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Tune or no tune, METAL EDITION

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yeah, you know me. I listen to good music. People have told me, when I played in my band, that, even if they didn't like metal in general, the music we made was really good and they liked it.


Before you continue this thread, I will post this warning:



Hey, this is heavy metal, after all! Not everything in this thread might be PG13, so please be aware of that!


Now, we'll see if non metal listeners can appreciate metal or not. We'll start soft.... in a way...


This album is currently in the Dutch charts, so we'll see what you think of it:





so, tune or not? tell me below!


Ayreon: tune 5 vs. no tune 0

Avenged Sevenfold: tune 2 vs. no tune 2

Iced Earth: tune 3.5 vs no tune 0


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Okay, I know I haven't posted here in years...but AYREON. AYREON! 


I LOVE AYREON WAY TOO MUCH, OKAY? Have you listened to the whole album yet? 

welcome back!!! :biggrin:


now, I haven't had the time to listen to the entire album yet, but the songs I did check out were great. A friend of mine actually has a signed copy of the album...

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hmmm... Well it definitely gets Tune from me.

Doesn't feel quite like the journey that older Ayreon often takes you on, but still an entirely decent tune for a guy that's been around as long as he has.  I'm not inspired to go out and grab the album now, but I don't dislike it at all.


Mad props to anyone who can name the two vocalists in the screaming/growling "duet" at the end of my favorite Ayreon song.  :D




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hmm.... I just got told that a song has to be up for a month before I could add a second song.... imo... a month for a song is too long if you want to keep this active.... thoughts? Never found any rules for this activity myself. Also, added a Parental Advisory (for obvious reasons, see post 1)


And, don't forget to vote! Yes, you CAN vote for previous songs, I'll add them to the counter *nods*

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I am a bit late for the first song. I'd say tune even if i prefer things with a bit more punch in it lol

It was a very pleasant surprise since I don't think I listened to the band before. The vocalist is doing very well and I love the theme.




Now I am totally biased for Avenged ! Tune :wub: because it's one of my fav bands :tongue:

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Shad says..... eh No Tune


They knew how to play their instruments at least, but I was definitely left wanting 4 minutes of my life back.  Song never really went anywhere, vocalist was awful, sounded like it wanted to be nu metal or melo death but couldn't make up its mind on which and just resolved to do nothing.

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