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Hello all!


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Hello everyone! As you will most likely be able to conclude. I am new here lol (if it wasn't already apparent). I started reading The wheel of Time about 11 months ago. I am currently on the final book. On the Final Battle actually. I have enjoyed all the books. Yes, even the ones nearly everyone gripes about. Maybe since I had them all lined up and didn't have to wait between books alleviated some of it. Anyhoo, I am looking forward to meeting you fine folks and having some great discussions about The Wheel of Time and other fantasy series that may come up. Take care and may you always find water and shade. :)

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Thank you. It has been quite the undertaking but I have thoroughly enjoyed the journey. So much that I have been using my Audibles credits to get the audio books and listening to them any time I get in the car haha.

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Welcome to DM. I'm rather new here myself, but this place is very welcoming.


I'm working on rereading the series and am currently on book three. I am enjoying it, and am happy I rediscovered WoT.


If you have any questions, just ask. There is someone here who will know the answer.

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Ahh thank you for the warm welcome Dar'Jen!.


As I said in a previous post. I have been re-listening to them using my audibles credits but will most likely just reread them as I tend to get through them faster that way. Though I still have about 250 pages left in the last book to finish.


I was reading through A Song of Ice and Fire and just completely fell out of it about a quarter way into the fourth book. About that time a friend had put me on to The Wheel of Time but it would be awhile before I eventually picked it up. It wasn't until August of last year that I went to the library and checked out the first book to take on a week long vacation to the Outer Banks. On August 12th I finally started reading and was immediately enraptured with it. The Dark Tower was my favorite series prior to this one. (even though it went off the rails for a bit lol) But this has easily supplanted it

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