on the Two Rivers).


- Alliance made with the Wolfkin (who were initially fighting the hoard) and Aiel (who were headed to the Two Rivers in search of the Car'a'can). 


- The Band (accompanied by allied Aiel and a party of Wolfkin) head to Arad Doman in search of the Ogier Stedding.


- Commander Ehlana Toredall of the Band is found to be Missing in Action, presumed dead.


- Captain General Cabroci Ramzael assumes command of the Band.


- The Band and allies assist in driving the Seanchan out of Bandar Eban.


- The Horn of Valere is sounded during the battle and the world witnesses a red-headed boy battle and slay one of the Forsaken in the sky.


1000 NE

The Shadow attempt to draw the Dragon Reborn in to a trap.



- The Band responds to Shadowspawn in the area around Emond’s Field.



- Construction of the Citadel begins.  Along with a veritable army of Ogier and human masons, progress is rapid.



- Shaido Aiel leave the Threefold Land and capture Cairhien.



- The Band allies with the Dragon Reborn and Dragonmount Aiel and helps liberate Cairhien.



- Alliance is formed with the Black Tower as a result of events in Cairhien.

BT representatives stationed with the Band use their skills with the One Power to provide assistance in Traveling, military endeavours and completion of the Citadel.



- The Dragon Reborn asks Calder to do some reconnaissance of Tanchico following rumors of Seanchan activity there. Calder agrees, but insists on taking only a handful of men with him to get away from the annoying Lords of the Legion. The DR opens a gateway to the foot of the Misty Mountains in Tarabon for him, Lorn and Talmanes. 




- The DotNM is kidnapped and half married by Calder.


A personal dispatch from the Dragon Reborn sends the Band to Tanchico to ascertain Calder's fate.  Calder is in Tanchico with Lorn and Talmanes checking out the situation, following the DR’s earlier order. A small strike team of Banders, as well as a former Bander-turned-mercenary called Mehrin, enters the city in search of Calder. 

They find Calder and company then stumble upon an Aes Sedai hiding from the Seanchan. Calder agrees to help get her out of the country. They are found out by a Captain of the Green who’s eager to leave for reasons of her own and agrees to help rescue some Aes Sedai damane while the Seafolk damane agree to create a diversion in return of their rescue. As they are about to leave the city, they’re discovered by the DotNM so Mehrin kidnaps her, her court bard (Asmodean in disguise) and her personal maid.

They flee, taking a moment to stop at the Illuminators’ Guild in order to commandeer some nightflowers to use as a distraction and deterrent from any pursuing Seanchan aerial forces. A couple of the Illuminators choose to accompany the Band.



- Calder is made Commander of the Band.


As they rejoin the rest of the Band, an Asha’man delivers a message to Calder, bearing orders to see the Commander of the Band regarding his taking over.  Commander Salla Alliatar receives a similar message, and gives up the command- as well as the long-overdue paperwork- to Calder.

Calder is promoted to Commander, effectively in charge of both the Legion of the Dragon as well as the Band of the Red Hand. He appoints two men to act as his seconds in command. Owen’s character, Amon, remains Under Commander of the Band, while Talmanes becomes Under Commander of the Legion. They are in charge of the daily operations of their group and report only to Calder, taking their orders straight from him. (The Legion is placed in the Freelanders, as they are not official members of the Band).


- Research begins on possible military applications for the black powder used in Illuminators’ night-flowers.



1001 NE (Current Year)





Band Commander History

(For a full break-down of past Band Commanders in the PSW timeline to this point, see here).



Calder Berrick (Bio). He is not considered Ta'veren, but he is a trusted friend/ally to the Dragon Reborn and an amazing Commander.


999 NE


- Leaves the Two Rivers in January with Jarron (PSW Dragon Reborn) and others following a Trolloc attack.



- Is poisoned by a ring in Shadar Logoth.



- The poisoning is slowed during a visit with Tuatha'an in an old Stedding. 



- Meets the Ogier Qulias (Loial), confuses him for a Trolloc before the two become friends.



- Eye of the World: Calder witnesses Jarron defeat two Forsaken using the raw power of the Eye. Also present for the finding of the Banner of the Dragon and the Horn of Valere. 


- Healed by a circle of Sisters headed by the Amyriln, but he loses most of his memory as a result.



- Alongside Jarron, Calder is named a darkfriend by the CotL for refusing Questioning whilst they search for the Horn of Valere.


1000 NE


- Sent to Tanchico by the Dragon to investigate Seanchan activity. Is accompanied by Lorn and Talmanes.



- Rescued from Tanchico, along with the DotNM, by the Band with the aid of an ex-Bander turned mercenary


- Appointed overall Commander of the Band of the Red Hand/The Legion (both by order of the DR). 



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