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*sweeps in*


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Well, I have arrived!


I have been a member of other wheel of time websites but never Dragonmount before.


So here I am. 


I know you have all been waiting of course. :P


I have been a fan of this series since I was 17 and now I am 31. I am on a re-read of the books. Actually, a listen as I am re-reading by audiobook. I adore audiobooks these days and have really enjoyed revisiting details and parts of the books I forgot. Revisiting this world at a different age then when I first started out with the books has been a fascinating experience. Some good and some slightly cringy. lol!


I just wanted to give another community a try and maybe I will join the role-playing side. I haven't done that in ages. 

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Even if we have met already in another thread ... WELCOME TO DM !!!!


What book are you at in your re-read?


Also, do not hesitate to have a look around and post where you feel comfortable :biggrin:

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I just started book 7 last night. 


Reliving the big white tower moments was great. They were always my favorites.


I relate a lot more now to characters of middle years like Moiraine, Suian and some of the wise ones. Even Nynaeve seems to behave very young to me now. It is interesting how a book can change for people if they read it at different ages. 

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I understand what you mean with getting a different view after a time.


I started the series more than 10 years ago and I finished a reread last year :tongue:

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Nice to meet you! I've consumed the series through audiobook as well, I can't possibly picture Rand sounding like anyone other that Michael Kramer and Nynaeve is always going to be Kate Reading. Though it left me with an interesting conundrum. Compared to some other readers I know in person, I know how to pronounce all those crazy words but please don't ask me to spell them! I'm still getting used to spelling Egwene and Nyneave because they weren't spelled like that it my head. XD

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