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Oaths Not Taken


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the heavy foot of Elan, Bartha's Warder landed squarely against Kaito's side, giving him a hefty shove. one strong enough to wake him even if his drunken stupor were more than what it currently was. "boy" his gruff voice came with a hushed annoyance. "wake up" his foot gave him another kicking nudge. 




Ialsa was quiet in thought, processing everything. where she wanted to go and where it seemed the Wheel was leading them. that thought is what she grimaced at. because she knew the course of action, the only course she could allow herself to take. to follow the turning of the Wheel. so with a heavy breath her gaze went back to Myrrhi with a second urging of her name. "it seems we go South" she finally replied, with a groan from Emelda and the other Sisters. "i do not like it any more than you. but we cannot allow someone to kidnap Myrrhi everytime she goes to sleep. we need answers and protections or this woman may pay us all a visit. and we do no good to anyone if we cannot sleep." 

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Groggily, with a brain of lead, and a whirling stomach, Kaito opened his stony eyelids to a sudden throb of pain in his side. 


"Wake up",  a gruff voice said. It was that Warder. His hand sluggishly reached for a knife, and found nothing, he had forgotten about his weapon situation. 


Blood and bloody ashes, can't they leave me alone?!. At least Kaito thought he said it in his head, but was given another kick and a dark stare by the man. "Watch your language boy, bad enough I had to waste time finding you, now get up off your sorry hide and come with me". Another kick. 


"Stop kicking me Warder! Or you'll be sorry", Kaito whispered, as he finally got up with a throbbing head. The fact that he threatened the man was just a measure of how intoxicated his brain was. Light, what happened last night?. Fragments were coming back, but a foggy haze was all his memory could muster right now. Elan merely looked at him, his face barely changing, taking the threat in his stride. "And why by the Pit of Doom were you looking for me anyway?", a little smirk appeared on Kaito's lips, "Shouldn't your head be stuck to your mistress's behind, or has she died and you felt a bit lonely?" delivering that last line in a dark tone. That earned him a punch square in the jaw, knocking him roughly to the ground. 


"Watch your mouth boy, that's the last slip I'll take from you".

"You disappeared after the WhiteCloak incident, too much of a coincidence for my liking, so Bartha Sedai - which is how you refer to her from now on - thought it would be good to see if you had gotten us into any trouble, you knowing far too much to leave, and that is much as you need to know. 

So, have you gotten us into any trouble boy?"


Kaito got up with a grimace, his side felt like it was bruising, and he suspected the punch would leave a mark as well. Usually he would be surprised at being found, but he suspected his track was more than easy to find after last night.


"And what if I refuse to come?"


"I knock you out and drag you there", Elan replied calmly, as calm as a distant storm could get anyway, his eyes were  a thunderhead to match his tone. "But answer my question first".


Kaito didn't doubt the threat, and was in no shape to fight. "Unless you count getting drunk in your wetlands and kissing a woman with a drawling accent, then no." Some of it was coming back now, a little into the night, the strange woman had approached him in his corner, he cared nothing for her or anyone, just the ale, yet she persisted on asking him questions, none of which he remembered, and he could not fend her off, drunk as he was. 


Elan made nothing of it, who cared who the boy kissed? A merchant from Illian perhaps, for an accent so strong an Aiel noticed, but still no reporting to more WhiteCloaks, which was his main concern. He was almost certain the boy wasn't lying either; he doubted he had the mental capacity to do so just yet. 

"Come along then, we need to get back to the sisters". 



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Elan kept to Kaito's side and a little behind as they started their walk. hand ever resting on the hilt of his sword, facial expression implacable. it served to look as a warning, and functioned very well in that. but in all truth Elan had been injured with the over abundance of White Cloaks the previous night. a stray blade to the side. so he'd been using the hilt of his sword as a cradle of sorts, relieving some of the pressure from the wound. it's also why he wanted the boy in front of him. better able to keep an eye on him, better able to keep the Aiel from noticing his injury. 


not that he thought the boy would, not in his current condition. 


still not the time to take any chances. 


"head left" elan instructed as they headed off the road.

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