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HI. I WAS a member but... (KoD spoilers)


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I was a member and was getting the newsletters but then all of a sudden they stopped and when I came to log in...I couldn't!


I've been reading the WOT books since the first one came out! Can't say as I'm truly up on everything...cause I'm sure I've forgotten a lot since the first one came out followed by all the others!


Anyway...I am so glad it looks like my FAVORITE character...Moraine ...may be coming back in the next book!


After she "died" I sort of lost a lot of interest in the books...though I bought them all and faithfully read them.



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Guest Barmacral

Welcome back, I've also been rather curious as to what exactly Moiraine did while she was in the Tower of Gengai.


Although it was before my time, I know that there was an update from a previous version of DM, and its possible that in the update your info was lost.


Don't ask me though... I'm just floundering around here...


In any case, enjoy your stay, and be sure to check out the Orgs.



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Welcome momrobare I hope you enjoy it here. There is plenty to do around here.


If you like doing anything creative...from using comps to paper....we have it all in The Illuminators Org come along and join in. Or if you'd like to learn something new I'm sure we can help there too.

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Guest Emperor

Hellllllloooo there.


Let me give you a quick tour of the Newbie board.


Over here we have Eggy's office. This is where she sleeps all day.


Over here we have the famous Corki Butter Monument. He really thinks a lot of himself.


Over here we have Soy's Spam collection. He really likes to eat Spam. If he offers you some... well.. try it at your own risk.


Over here is the exit... You may be scared at first to leave the sanctuary of this board, but please visit the orgs.



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Guest Egwene

Hi Helen, great that you came back :D


There have been a few changes to the boards, as well as the odd unscheduled crash over the last couple of years. So that's where your registration most likely got balefired in the process. Hope you'll enjoy the process of getting to know the new look.


Shout if you need help with anything :)


PS: I have added the spoiler warning to your topic header in case you wondered where it came from :wink:

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