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Guest Barmacral

Holy Crap. Now there's a hardcore fan.


I dunno what to say here, avoid the WoT discussion because of spoilers? You seem like you'll be long enough in reading them that you might forget the spoilers... hmm...


In any case, welcome to DM. Check out the Structured discussion for stuff on the first 4 books, but definatly avoid the general discussion.

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thanks for the tip...


its a bit of a hard core fan thing i feel silly now. the main reason was when i first read up to four i didnt take my time, i was so into the books i was reading so quickly i lost all the little things just so i could get threw the books. if that makes sense.


i was reading to get to the end instead of enjoying them. so im reading from scratch again. i love the first book i dont mind reading it over and over im close to the end this time, but if i have taught myself patience then il read onwards and finish it all so far :p

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Guest Barmacral

lol, I know what you mean, a great many people on DM have reread the series at least once (in my case I'm somewhere over 10) and everyone of us agree's that its better the second time. I'm sorry, but I had misunderstood you, and thought that you meant that you wouldn't read a new book until you had reread all the old ones.


Meaning something like this:

Read 1. Read 2.

Read 1. Read 2. Read 3.

Read 1. Read 2. Read 3. Read. 4.


and so on...


And don't worry about missing details in the series, going through the discussions, I still pick up on details that I hadn't noticed before.


and welcome once again,


Bosom (in Norwegian its Barm)

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Guest Emperor

Welcome to DM.


Ummm... the newbie salad bar is to the right and the stripper pole is straight ahead....


Wait, you are here to entertain us right?




Then why are you wearing the fireman outfit?


Oh right, that is me in the mirror. *winks at himself*


Right, so the show will start soon.



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Guest Egwene

Hello and welcome, Paul :)


Check out the info thread here on the Newbie board for tips on how to discuss the books whilst avoiding the spoilers. It will also tell you a bit more about what else is available on DM


By the way... I am having bets that you won't carry on with your original reading plan... too much excitement ahead *g*

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