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Oaths Not Taken


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bios are not necessary for this rp. let the story reveal your bio. if you absolutely want to or are more comfortable in having one go right ahead. be the first to start a bio thread and have at it. but again, not necessary. any ideas for plot points or just really anything feel free to pm me. all are welcome to jump in when you see fit or are able




The Amyrlin Seat sits vacant for more than five years. The death of the last saw an up-welling of debate and strife within the Aes Sedai. No oaths have ever been taken, none ever presented. Lie's abound, new weapons forged, and violence against Sisters, sadly, possible. No Ajah trusted another to rise to the Seat, many seeking their own interests above the others. A great infighting began and after the Great Battle of Tar Valon ended in a stalemate the Ajah's spread out into the world to exert their influence and try and gain a large enough foothold to ousts the others and rise to the Seat themselves. The Blue spread westward, the Red to the south, and the Green east along the Spine. The north for the most part either remains untouched or disputed. The Yellow are dispersed all around seeking to heal those they can, while several sisters of the Brown Ajah work in among the Green, Red, and Blue often as researchers into ways to gain a better hold, weapons development, some have stayed in Tar Valon with the White Ajah where they research prophecies in hopes to find an answer to end the conflict and reunite the Aes Sedai. As such they work in conjunction with the Grey's who are trying all they can to put an end to this internal strife.  











The spray of the ocean had come to be a thing of loathing. The perpetual dampness, the salt eventually licking away the moisture of the skin, it was everywhere, it was constant, and it was miserable. Ialsa had spent far more time on it and around it than she had imagined or wanted. But the mainland was finally in view, freedom from the wretched confinement of a ship was in  tantalizingly close


She had not set eyes on this land for years, more than she could count. Perhaps more than was necessary. She was younger at the time, and her mind had been set on just leaving, the politics, the demands, the wrongs she could see coming. She had wanted room to breathe, to explore, to just do what work the Pattern set before her. But Ialsa had no idea just what that work would entail. The trials that would be set before her beyond the Aryth Ocean.


Her freedom had come at a cost.


Ialsa looked down at the sword resting against the rail of the ship beside her. Her slender fingers ran gently over the polished, worn metal at the bottom of the handle.


Too high a cost.


Forcing her gaze back to the approaching land mass Ialsa let out a heavy breath. The men of the ship picked up their pace of work once orders began being shouted the closer they got to the harbor. For some reason the Captain had refused to set in any further south, only agreeing to put in at Falme. He had muttered something about too many Red in the south, but caught himself as his eyes caught the serpent ring on Ialsa's left ring finger. Fear seemed to seize the man and he had stumbled all over himself in apologies. Though some semblance of relief passed over him when she put up no qualms about sailing to Falme.


In all truth she was just glad to set in anywhere other than the lands beyond the ocean. She had regained much of herself over the past several months. Her clothing was of her choosing and a style that made her feel more at ease. A self confidence had returned. But there were scars. Unseen, but deep.


Ialsa pulled her hand away from her neck once she realized it had landed there again. She'd often find herself tracing her neck, her fingers looking for something to land on, expecting it. Or perhaps reassuring herself that there was indeed nothing there. She wasn't sure which, but it had become a habit she was trying to break. Turning to resting her hands on the railing in an attempt to keep them occupied Ialsa took in a lungful of sea air, making a mental note to take a deep breath of the first farm or grassland she came across. At this point she'd be grateful for a lungful of muddied city street.


With a small chuckle of amusement with that Iasla pulled the hood of her cloak up over her head as the ship passed between the cliff's into the Falme harbor. The cloak was a dark grey with a two inch heavily embroidered band along the edge. She had done some of that herself on the trip, just passing the time and regaining a bit of the feel of clothing she had been used to before. She had acquired some brown riding pants and boots that fit comfortably enough. A white cloth shirt fit just a tad larger than she'd like, but she was glad to have it either way. A belt set loose and low on her hips, just there to keep the shirt from blowing around.


As the ship came into dock, Ialsa took one deep breath, reached down and hefted up the sheathed sword, over her head allowing the belt of the scabbard to rest diagonally across her chest. It was a thick leather, etched and inlaid with gold. Slightly less intricately than the scabbard itself. It took a moment to adjust so things laid comfortably, an act Ialsa was still getting used to. One she just finished as the plank lowered to the dock.


“Thank you for the accommodations Captain” Iasla offered a pleasant smile, stopping by before heading off the ship. Despite badly wanting to set foot on solid ground she had found it always paid to take a moment and keep up good relations. The good Captain gave a slight bow and smiled a wide nearly toothless smile.


“Was a pleasure Ialsa Sedai.” The older man replied a little less warily than when she had first boarded. She knew the man would be relieved to see her go and she certainly had no intention of extending either of their discomfort. So with a nod Ialsa headed off. Slipping easily in to the bustle of the harbor crowd, deeper into the city in the search of a good inn.

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Another inn, just like any other. Falme is not so different from Andor, nor from all these other cities I have visited...


Myrrhi sighed and pulled her hood lower on her face. She didn't want to be recognized. Even if she didn't have an "ageless" face yet, some people might have seen her in Tar Valon or during one of her missions for the Green Ajah. It was better to be careful.


The wind was blowing hard that day, it made the windows tremble so hard that most of the patrons had decided to sit closer to the fireplace.


Good for them, Myrrhi thought. May they stay where they are, it means less chances to have unwanted company...


The young woman didn't need the warmth of the fire to feel comfortable. She was a fully trained Aes Sedai after all.


Taking a sip of the bad ale the innkeeper had served her she started to think about the days she had spent in the city and wondered whether or not she should move on.


It was the thirst for knowledge that had brought her there. She needed to know more, much more than what she had learned as a Novice then as an Accepted. She wanted to be ready, whatever the future may hold, to do whatever would have to be done.


Of course, the Sisters of the Green Ajah had tried to teach her weaves when she had been raised. Little did they know.


Myrrhi had already surpassed them, through her own studies. She had acted as a goofy young woman, but failing at weaving in front of her Senior had made her feel so bad deep inside. She didn't like to fail, even if it was on purpose.


A woman cleared her throat so noisily that the young Green turned her head towards her.


"Ladies and Gentleman, a couple of songs for you," she started. Soon after, she began to sing a boring ballad about a man in love with two sisters. It made Myrrhi roll her eyes.


I definitely need to find something to do...

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an exceptionally strong gust of wind blew the front door of the inn clattering open. Dirt from the street swirled through the doorway and the innkeeper immediately started barking orders for the closest maid to shut it and latch it. A mousy little slip of a girl hurried over, getting a hand on the door it took a good deal of her meager strength to begin to force the door shut again. Frowning in a grunt when the door suddenly stopped as if it hit something. Poking her head around the edge of the door her eyes widened and she immediately started to apologize. 


Ialsa had hurried the last ten paces to get inside the open door and arrived just in time for the maid to nearly close it on her foot. But Ialsa was far sturdier than the maid, and the door simply had stopped with her shoulder. "Do not apologize" she soothed the girl not wanting to see her babble all over herself. Not bothering to stay and listen to any more platitudes Ialsa headed on in, simply letting the girl back to her task of closing and latching the door. 


She was tired, and done with the wind and the salt air, and more so she was starving. 


With a grace that only came from years of practice or years of life, she pulled her hood back to reveal a head of chestnut hair in a fishtail braid. Unlike the young Aes Sedai hiding herself at a table, Ialsa did possess that tell tale agelessness. Though it came with a pair of green eyes that seemed to have seen too much. 


"Sorry about the girl" the innkeeper apologized as he dried a glass, half resting it on his rather large belly. "If she ever gets any wits about her she may be dangerous" he chuckled. 


"Not a problem" Ialsa assured "I was hoping for a room, and a good meal?" 


"Right, right! Of course." he smiled a broad grin though he glanced at her attire, from her serpent ring to the sword on her back. Only arching a curious brow though, knowing better than to meddle or pry into Aes Sedai affairs. He snapped his fingers and another maid headed up to make up a room as the frail one from the door headed to the kitchen to fetch a plate. "Always a pleasure to serve the Blue" the innkeep was sure to smile. Though the expression caused Ialsa to raise a curious eyebrow at the assumption she was from the Blue Ajah. 


"I'm no Blue, but thank you" she said politely enough, giving him a nod before heading over to a table not that far from Myrrhi. Carefully and respectfully Ialsa removed the sword  so she could take a seat. keeping the weapon near her side she took a moment to rub her face and take a breath. "if you are trying to hide, you are doing it all wrong" she told the hooded Myrrhi from a table away. Though she was sure to keep her voice low enough to not draw any attention other than the girls. 

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Myrrhi felt the ability to channel even before the newcomer entered the room. It made her feel nervous.


Is she here for me? She wondered. No, it can't be...


The young Green's full cheeks and her big blue eyes made her look like a teenager. When she looked at herself in the mirror, the only thing she saw was the face she had worn since her sixteen's birthday. Her youthful look had caused her so many problems in the Tower. No one had taken her seriously, even after she had reached the shawl.


Now, she used it to pass for a youngster who could be recruited by anyone who cared about her abilities.


If it's a Sister of the Blue Ajah, I hope she'll try to recruit me, she thought. Maybe the Blues have interesting material to share?


It was hard to keep her eyes away from the woman. The way she walked, like a fighter, could make her a member of the Green Ajah... or something completely different.


Taking another sip of her ale, she focused on the the woman's lips. It seemed that she asked for a room and a meal.


Planning to stay, huh?



"I'm no Blue, but thank you" the newcomer told the innkeeper who had assumed that she was part of that Ajah.


Well, that is already a good thing, Myrrhi commented to herself.  But, who are you?


The newcomer advanced to a table near the young Green's. It made her feel uncomfortable. Especially since all the other patrons were far away from them.


The woman took away the sword from her back, before taking a seat. She rubbed her face and started "if you are trying to hide, you are doing it all wrong."


"Who says I am trying to hide," Myrrhi asked.


She felt her cheeks reddening and hoped her hood was low enough so that the other woman wouldn't notice how her words had made her blood boil.


"I am a traveler," she said. "Just like you."

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Ialsa only smiled softly and pointed a finger at the young woman's hood. "You have your hood on inside and pulled nearly completely over your face to hide it," she hooked a thumb back at the other patrons of the inn huddled about the fireplace and the terrible singer "you're sitting far removed from everyone else. That is attempting to hide AND sticking out like a sore thumb all at the same time." she explained a little amused. Pausing when her drink and food was brought out, giving the serving girl a faint inclining of her head in acknowledgement. 


The food looked decent enough, smelled better, but was not the finest of dining experiences. Not that it mattered to Ialsa, it was not ship rations and that sheer fact alone made this plate of food worth its weight in gold. Though she winced at a particularly off note from the singer, she turned just enough to get a look at the girl. Either the rest of the patrons were so starved for entertainment that they didn't care or they found her more amusing than audibly pleasing. It clearly had to be one of the two. Ialsa just couldn't make out which. 


With a shake of her head to try and get rid of that last note she glanced over at Myrrhi  


"Join me?" she offered "It's been a long while since I've enjoyed the company of a Sister, not to mention the distraction from that song" Ialsa glance back at the singer. 

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Myrrhi decided not to answer the newcomer's comment about her sticking out like a sore thumb. She was not completely wrong, the young woman had to admit. Still, there could be a thousand reasons for me to want to hide my face! She protested to herself. I could have a sickness of some sort.. or my face could have been badly burnt...


"Join me?" the newcomer offered. "It's been a long while since I've enjoyed the company of a Sister, not to mention the distraction from that song"


Hearing that the woman was an Aes Sedai made Myrrhi's eyes widened. She did have the ability to channel but, with that sword on her back, the young Green had thought that the newcomer had somehow managed to escape the Tower's claws.

It made her feel curious.


And she can't be a Green... I have never seen her before...


"If this can be called a song," Myrrhi replied with a grin. "I am Myrrhi, Myrrhi Morrigen, by the way."


She extended a hand towards the newcomer wondering what had pushed her to tell her true name. She had used many aliases lately, hoping it would help her stay out of trouble. But tonight, she felt she didn't need to use any of them.

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"Ialsa Nilolrin" Ialsa introduced herself with a firm handshake, waiting for Myrrhi to take a seat before tasting some of the food on her plate. Definitely better than ship rations. "surely there must be a decent gleeman available somewhere" she commented glancing over her shoulder at the singer. "At the very least I hope the innkeep isn't paying her too much" she laughed. Shaking her head when some fool yelled for an 'encore.' "Oh Light save us" Ialsa moaned returning her attention to her food. 


She made no more comment about Myrrhi's hood, nor even acknowledged that it was still there. Merely respecting whatever need there may be to have it up. But at least now with the two sitting together and talking Ialsa felt the young woman looked a little less out of place. Instead of one person apart from the group it was simply two people wanting privacy for conversation. 


"Are you traveling to any place in particular?" She asked the woman, which in itself was not what Myrrhi would have been used to. Since the death of the Amyrlin and the end of the battle of Tar Valon it had been increasingly common for any Aes Sedai to ask another's Ajah upon meeting. And in regions that were controlled by one specific Ajah the question was first to any Sister they did not readily recognize. Too many times had one Ajah sent a spy or tried to fell a rival from within, they had become cautious, some even nearly paranoid. 

Here the Blue Ajah reigned, and while not as rigid as the Red they were still very wary of any other Ajah in their area. Just the previous day a Red Sister had been caught and very nearly paraded through one of the main streets surrounded by a knot of Blue Aes Sedai. She had been there to spy out the numbers and movements of the Blue Ajah in Falme. Though had been too ambitious and taken out two Aes Sedai before she was subdued. While they made no more public spectacle other than the parade through town, rumors had been abounding within the city about the Red Sedai's fate. A whole host of rumors spread, from interrogation, torture, some even believed she was put to death. The prevailing theory was gentling. A fate worse than death for an Aes Sedai. 


Or at least for most Aes Sedai. Ialsa could think of a worse fate still. 


Still it was clear that Ialsa's ways were not the ways of many of the Aes Sedai Myrrhi had known. She seemed not to care one bit about to which Ajah Myrrhi belonged, as was evident from her tone and overall demeanor. She hadn't asked about Myrrhi's movements to try and gauge anything or ferret out information, she simply asked out of purely innocent curiosity and for the enjoyment of conversation.  

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"She's the innkeeper's mistress," Myrrhi said nodding towards the singer. "I don't think he'll want to have a real gleeman in here anytime soon," she said with a grin, before wincing once more at a very high note.


"My pleasure to meet you," she quickly pulled a chair from the newcomer's table to sit on.


"Are you traveling to any place in particular?" Ialsa asked.


The young Green tried not to show her surprise. The previous Aes Sedai she had met had all wanted to know whether she had set foot in Tar Valon before trying any other subject.


"Not really," she answered. "I have been touring the town and I don't know yet where I will go to next."


Myrrhi hadn't lied, she wouldn't have been able to, because of the Oaths.


Indeed, she had not decided where she would go next. She was not even sure she was done with Falme yet. The results of her researches had been so disappointing that something pushed her to prolong her stay, at least for a couple of days. It can't be possible, she had told herself so many times. There must be some interesting books here... they can't have ALL been taken by the Blue Ajah...


She didn't really want to go back to Green territory. She was enjoying her freedom too much to go back and she knew that among the Greens she was still seen as a child. It unnerved her.


"What about you?" She asked, curious.


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"That makes so much sense" Ialsa commented to herself as she looked back at the singer, shaking her head in half amusement, half lament for the patrons of the inn. Though she was sure to give Myrrhi her full attention when the young woman spoke. It was just her nature, she found it a point of respect. If someone took the time to speak to her then they deserved her full attention. And she was happy to give it.  Though she politely ate a bit as she listened, she had been starving after all. 


"I'm making my way East" Ialsa replied simply. "Tar Valon. I have some information I think the Amyrlin needs to hear" she explained. Having been away for so long Ialsa was oblivious to the fact that no one currently sat in the Seat, or the devastation that Tar Valon had suffered in the battles following the previous Amyrlin's death. A few factions held the Tower these days, all vying for the Seat, all managing and directing their various Ajahs from the Tower. Increasingly women refused to take the oaths that bound them to honesty, and prevented harm to one another. And no one was insisting on them taking them. Tar Valon had become rife with lies and deceit, even violence when deemed 'necessary.'  Some still held to the old ways, some still took the Oaths. But in the past year, they were outnumbered by those who chose not to. 


Unfortunately any more conversation was interrupted as the door to the Inn opened and five women stepped in. Clearly to Myrrhi and Ialsa they were Aes Sedai. It was even clear to everyone else as they donned their blue fringed shawls. Each one scanned the room, one by one their eyes landed on the pair eating apart from the group. And as Myrrhi expected they all headed their way. A shorter woman seemed to lead the rest, there was some age to her in that her hair had a few white strands. Though her features  were sharp and far from welcoming even despite the smile she afforded the pair. One that quickly washed away when Myrrhi's hood remained in place. A quick heavy gust of wind directed specifically at the hood took care of that though, revealing Myrrhi's face to the group. "Much better" the woman smiled. 


"We don't get many visiting Sisters" she commented, looking Ialsa over, her eyes drifting to her sword, as clearly news had spread and that was what had sent the Blue searching. 


"Sister Vai" a younger Blue leaned in and half whispered to the elder. "I recognize the one" she gave a nod to Myrrhi. "a Green" 


Vai's eyes  narrowed, and after a moment she snapped her fingers "I am afraid you both will have to come with us" 

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Myrrhi was going to tell Ialsa about the Amyrlin - or the lack of Amyrlin - when something made her turn her head towards the door. There, she saw five Aes Sedai of the Blue Ajah entering the inn. She cursed under her breath. The newcomers would feel that Ialsa and her were channelers.


Mother's milk in a cup! What are they doing here?


The young Green took a sip of her ale, trying to find a way out of her very delicate situation. It was not easy, especially since she could feel the eyes of the Aes Sedai on her back.


Breathe in, Breathe out, Myrrhi. You have to look like a poor teenager who has never set foot on the Tower...



A couple of seconds passed and a short Aes Sedai appeared at her side. Even with the hood on her head, Myrrhi could see the strands of white hair that framed the face of the newcomer, clear sign that she was quite "experienced" with the One Power. The Blue Sister made a small noise with her throat as she opened herself to Saidar. Then, a thread of Air, emanating from her, blew Myrrhi's hood away.


"Much better," the short woman commented.


Oh, light! The young Green fought not to panic.


The Blue's voice didn't sound familiar to Myrrhi and for a while, she hoped that her masquerade would work. 


"We don't get many visiting Sisters" the Blue commented, her eyes shifting from Myrrhi to Ialsa, then to her sword. It was enough for the young Green to relax in her chair.


Good, she has not recognized me...


The young Green's thoughts were unfortunately interrupted by one of the other Blue Sisters.


"Sister Vai" a younger Sister said, leaning towards her elder. "I recognize the one" she gave a nod to Myrrhi. "a Green." 


Vai snapped her fingers. "I am afraid you both will have to come with us," she said with a smile.




Myrrhi twisted in her chair to look behind her. Doing so, she recognized the young Blue ... Elandra... I should have guessed it.


Elandra had been a Novice at the same time as her. They had competed many times to get the best results in their classes, and had never really liked each other's company.




"Are you going to arrest us?" Myrrhi asked, before clearing her throat. "Here, in the middle of an inn? I don't know what the other patrons will think of a show of force, especially when we pose no threat to you..."


She quickly exchanged a glance with Ialsa, trying to see what she was thinking.

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Vai looked at Myrrhi and smiled "My dear, they do not care." she gestured to the other patrons who were all intently staring at their mugs of ale or trying to focus on something other than the Aes Sedai in the room. "Aes Sedai business is Aes Sedai business." she explained as if teaching a simple lesson. "But arrest? No." Vai shook her head easily. "Question, most certainly."


"With her I think arrest might be wise" Elandra spoked softly to Vai. "She has been trouble in the past and I have heard rumors of some of her exploits in the varying territories. The Green seem to have found a fondness in using Myrrhi to spy and ferret out information before they launch an offensive." she gave a hard look to her old Novice rival. "Best to lock her in a cell until we can determine why she is here. Would minimize any damage."


With a contemplating hum Vai looked Myrrhi over "perhaps." she nodded warming to the idea the more she thought of it. "And you?" she turned her focus to Ialsa. 


The entire exchange Ialsa had just been listening and watching, and quietly eating as much of her meal as she could. She was honestly confused though she didn't show it. There had always been tension between the Ajah's but this seemed a bit much. Talk of arrests and questioning. She took a sip of her ale as Vai continued, slowly lowering it when she was actually involved in the conversation. "Ialsa Sedai" she introduced herself, though did not extend a hand and from what Myrrhi could tell there wasn't the same warmth to Ialsa's voice that she had when speaking with her. 


"Of what Ajah?" Vai customarily and almost dutifully asked.


"I stand apart" was all Ialsa would reply.


Vai arched an eyebrow to that reply. She had heard that before somewhere. Or something very near. But at the moment she couldn't quite place it. She did examine the other woman for several breaths "Alright." she said finally. "Off we go" and with that the four Blue with her came round and flanked Ialsa and Myrrhi, letting them get up of their own accord. Ialsa quietly putting her sword back on her back and grabbed a roll of bread before following them out of the inn. They gave Myrrhi no choice in the matter, but at least they weren't making a parade of things in the street. Already a better fate than the Red from the previous day. The Blue kept the pair fairly surrounded the entire walk, not like running really would have been a smart thing to do, five full Aes Sedai against two, or one. Myrrhi didn't really know whether Ialsa would help her or let her be on her own.  As it was Ialsa seemed content to follow and just see what would happen. 


In all truth though, Ialsa was chaffing under the surface. 


She did not like being led around. Anywhere. She especially did not like feeling enclosed and captive. Absently her hand touched her neck just to remind her, it wasn't there, this wasn't there.


The Blue led the two through several streets more into the center of the city. A large manor house sat with a blue fringed banner waving in the wind, the white flame of Tar Valon right in the middle of it. Through a guarded gate, Vai pointed down a hall once they were inside the main building and Myrrhi was directed off to the left and Ialsa was led straight ahead. Elandra was more than happy to step in and take 'charge' of Myrrhi's custody. Giving the Green a bit of a push down the hall then down a spiraling staircase to what used to be a storage basement. One clearly converted to a holding cell of sorts. Barrel's still lined the walls closest to the stairs but the main portion of the room was divided in three. Iron bars walling off three cells. All of which were currently empty, which only made one wonder what happened to the Red that was taken the day before.


Elandra led Myrrhi to the center cell and immediately she could tell the cell was warded. "none of your fancy little tricks in here" Elandra smiled nodding for Myrrhi to step inside. "I actually thought you would have been smarter than to come and spy on the Blue." she tsked.  

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"Elandra, you know I am not a spy", Myrrhi started her hands on her hips. "And you should know better than having this threatening attitude... You are no match for me."


The Blue laughed. "Trying to find a way to overcome the Oaths? What do you think will happen if I start screaming. You'd never get out of here alive."


"Well, I am surely not feeling at ease right now," the young Green answered.


"Please, enter the cell."


"What if I don't ?" Myrrhi asked with a grin. "You'll use strength?"


As the young women ended her sentence, Myrrhi lashed a shield on her captor. She felt the Blue fighting back but, since she had been taken by surprise, she had lost all advantages.


Myrrhi on the other hand was feeling ruthless, especially since she had a stolen angreal around her left arm. It allowed her to weave a intricate pattern of threads to paralyze Elandra's body.


"Blues," The young Green said smiling. "You should stop thinking that everybody behave as well as you."


Grabbing a dagger that was hanging at her belt, she smiled even wider.


"Goodnight, Elandra!"


With a quick gesture of her right hand, she knocked out the Blue Sister.


And that's one less to worry about, Myrrhi thought as she closed the cell door behind her.


She felt a cold drop of sweat gliding down her back as she heard steps coming her way. Quickly, she jumped behind a pyramid made of barrels.


Two, two sets of feet... She counted.


Shielding the newcomers would be hard. Fighting Elandra had been a gamble - Myrrhi had hoped that the young Blue had been judged too inexperienced to get an angreal  - but these two could have one or more with them. The Blues had taken so many of the Tower treasures with them.


They'll kill me if they find me here, Myrrhi thought, trying to convince herself that she was in danger. The thought of what had happened to the Red helped her clear her mind.


She left her hiding spot at once. With one hand she threw her dagger at the first Blue Sister's throat, with the other she accompanied her weaving of a club of Air that she directed towards the second Sisters head.

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The two unsuspecting Blue Sisters crumpled to the ground. They had been coming down just to check to see if Elandra had needed any help and had no thought in mind of being ambushed. Myrrhi's dagger had struck true, lodging itself firmly in the throat of the first Blue. Shock had thrown the second off guard and she soon succumbed to the black of unconsciousness. In the past few years the majority of the Aes Sedai had become trained in fighting, it had been a necessity, but the Blue still would never compare to the Green. 


The staircase leading to the main floor seemed free and open to Myrrhi, no more footsteps, no sign of any others coming that way. There were one or two Blue on the main floor, walking and talking together or on a mundane patrol that took them the length of a hall then around the corner for about five minutes at a time. She had time, she had opportunity. But it could be slim. If any decided to head downstairs they'd be met with a blood pool on the stairs, one Sister dead, another with a head wound and still another out like a light in a cell. Alarms would sound for sure. Latching the door that led to the stairs would no doubt add to the time Myrrhi would have. As it was the patrol seemed uninterested in heading that way, they had a set pattern and were sticking to it. Down the hall, back, around the corner, five minutes. 


And she had choices, three doors lined the one wall. The middle one was where they had taken Ialsa, the one closest to Myrrhi lay silent and no voices were heard from inside, though that was not to say no one was in there. 








the middle room was of decent size. Much of the room was empty, a few chairs faced eachother along the wall closest to the door, a large rug covered most of the center floor where Ialsa now stood flanked by two Aes Sedai. She face a long table behind which three Blue Sisters sat. A tribunal of sorts it appeared to be. Or at the very least they were the three Sisters in charge of this area. They sat eyeing Ialsa, trying to judge what she was and what to do with her. 


"your Ajah" the middle one spoke 

"As I have already said I stand apart" Ialsa repeated tiredly. "I am just making my way through. Trying to get to Tar Valon to speak with the Amyrlin" she explained which got the three women to quietly look at eachother in interest and confusion. 


"The Seat lies empty. It has for five years"  the Sedai on the left informed Ialsa. 


"Empty?" she repeated confused, pausing only a moment when a Brown sister entered the door behind her, nose in a book. "How can it sit empty?"


"you truly have been gone a long while haven't you?" the middle Blue narrowed her eyes on Ialsa, The Brown behind her paused with that, lifted her nose from her book and looked at Ialsa's back. 


"Ialsa?" the plump brown hurried around to step in front of Ialsa. "Light, it is you!" she dropped her book to the floor and engulfed Ialsa in an embrace, one Ialsa hadn't been prepared for as she was still registering who it was. 


"Emelda?" Ialsa smiled and returned the embrace. 


"You know this Sister?" the center blue asked Emelda who turned and nodded readily. "With who is she aligned?" was the immediate question to follow

"She is not" Emelda replied. "Ialsa never chose an Ajah, She had....reservations about them as a whole." the womans cheeks bunched as she smiled at her old friend. "She left Tar Valon, oh dear me....more than a decade ago. Not sure what you were hoping to do" she turned her attention to Ialsa


"My craft" Ialsa shrugged a shoulder simply. 


"Do you trust her Emelda?" The Blue on the right asked. Emelda taking her time to look Ialsa over. She had changed, that was sure. Her clothes were not as Emelda had expected, and she now carried a sword, though she thought she recognized it. But it was the eyes Emelda truly studied. There was change there as well. Much had happened since she had last seen Ialsa in the halls of the White Tower. When she had left her eyes had been bright with anticipation, full of life and hope. Now. Now loss and pain stained the eyes, the hope was still there but it had been beaten back for a time and only recently started to return. Emelda's heart sank and reached out for her old friend, she wanted to know what happened, but looking back at the three Blue behind the table she only took a breath and nodded


"Yes, yes I do" Emelda replied. "She is a sister of sisters. Despite the time, I do not think that would ever change." 

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I have to think, I have to think, Myrrhi repeated.


She didn't know where was Ialsa. She could still be behind that door in the middle or she could have been brought elsewhere. More importantly, who was Ialsa. Was she in need of help or was she with the Blues? It was hard to tell. Blues like intricate plots. Maybe she was a spy?


The young Green opened herself to Saidar and send threads of air and spirit towards the door that let towards the entrance. It was protected by the One Power !


Cursing, she made a step back.


Where should I go? She wondered.


Taking a deep breath she decided to listen to whatever was happening behind the middle door. She heard voices, voices having a casual conversation.


Traitor! She imagined Ialsa having a nice cup of tea with two of the Blues.


It was enough to make her decide to pick the door on the left. The one that was closer to the basement entrance, the place she was coming from.


She opened it softly and was happy to hear that its hinges had been well oiled. She stepped inside as fast as she could, while at the same time looking to see whether or not someone was around.


No one!


The room Myrrhi entered look like every other dining room. A big table was in its center surrounded by chairs. Instead of dishes, though, maps and books covered it from one side to the other.


"Well, well, what have we here?" she couldn't help but whisper.


Even if she was in enemy territory, the young woman decided to look in the cupboards and on the shelves that lined the walls. Some of the books she found looked pretty interesting, but she didn't have the time nor the means to take them all. She limited herself to only one tome that was small enough to put into one of her pockets. It was a collection of weave written by a revered Sister of the Blue Ajah. Even if the author hadn't been an expert in combat weaves, she would probably have discovered one or two interesting things. Or so Myrrhi hoped.

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There was a constant faint murmur Myrrhi could hear from the other side of the adjoining wall. Whatever conversation Ialsa was having with whomever else was in there. For her own part though the room was quiet with plenty of books to rifle through. There were one or two more of a small enough size to be tucked away someplace on her body if she so chose. As for outside it seemed no one was in a rush to the basement, so far the sister had not been missing long enough to raise an alarm. 




"Light, it's what I warned you about" Ialsa sighed tiredly, looking over to Emelda. She was already tired of the conversation. The Three at the table weren't particularly interested in filling Ialsa in on what had been going on in the years since she had left the Tower, only concerned with any potential threat or advantage or allegiance she may pose. Politics, petty inane politics. Pinching the bridge of her nose Ialsa closed her eyes as the Blue asked a new round of questions. The very structure of the Aes Sedai seemed to have fallen, a new very real threat lurks from the West and all the Sisters could do was worry about what Ajah was doing what.


"You are not LISTENING!" Ialsa's voice came through the wall to Myrrhi's room with a boom. She took a breath trying to calm herself. "Every Sister regardless of her Ajah is in jeopardy from beyond the sea. The Seanchan are a very real threat and will cross the waters and WILL enslave every last one of us if we do not PREPARE." Ialsa was trying to reign in her emotions but for this topic her patience wore very thin. 

Emelda looked over at her old friend. They had come up the ranks in Tar Valon together, had rooms side by side, spent a good deal of their time talking, sometimes arguing. Ialsa had tried to get her to see the problems with the Ajahs and Emelda tried to convince her just to choose one and believe in the process. While their discussions could get very deep very quickly she had never known Ialsa to raise her voice. She studied the woman and more questions raised in her head, mostly of concern for her old friend, but a bit of worry as well. For Ialsa to get this....emotionally involved, the threat most certainly was real. Emelda looked over to the three Blue behind the table. Quickly gauging the positions they were taking. 


"You were in the company of a sister from the Green." the one in the middle seemed to ignore Ialsa's outburst and warnings. "How did you meet? Are you working with her?" 


Ialsa was starting to seethe. "If you are not going to help, then let me go." she said practically through gritted teeth "I will head to Tar Valon alone, perhaps what sisters are there will listen" 


"You are not going anywhere sister" The blue on the left said plainly. "It is too large a risk" 


"You are ignoring the TRUE risk" Ialsa replied, her hands balling into fists.  "Are they truly all such fools?" she turned and asked Emelda


"Enough!" the central Blue yelled. "We've had too many incursions into our territory as of late. Too many to just allow someone who claims no allegiance to wander free. We will look into your background and decide then what to do." 


"No" Ialsa said simply. 


"Excuse me?" 


"No" she repeated. "All sisters must prepare for what is coming. ALL. And if I need to do it myself then I will. But you will not keep me." Ialsa told them simply. 


"You have no choice dear sister" The blue on the left told her. 

"Yes I do." Ialsa said calmly. Too calmly. Everyone felt it begin, how could they not. They were all attuned to the Power. But they were not prepared. 






The build up of the One Power was easily felt by Myrrhi, especially given how close she was to whomever was wielding it. Clearly from the next room. And suddenly there was a horrific grinding noise, of wood and stone snapping, cracking and breaking. The entire manor shook. Along the wall that shared the two rooms small cracks formed along the bottom, turning into large fissures. dust blowing out of the gaps. 


More snapping, cracking. More breaking. 

A large chunk of the joining wall fell, large enough for a person to fit through. The other side was chaos. The entire floor was gone, well almost the entire floor. A perfect circle around which Ialsa and Emelda had been standing remained, and a straight pathway back to the door from it. Large pieces of solid earth seemed to have erupted straight up from the ground. No doubt the cause of the noise and the shaking. Myrrhi could see all the way to the basement, and perhaps deeper, she couldnt be sure through the lingering dust and dirt in the air. 


Ialsa was walking out of the room with a Brown sister at her side, staring back in shock at the upended room. 

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"You are not LISTENING!" the words attracted Myrrhi's attention. What if Ialsa was in trouble? She had been quick to consider her as a traitor.


Sighting she decided to wait before moving to the next step of her escape plan. She walked towards the thin wall that separated her from the strange woman. Channeling was tempting, the One Power could enable her to listen every single word exchanged in the neighbouring room. But every Aes Sedai in the building would be alerted.


In the basement, she had allowed herself to reach for Saidar, because it was a natural place for channeling. Her captor would have used it to make her "confess". Here things where different.


Choices, choices... The young green passed her hands through her hair. She could leave the place and lose an ally, as well as a chance to improve her sword wielding skills. She had had some lessons back in the Tower, but she craved to learn more. Ialso looked competent enough to teach her and if Myrrhi would save her, she'd probably agree on giving some lessons.


She could also stay a bit longer.






The surge of Power made Myrrhi wince. As soon as she felt it, she opened herself to Saidar. It was a reflex that would make it harder to shield her.


Then part of the wall between her and Ialso exploded, leaving a hole large enough for someone to run through. The manor shook, making Myrrhi hope that this wall was not important for the building stability. 


The young Green peeked in as saw that the floor, in the other room was in a bad shape as well. It was almost entirely gone.


"What the... ?"


With threads of Air and Spirit, Myrrhi wove a shield around her. She didn't know if the people she saw - Ialso and a Sister of the Brown Ajah - were friends or foe. What pleaded in their favour was that the Brown seemed to have been shocked by what had happened and there were no trace of any of their Blue Captors.


"Are we getting out of here?" Myrrhi tried.


She didn't want to spend more time than needed  in the Manor, especially since she had injured one Sister and killed two others. Who knew how Ialsa or that Brown would react?



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Iasla simply beckoned Myrrhi over with two fingers as if to say 'come if your coming,' in reply. A heavy gust of hardened air pushing back any Blue that came running to see what happened or to stop them. Gusts that had specific gaps to allow Myrrhi easy access over to the pair. 


Emelda's face was still plastered in shock. "Iasla" she breathed out 


"They will be fine" Ialsa assured her old friend. "Nothing a Yellow cannot heal."


"But is all this necessary?" Emelda pressed, looking around at Blues being held at bay, all the while sticking close to Ialsa for safety 


"I warned them. I told them why I was here. You heard me" Iasla pointed out and the plump Brown gave a silent nod. "I will not see my sisters fall to the Seanchan. If their own blind pettiness gets in the way then I will by pass it. The tower needs to hear me" she said flatly. "Even if it lacks an Amyrlin." Ialsa shook her head as they cleared the outer courtyard of the manor. "Light! How could they even let that happen?!" 


"It was indeed what you tried to warn me of" Emelda sighed heavily getting a groan of remorse for having been proved right from Ialsa. 


"so then the Blue hold the west?" Iasla checked back with Emelda who nodded an affirmative. "Myrrhi." she turned her attention to the young Green. "Do you know of any towns or areas that may prove a safe haven even for a day or two?" 

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"I don't know," Myrrhi replied. "I have no other place to stay than the inn... Which we can't go back to... except maybe to get our stuff back?"


Indeed, she still had a trunk there and a couple of books that she didn't want to leave behind. However going back would not be easy, she would probably have to sneak in to get what she wanted, but she didn't want to abandon her possessions.


She took a deep breath as she thought about her options. "I suggest we don't stay in Falme. Any nearby village should do the trick, though." She explained that Blues usually stayed in pack. They liked to be near the centers of Power. Places smaller than a city had few chances to attract their attention. And even Falme had not seemed to be an interesting place for them. The young Green had met no other Aes Sedai before meeting Ialsa at the inn, she explained.


She admitted she had kept to shady inns and libraries but insisted that she had met no other channelers since her arrival.


"Do you have a horse or money to buy one?" Myrrhi asked. "I don't have any but I could buy one for myself." 


The young woman didn't like to ride. As a city girl, she had never had to mount as a kid. It's only when she had entered the tower that her teachers had pushed her to take riding lessons. Especially after she was raised as an Accepted. The Greens had seemed to known what Ajah she would pick and they had helped her to develop skills they judged to be the most important.


It had led led her to a lot of bruises and frustration.

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Ialsa hummed as she kept any chasing Blue's back with a wall of air as the trio made their way into the streets of the city. Holding them back until they had criss-crossed several streets and alleys. Going back to the inn was a risk, but she'd given them some time against the Blue. Not much, and it would be a race, but perhaps just enough to make it in and out before getting closed in on. She angled them back towards the building quietly, at a brisk pace but not so brisk as to attract attention from the people on the street. 


"you will not have much time" Ialsa warned Myrrhi. "a few minutes at best, and then we must be going" she said as they came on the Inn. "Perhaps the back entrance would be best" she suggested. "Emelda and I will wait in the stables." 


And they did. Heading quietly over to the stables Emelda and Ialsa looked as if they were just going to inspect their horses as Myrrhi headed in the Inn. 


"what?" Ialsa asked a now pacing Emelda once Myrrhi headed toward the Inn. 


"You've changed" 


"I've had to" Ialsa replied, leaning against the wooden wall of a stall. Her old friend looking her over. 


"Asan?" Emelda asked and Ialsa somberly shook her head "I am so sorry" the Brown stepped over and rested a comforting hand on the taller Sedai's shoulder. 

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"Curse them" Kaito thought, not for the first time that night.


A tall man with with grey hair and wisps of red in between, he was too young for the features on his face.


The sudden gust of wind accompanied by rubble and dust hit his weathered face from atop a roof on one of the several buildings lining the outer side of the square. He did not so much as flinch, being used to much worse beyond the Dragon-wall. His daggers rested easily on the belt across his waist and spears lay across his back. Snatching a spear preparing to throw it was the only reaction he had to that cursed cloud of dust.


"Curse them all". He had seen three women exit that building, followed by more a short while after. They had sped quickly down the streets, but with an authority that marked them as Aes Sedai. His deep grey eyes scanned the square and rested on the Blue Ajah's manor, what was left of it that is. It had taken him months to get this far, years of planning, so close to the wasps nest, only for it to fall moments away from his grasp.


The place was in near ruin, more women dotted the square now, no doubt all on full alert; he had lost the element of surprise, all because of those three. But Kaito had not had an easy life, falling behind only meant preparing for a big jump, and he meant to leap anywhere if it meant getting closer to his goal. 


"Even light-forsaken Aes Sedai leave tracks" he muttered to himself. They were always too arrogant, only wary of those who wielded the One Power, under-estimating the rest. That had worked in his favour before, and could again, as long as he was cautious, the scar twisting from his right eyebrow crossing his eye and ending on his cheekbone ensured he never forgot that valuable lesson. With new resolve once again setting in his mind, Kaito set out; it was getting dark now, and he merged easily with the overcast sky.

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The rumbling collapse of a main section of the manor caught almost all Blue Sedai off guard. Dust, splinters, particulate all filled the air and lungs of any woman in the vicinity. Including Vai. After delivering Ialsa and Myrrhi to the manor she had stayed nearby in case she was needed. Having settled into the third room in the main floor, the one on the right side of the room Ialsa had met in. Something Ialsa had said at the inn scratched a vague memory of hers and she wanted to consult some records. She had been elbow deep in scrolls when she felt someone tap into the One Power. 


Then the building shook. 


Vai had just made it out of the room in time to see Ialsa, Myrrhi and ....Emelda? They were leaving and her Sisters were being blown back and restricted from following. 


Her eyes narrowed and a frown set to her lips. With a sharp whistle Vai called over four of her sisters. "With me" she ordered and picked her way through rubble to the outer courtyard. She gave the three escaping women a bit of space. But she was set on tracking them down. Her Blue sisters behind her, Vai let the Blue compound and headed into the streets. It was easy enough following to start. The people in the streets were all either gaping at the destruction or whispering to eachother about the three women that left. 

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Myrrhi emerged from the inn a serving boy in tow. The poor young man was carrying her trunk, his face red due to the effort.


"I have made arrangements," the Green said with a smile. "It seems that the innkeeper is so interested in having us gone from his establishment that he made us very interesting prices on the spare horses he kept in his stables. For the price of one horse, I got three."


She made a small pause and smiled, beaming with pride. "And this young man is going to take care of my heavier possessions. I guess it will be better to travel light," she added.


"Do you remember the address I gave you, young man?" she asked to the serving boy who nodded quickly.

"So, off you go !"


Myrrhi turned towards her companion. "We should be on our way as well. The stables are this way".


As much as the young Green was ready to believe that Ialsa was not a thread, she didn't know what to think of the Brown Sister who was with them. She hadn't been a captive... Did that make her a friend of the Blue Sisters? And so a danger for the Green Aes Sedai?


I'll ditch them as soon as I can, better safe than sorry...


The three horses Myrrhi had bought were waiting for the small groups. The stableman saddled them quickly, also relieved to see the three Aes Sedai gone. Even if Myrrhi had looked like a teenager, the fact that she was with two women with ageless faces told enough about her status.


The young Green took a black mare. She looked kind and easy to handle, exactly the kind of mount that she preferred.

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Ialsa just looked at the trunk and the young boy and shook her head slightly amused 

"do you always travel with so many.....things?" Emelda asked Myrrhi as the boy headed off and they headed to their horses. Ialsa came up beside her old friend and just pat her shoulder and it was enough to tell her to just let it go. 


"Forgive her, Emelda's always been a bit of a minimalist" Ialsa told Myrrhi, walking over to the brown and white dappled horse. "Even when she was raised to an Accepted her room barely had a thing in it" 


"Yes unlike your clutter" Emelda commented needing a bit of a hand to get up onto her grey horse. 


"Not clutter." Ialsa corrected "It was organized chaos" 


"'Organized chaos' indeed"  the round Brown scoffed situating herself into a mostly comfortable position in the saddle. For Ialsa it was easier, no need for a helping hand. It had been a long while since she'd been on a horse but she grew up around them and it didnt take but a breath before it felt as familiar as ever. Neither she nor Emelda had any possessions to really speak of, Emelda hadn't taken anything from the Blue's manor and Ialsa just plain hadn't had much to start with. 


"My manners" Ialsa shook her head when she realized. "Myrrhi, this is an old friend from the Tower, Emelda" she introduced the two. "Emelda, Myrrhi" 


Emelda offered the girl a smile "I take it you two just met?" she asked Myrrhi of her and Ialsa

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"I tend to collect things," Myrrhi replied. "Useful things."


She didn't want the other to believe that her truck was full of dresses or other nonsense items. She couldn't say more though. How would the other react if she told them that she was collecting books and fancy weapons? The Brown would probably try to steal them all.


"And I have met Ialsa a couple of hours ago."


The young Green shrugged. "But, we'll talk later. Let's go."




They traveled as fast as they could and as fast as Falme would allow it. Some streets were empty, others full of people, queuing to enter shops or conversing in the middle of the road. Myrrhi cursed more than once. It was hard to keep a smile on her face, not to look suspicious.


"Excuse me, Lass," she heard one of the guards calling as she neared the door.


"Yes?" she asked an innocent look on her face.


The guard asked her what was her business out of the city at this late hour. Didn't she want to stay inside till the next day? He told her that some unfortunate events in the country had been reported and that it would not be safe for a young lady to leave the city without company.

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I was wrong, Kaito thought to himself. Fool Aes Sedai do not leave tracks, they left destruction. Of course they do, He thought sourly remembering that fateful encounter. 


Tracking down those three from the rooftops of Falme proved much easier than he had anticipated, and fruitful. He had caught up with the trail easily enough, following their criss-crossing that inevitably delayed him, but it was easy. And on the way he had spotted her, the one he had sought coming here, the one who might have the answers.


 Light, please let her have the answers!.


She was leading a group of others down the streets with unnatural calmness, like she had all the time in the world. Not the for the first time Kaito wondered how long they actually lived. 


Too long, was the answer that slammed into his mind straight away, filled with a passionate rage for all their like.


He jumped again onto the next roof, any occupants underneath would not have even felt it. She was however surrounded by too many of her so-called sisters. Too dangerous to approach out in the open, too dangerous for him. Caution was what he lived by, he had to. He did not know what he would do if she didn't have the answers, if something befell her before he could ask.


No time for those thoughts. He knew where she was heading; after those three, and the best way to catch a viper was to stay ahead of it, set a trap if possible. The trail ended at an inn, the onlookers seemed to have vanished by that point. A man with a wide foolish grin on his face was standing right outside looking off in another direction to that which Kaito had come from. He saw no opportunities for a trap.


"I hope you track well Vai Sedai" he hissed to himself. With that he waited for the members of the Blue Ajah to appear. He would wait and follow their group, wait for the opportune moment. Already images of him finally getting justice were seeping back into his mind.

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