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  1. At the offer of coin Ivo wrinkled his nose slightly and waved a meaty hand dismissively. "I do no need your coin." he said softly. It wasn't said with a tone that suggested he thought himself better, just that he really didn't desire any money at all. "I do have enough for my needs. My sister do pay me fair wages for guarding her wagons. No, I picked a fight with these dogs because I do be itching for a good fight some of the time... and it do feel like the right thing to do when a lady is being pestered." He explained shortly with a deferential tilt to his shaggy head. "However, my siste
  2. Fang's silent movements seemed to come so easy to her, Masan felt the muscles in his legs tremble with the effort of moving so carefully and silently without the aid of the One Power. Burn it all. He kept his ears open though and his eyes scanning the tree lines. She could focus her eyes on the house, he would focus on the rest of the light blinded world. This was supposed to be quick and easy, not suspicious and spooky! He made sure to keep himself within arms reach of Fang if danger presented itself, so that he could throw her to the ground and out of harm's way if necessary. It seemed
  3. As they approached the farm Masan stopped and tethered Boko's reins to a low hanging branch. The rest of the way would be approached on foot. It was eerily quiet. The stars were starting to show on the horizon but the sun, now dipped below, had still left some residual light, certainly enough for any farmer to still be working by, or at least wrapping up their work. It was getting fishier and fishier. He crouched and motioned to Fang. "I have an off kind of feeling about this." He whispered to her, craning his head until their foreheads nearly touched. "It's not anything big but, still, a fee
  4. Ivo stalled slightly in his tracks. He saw the woman who, previously, had been being restrained, lash out with an expertly placed kick and regain some ground for herself. Momentarily he contemplated if she had ever really needed his help, or at the very least if maybe she no longer did. This hesitation lasted only a second as he saw the vicious light in the two remaining highwaymen's eyes. It wouldn't matter how good she was with that knife, there was still two of them. While they were distracted with lunging for the girl Ivo cleared the distance, dropping his cudgel with minimum care and la
  5. "This doesn't concern you, Illianer. Leave." As if it flaming didn't? He wasn't bloody blind! For emphasis he bounced the iron banded, bludgeoning end of the cudgel against his other open palm, projecting outward calm. There was only four of them. To the average man the prospect probably would have come across as intimidating, but Ivo, having been a shy, fat child was more than accustomed to being ganged up on. It didn't impress him in the slightest. "Ah, fortune prick me, now that's where you do be wrong. The ways I see it, I've been all cooped up on this journey from Illian. Behavi
  6. Masan mulled over it. It was a bit of a trek but not one that would have been too far for a local to run and come back to do. It was a little fishy. "I'm not interested in staying, but a meal would be alright with me. But I suppose work is work. And it should be something. Do you feel uncomfortable about doing it?" He asked, rubbing Boko's nose while he waited for her opinion. (Sorry I know it's short)
  7. "Come on Ivo!" Grandt pretty much whined. Whined, for a flaming grown man. "I know you agreed to come drinking in town with us so you could play your Ocarina and dance but- slow down big man!" Ivo stopped his long stride and stood still, arms folded across his beer barrel sized chest and glowered down at his... not really friend... he wasn't particularly close with the other Merchant's Guards in his sister's employ. He was pretty sure that they tried to be friendly to get on his sister's good graces in hopes of being remembered for a bonus at the end of their season. Ha! Drescella wouldn'
  8. Masan tied Fang's purse to his belt beside his own and gave her a grin. "Don't worry silly." He was certain that he was the tighter of the two of them when it came to coin. Fang desperately seemed to miss the comforts of a nightly bed and a daily hot meal. Well, Masan had to admit that they were nice, of course, but he also knew better than to expect them. They were a treat, not a normal part of his life as they had been to Fang. Regardless, he intended to split whatever coins they had left evenly up between the two purses when he was done. The general store was clean but also a little clutt
  9. Totally understand. Ivo doesn't exist in Kira's timeline until she is 40, if Kira gets retro-played then it would take place at a time where Ivo was still clutching to his mother's apron strings. Haha. I understand that they're not going to bond right away, not until Ivo has reached Tar Valon with Kira and completed Warder training. At this point the bond they will be forming is one of friendship and trust so that, by the time they do Bond Ivo will feel quite comfortable with the job, Kira will know he is the best man for the job, and the only change is that thanks to the Bond the job will act
  10. Masan walked with an air of alertness to him as they traveled the road cutting through the center of this town. He kept their chatter to a minimum until he saw a store with a swinging sign indicating a general store. This was likely a popular road south. Quietly he whispered to Fang. "You can go to the inn and ask around about work. But be sure to mention your older brother and how big he is. Some men will be unlikely to give our kind of work to a woman alone. If they have anything you can meet me in front of here." He indicated, tying Boko's reigns to a post in front of the store. "Can I
  11. After Fang had finished her tea she returned to training. Masan figured now that he'd gotten her turned onto the idea of a more conventional weapon that she wouldn't be easily diverted. So, he poured himself some tea into the emptied tin cup and sat back to watch. She'd managed to get better but as she became more tired he watched her being to slip. This was to be expected. They'd been traveling hard and not gotten much rest or had much to eat. She had to be just as weary as he was. He mused over her suggestion that the clearing of those bandits had been too easy. Perhaps it was. Sometimes
  12. Masan gave a great whoop and punched the air. "You got it! That, Little Miss, is a wound bad enough to stop someone who was charging at you from going any further. He's not dead but he's not a threat to you now from so far away. So, what did you think? Worth training with that every night on our way to Tear?" He asked, walking over to the target and collecting his arrows back up and returning them to the quiver. "Also, tea is done if you're ready to take a break. We can have something to eat and drink, then you can practice some more." He began filling a tin cup of tea. They only had one so
  13. Masan smiled softly as he stood aside and watched her go through the exercises. "What do we do next?" she asked. He motioned to the arrows driven into the earth beside her. "Practice firing those into the cross I carved into the bark of the tree. It's okay if you don't get it dead in the center. The string is kind of heavy so it's going to be learning more about getting used to pulling it back with an arrow and aiming in the right general direction. If you can hit the tree, you're doing fine." It was a pretty big tree so he imagined it'd be difficult for her to miss it with her skill w
  14. The sullen look on Fang's face wiped the grin off Masan's. "Of course I don't think you're stupid. This is part of the training too. Okay, time out for a second." He said softly. "Part of training to be a soldier isn't just getting better with a weapon or a tool, it's training into a mentality and an ability to set yourself as an individual aside and operate like the extension of one being, with your commander as its brain. The thing is, you're not always going to like your commanders, and they're not always going to get to know every face in their service. My grandfather taught me the same wa
  15. "Hold your horses." Masan laughed softly, and groaned slightly as he pushed himself up from where he was sitting on a log beside the fire and had been warming his hands. "Alright then, we're going to need the quiver, but I'm going to stick the arrows in the dirt in front of you so you have a couple at the ready. You're going to be stationary and trying to hit a stationary target... pretty much the only thing I can hit myself." He grinned, taking a fist full of the arrows (he didn't have many) from the quiver and driving the heads down into the soft, sandy soil. He walked a few paces over to
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